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  1. Democrats have different standards.
  2. Speaking of Unicorns, I had a great idea for a series of children’s books, but I’m never going to write them so I figured I would give it away for free. Its “The adventures of Barry the Black Unicorn” His mother Stanley was a white horse who jumped the fence and fell in the mud, and came out with Barry. He eventually marries his trans wife Mike. someone creative could run with it and make a mint. You’re welcome
  3. It’s amazing that a school district was blackmailed into retaining immigration attornys with taxpayer money to represent their students and their parents
  4. Question for the Progs. What does that last one have to do with education?
  5. The democrats beat the democrats. The teachers are going back to work. In addition to big raises and mandatory limits on class size, they got: “The union also made gains in areas that were not as much of a public focus during the strike. The district will: Eliminate random searches in 28 schools by 2020-21. Assign a lawyer to help students and families with “immigration-related concerns.”
  6. Flashbacks from when he didn’t come home from Nam?
  7. Refrigerator Ranger. A fridge too far
  8. Can't post the video, but he claims he was spit on when he came home from Nam. Called a baby killer
  9. Said he got spit on when he came home. Called a baby killer
  10. Wait, she wants to tax the rich to pay for all her great ideas that will cost trillions, but she doesn't want the rich exist? I'm pretty sure she didn't think this thing through
  11. She's stupid and a bigot. She's got homeless people sleeping on the subway in the town she claims she grew up in, but wants to bash the people of Alabama. She should have used SF as an example if she wanted to talk about filthy living conditions as a result of government policy. Remember when the libs told us saying Chicago was racist? Well Dems bashing the good people from Alabama is bigoted.
  12. She clarified on twitter today that she meant hookworm. She got suckered by fake news and was so stupid she even got the fake news wrong.
  13. “There are none so intolerant as those who preach tolerance to all the rest of us. There are none so quick to judge as those who tell us to be non-judgmental”: “-Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin
  14. He should do it from the Supreme Court kicked back in Ruth’s empty seat