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  1. I’d like to see every capital city in Europe have a Muslim mayor like London
  2. Norway should step up and take a lot more middle eastern refugees. I mean a lot more. They em are very tolerant people and their government should open their arms to Muslims in need
  3. I bet he did crack with Podesta
  4. It’s a lot like Chelsea laundering money for the Clinton crime family at the Clinton foundation
  5. Nah, he just benefits from shady business deals with foreign entities his father sets up for him when he’s in office
  6. By able to handle the strap, I mean set up to connect the Strap to the winch. I’m not sure, but I think some winches don’t have the slots or bolt holes next to the spindle that allows the end of the strap to be attached to the winch. Going from memory from quite a while ago though, so I could easily be wrong
  7. No wonder his dead brother’s ex wife left him
  8. He admitted to having been a communist in an interview with NY magazine in 2003. Pretty incredible for a guy that had his security clearance
  9. Did you guys know Comey was a communist? I didn't know he was until I heard about it yesterday. Amazing that Comey and Brennan were both commies.
  10. Yes. Students need to be careful in going against the narrative at a lot of these schools, especially in some of the social sciences. My son is out in Amherst, and I always tell him to "know your audience"
  11. your kid having to work extra hard and get special skills outside of school to compete with a lesser student from the ghetto who gets points for living in a ****hole is white privilege. Seriously, the school should just disqualify kids who do that to game the system
  12. Of course it's not going to replace SAT score. . it's going to give colleges an excuse to let in people who don't meet their general scoring criteria and keep out those that do so they can roll out "diversity numbers" while claiming they no longer use race as a criteria.
  13. Worse SAT score. Worse grades Worse reading level less proficient at math. Poorer problem solving skills You know. Educational measurements. Like he SAT measures. How would you determine a "lesser student"? Zipcode?
  14. I like the strap, but I'm not sure all winches are set up to handle both. I seem to recall having to purchase a new winch to switch to a strap on a previous boat as it wasn't slottted for a strap, etc.
  15. I always pick the brain surgeon to operate on a family member by the adversity they faced growing up. I'd much rather the B student with a 1300 SAT from a crime ridden neighborhood operate on my loved ones instead of the straight A student from the affluent neighborhood with a 1600 on his SATS