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  1. What have you found that is similar??
  2. This one was boating like a sonofabitch. Thought maybe the humidor was getting dry but it was right on.
  3. Tornadoes missed us. Rain is over. Heat is gone. Counting my blessing and drinking a Heady and enjoying a good smoke on the deck!!
  4. Had a five pack of Rocky Patel The Edge. They were ok. Found one in the box that has been in there for 7/8 months. Much better than I remember.
  5. Ummm no. Weird light angle I guess
  6. Rain never really hit here so out smoking in the humidity. These little bastards are tasty!!!
  7. New to me and really enjoying it.
  8. Heat finally broke a bit around here. Enjoying a smoke and beer on the deck.
  9. A little pre-storm smoke.
  10. Good night…. kristoff shade grown is nice pre dinner smoke. And the MC5 is good whenever
  11. Rain stopped and isn’t coming back…
  12. No humidity….75 degrees… is good
  13. Here is tonight’s smoke and beer. As long as the humidity stays down this is enjoyable…
  14. That’s tomorrow’s smoke….
  15. Enjoying the lack of humidity with a beer and nice smoke!!!