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  1. It’s an obsession. I hate them. It’s Lke crack. I found a used POS I THINK could be the perfect boat for me.(my thoughts on how I’d use it), realistic or not its a POS. It’s a project. I might be able to do the work myself, or it might need skills beyond me.. it wouldn’t break the bank, but in reality it’s short money that would have no bearing on my life. Yet I can’t pull the trigger and I can’t walk away. I hate that I can’t get it out of my mind. I hate boats
  2. If we didn't give them as much power as we have it really wouldn't matter. Personally, I don't care about their morals. I do care about their values, though, in particular their values on individual liberty
  3. Bernie even wants terrorists to vote.. Maybe he can take it a step farther and give them a the vote of each person they killed too?
  4. I bet Ilhan Omar liked the tweet
  5. Dems want open borders, no electoral college, and incarcerated felons to vote. Says a lot about democrats
  6. Nice rig and impressive work. They used to make a boat when I was kid called a stonington skiff that looked similar to what you started with
  7. How about groups of people that use their religion as the reason to commit terrorist acts and hide in places of worship to plan those attacks. I stand against those people and the ones that shelter them One religion has a big problem with that
  8. And that was a significant improvement per Pew.? Awesome
  9. So about 400 million Muslims support terrorism? Seems statistically significant
  10. They left that off the chart
  11. Happy Earth Day. The founder was big into composting
  12. So the chart and the quote you posted don’t go together. Got it
  13. I wonder if they have the pulse nightclub shooting as Mooslim? or the ft hood “workplace violence” of course that chart is jacked is it from Think Progress too?
  14. The chart has left, right and Muslim assuming the events were ideologically motivated. Where do they have the Vegas shooter on the chart? Last I heard, the feds could not determine a motive....
  15. Why do they have the Bernie Boy who shot up the republican baseball team as a right wing white guy? Or the democrat who shot up las vegas?
  16. Wow. Thinkprogress? Are they even on the media chart?
  17. Ask the illegals that move in. I bet they'll like you
  18. Am I the only one that hopes John Ps neighbor retires to FLA and sells his house to 14 illegals with an El Camino?
  19. Good. Even Jerusalem was a walled city. Jesus knew the value of walls.
  20. If Obama had a son...........
  21. Another 50% plus are ok with it
  22. lol. I sure hope his parents are paying their fair share