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  1. they'll prolly try and take 4 of July away
  2. yup and keep a pair every 8 feet
  3. I have some counterfeit money I'll try and spend
  4. agreed, the bad ammo can at my range is always full 22's
  5. next time they should send a truck load of C4 and blow it up in there hide out
  6. yup and yup...and i understood every word he said...with Biden i have to put my TV in s a p mode
  7. been at my job 36 much as i think about leaving I won't. I'm pretty much getting the max on everything,
  8. thats way to much... I'll do it for 300
  9. soon to be renamed donor day
  10. I like that one
  11. I don’t know... I’ve never herd of a beer attack in RI compared to coyotes
  12. so he still gets a tax payer pension W T F
  13. this Good luck, especially with the wife. You've been working your ass off, and deserve good things, and good breaks.
  14. chain him to the bumper and drag him around till there's nothing left but the chain!
  15. never trust the yotes. Aren't they the Apex predator's in theses parts?
  16. no one keeps there mouth completely shut...I've learned that the hard way. your select few also have a select few.
  17. sorry to hear. Kind of makes you want to set the scene and wait for them.