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  1. Last year we had 15 750 shot Saturn cakes there very unpredictable .
  2. Light fuse get away quick.
  3. The 9k was because he’s this particular stores top customer. They”gave” him almost 3 k worth of freebies. So your looking at 12 k worth.
  4. 9k
  5. Mine to
  6. 800 mortars over 200 500g cake’s
  7. A friend of mine has a big party every year and me and another guy are responsible for the party favors
  8. yup R I is 75 feet.
  9. shorts and t's it's the 380 all the way.
  10. i agree. my .380 is definitly the easiest carry gun, i find revolvers are a little bulky for me, i have a S&W shield in 45 acp that carry's and cancels just as easy and comfortable as my p365.(proper belt and holster is a must)
  11. i brought up this topic in another thread. my feeling is if your going by the rule of 3's or even the rule of 5's then why not carry a .45? if I'm only getting off 3-5 rounds i would rather then be 45's.
  12. high profile and and the worst scumbag criminals are escorted back and forth to court dates in body armor but the general public can't have it...makes sense