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  1. Anyone know any of those democrats?
  2. They are the biggest terrorist threat. Why aren’t they listed on the FBI website? Who’s lying?
  3. Will the vaccination sites be open tomorrow so all the Juneteenth celebrants who are lagging behind on vaccination rates and need hand holding be able to use the 3 day weekend to get vaccinated/recover?
  4. Probably. My son interns for a municipality, and they just gave everyone tomorrow off as well. More tax dollars at work
  5. Not sure. I haven't looked for audio. I imagine he's scolding Joe for touching children
  6. The federal government just gave all the federal employees the day off tomorrow. Your tax dollars at work.
  7. I’m glad remnants of Obamacare are so good we no longer have a health care crisis and can stop with all the M4A foolishness
  8. If it’s doing such good, why do the progressives in your party(you’re one too, right) want it replaced?
  9. Macron must not be aware of the Corn Pop story. He’s one lucky dude Joe let it slide And that he is white
  10. 50 years from now, Juneteenth Avenue will be the second worst street in a lot of cities
  11. Did you hear Biden gave Putin the top 16 infrastructure areas not to cyber-attack? And he brags about that. He’s a sharp one. Anyone have a list? Is SOL on it? Which is the first one attacked in the next month?