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  1. “It was a major shock, That was a lot of white guilt money. There’s a lot of white folks being like, ‘We just got to put the money.’ “ BLM Founder Patrisse Cullors on the influx of money from white liberals after the George Floyd fentany overdose
  2. Q: "You can convince Turkey to accept [Finland and Sweden's bid to join NATO]?" BIDEN: "I'm not going to Turkey."
  3. Gas prices are on fire
  4. How much is this costing me to feed other people’s kids thanks to Joe’s incompetence? im sure invoking the DPA is not without cost to the taxpayers
  5. “The adults are in the room now.” -Joe Scarborough
  6. We need actual leadership. Biden is not up to the task. We need adults in the room. Time for the 25th amendment
  7. "The production of baby formula is so specialized and so specific that you can't just use the Defense Production Act." "It just doesn't work that way." JEN PSAKI, May 13
  8. From memory of news reports....40%. 80% of the specialty baby formula
  9. We had Larry,, Moe and Curly. Max had Sheldon, Leonard and Howard. Poor Max
  10. For us, Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd had guns. ACME made bombs and anvils Max had Calliou Poor Max
  11. We had comedians growing up. And sitcoms. Cowbells were for cows Max had Ellen Degeneris and Ricky Lake Poor Max
  12. Alice Cooper's mother, dba Rosa DeLauro-(D-CT)