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  1. If you have a Green Egg take a look at this "Smobot". It regulates the temperature by controlling the air flow. It can be controlled by an App.
  2. Maybe I will see you in Manorville
  3. Try a rolled up paper towel with some cooking oil inserted in the center of the charcoal. Works great and you always have the materials.
  4. Tell Timberwolf what you want to cut and they will suggest a blade for you.
  5. Let it out: air down
  6. Simple rub salt. pepper, garlic powder and dry mustard. Cooked 7 hours. Wrapped after 3 hours. Pecan and hickory smoke. Reached 195. Lot of the fat rendered leaving an almost jerky like texture. Should have pulled it sooner.
  7. From the album Ox Tail

  8. From the album Ox Tail

  9. From the album Ox Tail

  10. From the album Big Green Egg

  11. From the album Big Green Egg

  12. From the album Big Green Egg

  13. From the album Big Green Egg

  14. All is well ScottO and NS Mike. I did a pork shoulder 9 hours in the BGE middle of December in the snow with a plate setter.Turned out tender and juicy. Forgot to take interior shots.
  15. The plate settle will make a big difference in cooking low and slow. The heat will be diffused and cooking time will be about twice as long or longer but the moisture will be retained from the indirect heat. I should have bought it sooner.