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  1. Thank you. You are doing god’s work
  2. Progs lie. Everywhere they are found
  3. 1997. 1997.... They knew.....
  4. Now I understand why libs hate Israel so much. Effing nazi sympathizers
  5. You should go punch putin in the face since you pussied out on punching nazis
  6. Libs love this guy though. Black face, no problem. Cheering nazi's ...no problem
  7. 60 minutes did a big expose 10+ years ago on the Nazis living in Canada. Trudeau's father let them in. To pretend Justin didn't know what the 14th Waffen-SS Grenadier Division was is laughable.
  8. THe democrats knew too. KNewbee's folks. They had a problem with it in 2014, but now they suck off the Ukrainian Nazis.
  9. Have you considered throwing in some stunted yellow perch and inviting Knewbee over to fish it? He'll pick up the trash
  10. That's great, but no one in their right mind is going to buy technology assuming the risk and get shafted with a huge bill because the manufacturer who took all kinds of public funds took the money and went belly up
  11. Yep. There is a big wind turbine here. WHen it was built, it was the biggest on the east coast. The blades fell off. The manufacturer is out of business, so it sits worthless and an eyesore. There is going to be a lot of challenges with this nonsense because these companies grabbed big subsidies from the governments and then collapse when the money dries up and move on to some other boondoggle Look at the Proterra electric bus company.
  12. I think a happy meal here is about $7. You'll need to fill up you gas tank 5 times to save up for a happy meal. Bidenomics
  13. Why did Joe lie about Hunter taking money from China? What was he trying to hide?
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