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  1. I’d rather someone beat the communists at home than 12,000 miles away
  2. Should be called the USS Possum the way he rolled over and played dead the 2 times he ran for President. No wonder he is a hero of the left
  3. “Printed” Not “made” probably a $1.50 tee shirt sweater out by 10 year olds in Bangladesh silk screened by liberals in Boston at $10 a pop
  4. WHen the gas company blew up three towns in MA the restaurants were crippled without gas. I went to an Indian joint there2 and they were struggling to make Naan and stuff. it wasn't jsut running a wok either. Maybe new restaurants in Berkeley have to use propane?
  5. I think if you go on "qualifications", Trump is the most qualified of all candidates running as he's done the job for 4 years. you might not like the man or the policy, but he beats them all on experience
  6. What were Obama's qualifications? 2 years in the House of Reps and community organizing? Curious as to his "qualifications". I think those comparing Trump's qualifications are afflicted with TDS more than looking rationally at experiences. is Buttigieg more qualified as a mayor of a podunk city than a second term of Trump with 4 years on the job experience running a nation?
  7. Doesn't say where they are made
  8. There were a lot of empty seats outside
  9. 7.53 billion and growing
  10. Tweet even says "and overflow" distinguishing from inside.
  11. Democrats were for deporting US citizens before they were against it
  12. you act like there are only 2 choices. Trump and one other. Your state had at least 5 on the ballot in 2016. i bet you have as many choices in 2020. You can admit you want the socialist. it's no secret
  13. Dog is a masculine term. The female is a bitch. You should fix your post to "Canines"
  14. which one? There were something like 79 candidates in 2016. You will vote for the socialist one?
  15. Are they(city of Berkeley) still hiring thugs to beat up the homeless out there? Those democrat victims were bad for business