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  1. Post up your favorite photos of Democrats here. I’ll start
  2. This week they brought us black face, rapists, infanticide, farting cows and urine coffee. Did I miss anything? What are they going to come up with to top this next week?
  3. Do we still have any Bernieboys here?
  4. Maybe Anthony Weiner can refer him to a good rehab facility
  5. He will have to take a class and charges will be dropped.
  6. Do they call this a love crime?
  7. I bet this story has a happy ending
  8. Made an impulse buy today. Was in a local shop and they had a "standard modell" Mauser action barreled in 220 swift. Just the barreled action. Barrel looks unfired. Bolt has been altered(sporterized). it's drilled and tapped. Trigger doens't look original. Safety would still need to be converted for scope use. From a quick search, these appear to have been made in Germany during the interwar period and are know as the "banner" Mauser. Anyone know anything about them, or does anyone have any opinions on the 220 swift? Its in good condition and price was under $100,, so I took a flyer even though another project is the last thing I need
  9. Those gay black men really stick together, so to speak
  10. Betcha Smollett shows up in some Obama production on Netflix
  11. He’s probably not thrilled she was banging one of his contemporaries either
  12. If he meant a raise from the Empire producers, I’m not buying it. if he meant a raise from the DNC, I think that is very possible
  13. I heard on the radio today (WBZ AM Boston) that the SPLC says there are a new record high number of hate groups in America. Up 30% since Trump They blame Trump Do you believe the SPLC's numbers? I don't. THe SPLC has been discredited. Why does the liberal media continue to report on their bogus numbers?
  14. Oh. Gotcha. I thought it was Spearchucker from M.A.S.H. As Hillary says, they all look alike.
  15. Some of the groups listed don’t even exist anymore. Some if the groups listed aren’t hate groups. hate is big business for the SPLC. They have a financial interest in ensuring this list grows
  16. Nation of Islam is listed 75 times. Act for America is listed 46 times. Etc
  17. Of SPLC’s record 1020 hate groups, 654 are duplicates in different states. For example, in 2017 they listed the Proud Boys 3 times. This year they listed them 43 times
  18. I think we are right where we were when this started. That being the groups that called Trump these terrible names are still not listed as hate groups. After this Smollett thing and all the other vile stuff spewed out of Hollywood, I have to think the screen actors guild at a minimum should be listed as a hate group. Speaking of Hollywood, is that Spearchucker in your avitar?
  19. I'm sure the progressives have a perfectly good explanation of why the propaganda arm of the DNC would continue to report easily debunked numbers from a discredited organization. But I'm not holding my breath awaiting an honest answer from them