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  1. ok thanks. i'll pass.
  2. i'll take these , will you take a check? i don't have pp
  3. George Webster? i thought they made kitchen knives.
  4. the back ground checks do not and can not look at mental health issues. you could have been in and out of hospitals your whole life with mental health issues and that can not be part of the back ground check. HIPPA
  5. i put 50 rounds through mine 21,25 and 30 feet i put everything on the 12x12 target but i was using some loose ammo i had hanging around. i usually put a couple hundred rds. through any new gun till i start looking for what works felt good in my hand,it racks a little easier than the shield, and the recoil was less than i thought it would be.
  6. Sorry for your loss.
  7. RI
  8. Shop near me got 70 in...oh don’t worrie the lead will fly
  9. Picked one up today
  10. my teenagers will destroy a $3000 couch just as fast as a $800 couch so until there gone it's bob's furniture.
  11. seen them live a couple times in the 80's
  12. my choice
  13. bare bones c c gun. 1 mag non adjustable machined sights. I don't own one but have shot one and liked it. I am a big fan of Ruger guns i have 7 or 8 of them in all calibers. i'll eventually have a EC9 it's not much bigger than the lcp 380 .