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  1. Main Guide Thank you for your input .
  2. DAIWA ISLA 7000H used once from the shore . Too much of the reel for me . $475 PP Shipped
  3. I'll close it fo now .
  4. Shipping rates for tubes are crazy .. I would say shipping with insurance around $30 Shipping tube from Home Depot (I ship in those 4 inch drain tubes ) $12. I'll PM you my contact info to discuss details .
  5. I'll accept your offer , if you pick up in Brooklyn . There is a problem for me to drive there , I have no clue of that area ....Avoiding Manhattan with all cause .. I'll give you this rod for $400 , if you drive in Brooklyn . It's paid trip of $50 . You will be happy with this rod -guarantee .
  6. Bump for great new rod .
  7. For Sale : Century Sling Shot SS 1505 12'3 . It's a factory rod .New blank with graphine . Bought on March . Blank was cut 3 Inches from the bottom by professional rod builder . So rod now is 12'3 . ROD IS NEW . I bought Century SME , so they are similar in rating . That is a reason I am selling this rod .I you looking for this rod you'll be happy with condition of this rod . Looking $450 pick up in 11235 .I'll take a pictures , if any interest .
  8. Rod Sold . Thank you firefisher and SOL.
  9. I'll take it .Will take to pm .
  10. Is this new model with graphine ?How is a condition of the rod ? How long did you use it ? Is this a factory rod or not ? I'll take it , if this model factory built rod with graphine.Where in Long Island are you ?
  11. For your fish tank or for kids , just fun to watch .4 Spanish ribbed newts .Very similar care to axolotls . Fully aquatic species .Thriving in wide range of temperature . .This animals about year old .3 white and one 1 wild type. They are fun to watch . Very low maintenance . Pick up at Sheepshead Bay , 11235 . Couple SS plugs would seal a deal or $50 or make your offer .
  12. I'll accept your offer, if you pick up . I'll send you (PM) my address for pick up .
  13. Going to Montauk today for family trip . How about $250 I'll drop it on my way back , if you are somewhere on the way .
  14. Cutters and anvil on Van Staal pliers is a awfully expensive ... $50-55 just for cutter !!! , if you are really using every outing that you need to change it every year . In my opinion quite expensive ... Well ....still using 5 inch VS Pliers .