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  1. 76% of the population is Lutheran Evangelical , a Christian religion Population is 350,000 and they are almost all white and have something like 6% foreign born population. basically no diversity we should try that
  2. Sat this AM for 3 and a half hours. Coyote came out before light. Other than that, nada.
  3. What’s this Green New Deal the socialists are pushing? I was going to start a separate thread, and I can if too far off topic of this one. Tell me about the play on the words of FDR’s disasterous policies that the commies want to foist on America. It’s gotta be a doozy to invoke FDR from the dead AOC says we only have ten years to do it or else we will see cataclysmic climate change impacts. She’s the smartest democrat in congress, so it must be bad
  4. Treat him just like the protestors who show up on the house or senate floor. Forcibly remove him if he is disruptive. Charge him if necessary with disorderly conduct. One set of rules for the liberal elite and the common person. Equality
  5. No need to waste more tax dollars on this. let him in, but make him sit in the corner and don't let him ask any more questions. never call on him. Pretend he isn't there. If he gets disruptive, have security mace the **** out of him and drag him out by the armpits. Treat him as a disruptive protestor at that point. Charge him with disorderly conduct Pretty simple.
  6. Sad little Jimmy got his pass back for now. The WH should never hand him a mic again nor take his questions
  7. Well, I hope they can still be productive members of society while living in a tent inside a chain link fence. Any word on how many of them are doctors?
  8. Pssst. They aren't going to hire 25,000 people into high paying jobs from the community where they put the new HQ. they are going to bring in 25,000 high paid workers from elsewhere and change the community. DOesn't matter where they put the HQ. NYC is perfect for them. They don't have to create a whole new ****hole from scratch
  9. I got up at 4:30 this AM to go sit in a tree for a few hours before work. 2 inches of slush, heavy rain, and sustained winds of 44MPH with gusts to 54 made the cool side of the pillow seem like the smart decision, so I didn't go today.
  10. i'd be in favor of making some new laws that turn her into an instant criminal. Just like Dems do to gun owners
  11. When they have to play a dirge at your retirement celebration, you may have waited too long to retire
  12. That's a lot of taxpayers Trump is refusing to allow to stay here
  13. has a car. Presumably a driver's license. no mention the car wasn't registered. owns a gun Definitely can't figure out how to vote though. Just doesn't happen
  14. They should have special maximum security prisons for politicians and every one should be locked up in them upon leaving office while we investigate what they did. The ones proven innocent can be released once they clear themselves