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  1. at my spots in MC & OC, I've caught the majority of my 40+lbs fish in the following conditions: 1. night 2. outgoing tide 3. mild/moderate N/NE/E wind 4. big chunks with big hardware 5. in the surf with topographical features underwater / current anomalies 6. NJ mid season during fall, NJ late season during spring good luck
  2. Check out a Bic Kalao. It is triple, designed for 2 adults and 1 child, but it really shines when used as a spacious tandem. It's amazingly stable and is a dry ride when loaded with 400lbs. I use mine as a tow behind gear barge when clamming or crabbing from my hobie tandem.
  3. They won't mess with you if you have that extended hitch support to secure it... without it you could be targeted.
  4. (Edited - let's keep race out of this - thanks TimS)
  5. are you out of your mind? would you rather we send it to counseling? this is standard protocol in most jurisdictions that deal with lethal animal attacks
  6. Good for them Looks like a good time! Don't hate on fellow fishermen because you wouldn't or couldn't do the same... We all did things before that we wouldn't or couldn't do today, lol. 5-10 years ago there were a couple guys in NJ that would regularly fish jetties at night during storms and hurricanes wearing life preservers & tethered to the beacons...
  7. this has gotta be a new record...
  8. Hey Chewy and Tom, Looks like it's going to be a big event ! PM me the launch site Scott
  9. my best was a low 60's from the surf...
  10. I have a gold VS-300 in good shape, unused after a full service by VS where they changed all bearings unnecessarily... I'll send pics if you're interested.
  11. PP Slick helps a notable amount with my VS reels (casting distance)... 150B's, 250B's, 275, and 300's Can't comment on longevity since i just mounted all the spools, but it feels good new, and if it doesn't fray overtime it'll be an absolute winner. So far definitely worth the additional cost based on what i've seen so far.
  12. if you can afford it... do what i did... BUY a few of each (ZB, VS, Penn, Shimano, etc) ... and try them all out for a few years in the surf... you'll get a better idea of the strengths & limitations of each reel... which is why i only use a VS in the surf for my style of surf fishing (when using 1 rod) Good Luck to you
  13. VS-250B... last of the gold bailed reels... Everything else I've tried get's F'd up by sand based on how i fish... even the highly vaunted ZB...
  14. Not quite as simple as that... Agreed, my early Gen-2 (USA MADE) is stamped inside the reel.
  15. IF you understood any of the real science behind genetic modification and its wide ranging applications, you would know your assumptions about this field are just plain mis-informed (to be kind) or ignorant of the science. IF you actually understood this science, you would know creating genetic variants is also a critical component to curing diseases and discovering pharmaceutical interventions for human maladies, which is the profession in which I engage, and NOT the GMO food industry (as you assume). With all due respect, PLEASE CEASE WITH YOUR PSEUDO INTELLECTUAL ASSUMPTIONS and PLEASE USE FACTS IN THIS DISCUSSION. I'd rather not engage in a discussion of your 'opinions' on this matter. In my field, opinions are irrelevant... perhaps in your profession they carry more weight. I am NOT AGAINST the application of science to enhance the human condition... as long as the same scientific rigor applied to the drug approval process is applied to the various, untested GMO foods humans consume each day. Essentially we are converting food into delivery vehicles for medicines and toxins. IT IS NOT A MARKETING QUESTION: as that assumes the market has ACCESS to all the relevant information, WHICH IT DOES NOT due to recent legistation and banning of labeling GMO foods for the consumer. Obama recently signed Section 735 from the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act of 2013 which essentially shields GMO companies from all liability and litgation from their GMO products. Let me ask you... IF THESE GMO PRODUCTS ARE FULLY TESTED TO THE RIGOROUS FDA STANDARDS, WHY IS THIS TYPE OF PROTECTION NECESSARY??? Even the giant pharmaceutical industry only gets this kind of "get-out-of-jail-free-card" when working on highly critical & time dependent applications such as vaccines against a potential developing pandemic etc. QUOTE FROM RT-NEWS dated today May 17, 2013 regading Montsanto Protection Act Deep within the nearly 600-page spending bill, Section 735 includes language that lets biotech companies that experiment with genetically-engineered and genetically-modified crops test and sell lab-made products even if legal action is taken against them. “The provision would strip federal courts of the authority to halt the sale and planting of an illegal, potentially hazardous GE crop while the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) assesses those potential hazards,” dozens of farmers wrote the House of Representatives before the bill was passed in March. “Further, it would compel USDA to allow continued planting of that same crop upon request, even if in the course of its assessment the Department finds that it poses previously unrecognized risks.” SO IT IS CLEAR THESE GMO PRODUCTS ARE NOT TESTED PRIOR TO RELEASE AND THAT THE CONSUMERS DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO FULL INFORMATION TO MAKE IT A TRUE MARKET DRIVEN CHOICE AS YOU CLAIM. Again, I request that you use FACTS if you plan to continue any intellectual debate regarding this matter. Again you make assumptions based on nothing more than your opinion. Yes natural insect resistance does occur in some foods we consume, BUT WE HAVE EVOLVED TO TOLERATE THESE COMPONENTS OVER HUNDREDS OF YEARS, AND THIS IS QUITE DIFFERENT THAN YOUR BODY TRYING TO DEAL WITH A OBSCURE BACTERIAL TOXIN THAT NO HUMAN HAS EVER CONSUMED PRESIOUSLY IN YOUR VEGGIES. I have issue with the application of pesticides too, but unlike GMO's, SPRAYED PESTICIDES UNDERGO THOROUGH TOXICITY AND MUTAGENICITY TESTING, GMO's DO NOT. I have already shown you that these products are NOT TESTED to any measure of scientific rigor or standard. You need not describe for me how clinical trial are run, LOL... I've been involved with dozens of clinical trials from phase IIb all the way up to lifecycle management. Sometimes jumping off a cliff might seems like an expedient way down the mountain, but it's usually not the best way, but I'd pay money to watch you go first Again, you argue with only your opinions... Why shouldn't the FDA require safety testing of GMO products as the do for other synthetic consumed items such as drugs ? That would eliminate any variability which you seem to abhor. TRY GOOGLING 'NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF GMO' and you'll get more than one scholarly article giving you what you request. I too believe they cannot suppress the truth forever, BUT so far they are doing a good job. There are ways to empirically test longterm effects without actually waiting for millions to fallover dead as you propose. The pharmaceutical industry has been doing it for decades. It's not 100% but it's something.... THERE IS A REASON GMO’S ARE BANNED IN MANY COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD AND REQUIRE LABELING AS GMO’S IN MOST DEVOLPED COUNTRIES OUTSIDE THE USA. And to use your own example… Big Tobacco KNEW the harmful truth about their products from the BEGINNING but SUPPRESSED that info for decades as millions died. This part of Big Tobacco's history is a FACT, which not even you can rewrite.