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  1. Chartreuse.
  2. Used but fully functional. $175 picked up in Stafford. It's the smaller version, fits Tacoma, Ranger, etc.
  3. Thanks! I'm on the mainland (Choice Parent), but we're on the island almost daily. To benefit the kids at LBI Schools. For Example, they run a scholarship for graduates of the school, the EJ Garden, typical PTA stuff.
  4. The Mr. Wiggly. We don't fail, we learn.
  5. Remember when we all used to access this site with dial-up... no pop-ups back then!!! And flip phones... And no HHFKA... Dial-up wasn't even hyphenated yet.
  6. Weekend Bump... I'll cover any shipping or pick up...
  7. Gentleman - Ladies, The LBI PTA is putting together a "Fishing" basket to raffle off for this year's PTA fundraiser. Thanks to the generosity of local B&T's we've got a pretty good start, but if there is anything you have lying around that you'd like to donate to the cause, please reach out. The event is on November 14th. Anything you can contribute would be greatly appreciated. Moderators - If this is any way out of line, please let me know or just delete, no hard feelings. Many Thanks...
  8. Are any of the buckles broken?
  9. Weird.
  10. Not sure how that would be unreliable, it seems like a sure-fire way to determine they are around. They'll hang on the bars and get washed up in the right conditions, and when the tide goes out and exposes the bar... you'll want to be around.
  11. He's toyed with the idea but doesn't anyone to sew with authority as he does.
  12. Where in south jersey to pick up?
  13. Yeah now that I'm looking for the parts, I am not seeing good things about them. They served me just fine for what I use them for, and would continue to if I could just find new cutters...
  14. If I were to finance this how much is the strap and tubes worth to ya? I could make the purchase and part out to you later.
  15. Does anyone happen to have a line on replacement cutters for the old accurate piranha pliers (APL-7)? I know its a stretch, but I appreciate the help.