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  1. Seems like it's federal and state law too.
  2. Stop and Shop in MA is paying their cashiers $19.57 an hour. That $41K a year to bag groceries Insane. No wonder they put in self checkouts
  3. I've seen it parked against the wall, but it also wanders the aisles scanning for spills. I don't think it deploys after a spill...more a seek an industrial roomba
  4. I dunno. It doesn't look edible and I doubt it can cook
  5. It's real name is "Marty", but the unions call it Robbie because it's "stealing their jobs." it trundles along beeping and cleans up spills. It's like a 7 foot tall Roomba. I've seen it at my local store. Personally I find it worthless, but at least it doen't look like the meth heads S&S usually hires to pick up spills. Why is mopping up spills a union job, and how's that fight for $15 going?
  6. ahhh...ok. didn't hear that. Thanks
  7. Still nothing on this story in the US media. Nothing. I guess trying to immolate 51 children on a bus just won't get the clicks to make it profitable to report here in the states?
  8. 4 days later. Story is already dead here. They will say they "covered it" as terrorism, but the fact is the public's attention span is very short, and they know this later trickle of facts will never get the traction it would have had it come out initially. I say that is intentional by the fake news. If it was an act they thought would benefit their agenda, it would have been handled much differently. They are absolutely trying to shape the response and public perception with the manner in which they report these stories
  9. Off duty cops from another town?
  10. Say goodbye to the ruger 10/22 also And the marlin 60, etc
  11. From the way I read it, all semi auto pistols will be banned as well.