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  1. Ok. I’ll say it Rape is about power and control. Right now the republicans have both. I hope they rape the democrats coming and going before the power shifts back
  2. It's the NY Times. So you are smart to be skeptical. Like their anonymous op ed two weeks ago, they are doing everything in their power to try to make it seem like the entire administration is against trump and seem to be blatantly trying to isolate the president an sow doubts among the the white house staff about loyalties.
  3. They didn’t wiretap Trump tower though. Nope. No way
  4. They want Trump out before he uncovers all their crimes
  5. I'm guessing that is coming. In France, they are making a prominent conservative politician take a psych eval over some pictures she posted in 2015. In MA, I just saw they charged a guy with assault and hate crime charges for berating an (immigrant) store clerk. Words, no physical violence. Libs love this stuff.
  6. I tried googling Snochia Mosley MSNBC nada
  7. The fog of war
  8. I’ll check Reuters and get back to you
  9. Maybe MSNBC is broken. Try HuffPo. Surely they have the scoop
  10. CBS is confused too. ”Female gunman”? Lol
  11. Was it an LBTGLOCK?
  12. Suicide rate of trannies is something like 40%. Not a good population to put in with normal people The risk of collateral damage is probably high too