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  1. Worse than the seals on the Cape
  2. Kim’s health has gone to the dogs
  3. I thought he injected Lysol
  4. 40,000 people on Newport Beach in California today.
  5. Trump captaining the Titanic would be Max’s wet dream. Let that sink in.
  6. Black Forest nazi ham probably
  7. Is it possible we’ve given them a voice in policy making bigger than we should have??
  8. How about in 2018 when 80,000 died of the flu?
  9. Did you wear a mask to the Rangers Islanders?
  10. Yes. Did they take your temperature? Did you know the CDC took people’s temperatures to decide if they could get off an aeroplane from China or not, and it didn’t work? They admit it was stupid and ineffective Do you think doctors have ever thought putting 20,000 people in MSG. Was a smart public health decision? We didn’t listen to them then, did we?
  11. And who is “they”?