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  1. I'm sure you've already considered this, but a radio strapped to your life jacket and some sort of gps is a good idea (good excuse to nab a fishfinder with gps -"honey, it's for the gps in case i have to radio the coast guard" ) . I kayak alone at night and there have been times when i was a little bit nervous before i got the above mentioned items. Plan for what you'd do if the kayak got filled and you had to radio for a rescue.
  2. High 40's for bass, maybe fifty or so for blues
  3. I have no experience with that particular rod, but i can tell you that the fact that it is a scott is probably an advantage. They make great rods
  4. "dumb", "puss", "grow some balls" Honestly i'm glad he's contiinuing with it at this point because he's just proving my point.
  5. I have no problem with coments about the topic. I realize it isn't a huge newsflash(DUH), but take a look at the threads here, and tell me if this is the "big newsflash" forum. When someone with a case of internet bravado starts up with personal insults i really don't think i need to put up with it. Call it thin skin if you want, i call it uncalled for, childish and lame.
  6. Totally uncalled for. I got the link off drudgereport by the way. I am gonna resist the urge to say more than that, but will remind you about personal attacks being against the rules. Would you say that to me in a face to face coversation? I doubt it. This forum is not just for stuff you consider important and manly, and you don't have to read anything you are bored by.
  7. I always tail grab blues. It works great.
  8. Maybe we can have a CT-RI surf war for blues, to give you guys a better shot.
  9. No need to be rude. I'll suggest the same to you i suggest to anyone else who doesn't care. Go read the thread about photoshopping pictures of you if you have more important things to do with your time
  10. Well then why did you read it (and leave a snippy response?) :/
  11. Man, she sure seems to be in trouble. I honestly hope she gets herself straightened out. Total train-wreck, on public display.
  12. Welcome spongebobber. I think we have met actually. I've been over your house talking about plugs with your dad.
  13. My go-to fly is a Tabory" snake" fly, with a deceiver tail. Basically a deceiver with a deer hair head.
  14. My dsl is linked up (between me and the central office) at 3008 downstream and 512 upstream.
  15. Small "wooly buggers" will work.