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  1. Workforce participation of women is way low too. record low This pandemic made them realize they would rather stay home and make sandwiches than go to work. THe democrats have set back race relations AND gender equality 50 years
  2. JUST IN: The U.S. economy added 266,000 jobs in April, far below the Wall Street consensus of 978,000; unemployment rate 6.1%
  3. Eliminating the SALT cap is a tax break for the wealthy. It flies in the face of everything the dems have been saying. I say the democrats should make the SALT cap stronger and make those rich mfers pay more. Not less Especially since Joe is so opposed to deficit spending
  4. If there was really money to be made, Benjamin Crump would be in Hopkinton right now
  5. Odds that the mob accepts the outcome of the investigation is about zero. Ayanna Pressley will be calling this a lynching still 5 years from now
  6. It's already turned out to be suicide. THey announced when it happened the death was not suspicious. They told the mother it was suicide. The town is playing games now running a huge investigation to appease the mob who want it to be more. People like Liz Warren and Ayanna Pressley
  7. Joe calls it infrastructure
  8. Monica Cannon-Grant got involved. And they buy the shirts with Covid releif money. She's a race baiter and her non profit got a bunch of covid funds to pay for more race baiting
  9. I was assuming he just came from glow night at the fag bar and dressed like that so he could get the $3 skyy vodka drinks
  10. Great. Race baiting is lucrative.
  11. Looks like he wrapped that sign in single use plastic
  12. Looks like the family is trying to get a payout to me. For absolutely nothing
  13. With all the affordable housing, those unable to work from home can now afford to live where they work. No car service needed