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  1. coffee milk.
  2. how do you know the home owner was a drug dealer?
  3. Sorry for your loss
  4. I always figured it was, and I really don’t eat a lot of fast food but once in a while. Most times I’ll make my own and freeze some smaller amounts for chili dogs, nachos.
  5. i live chili dogs, i either make my own or go to Wendy's and get a small chili , i tried the canned stuff and just cant do it. as was said...Alpo like
  6. ok no prob. thanks for responding.
  7. hot and fast at least that's how i used to cook it. i like my tuna cook pretty much all the way through
  8. offer 30 shipped for the Buck 112 you keep the stud.
  9. why are you defending 4 scumbag home invaders?
  10. my thinking is the same this has been in my night stand for almost 25 years .every time I've pulled the trigger it went Bang! i added the CT laser grip and routinely practice one and off handed shooting. my EDC is usually near by as well. i feel like if i'm woken up in the middle of the night and need a gun i can easily grab this mod.85 and one handed hit what i'm pointing it at. ammo has come a long way over the years and .38 +p has good stopping power.
  11. the only problem i see with this is theirs still 2 alive.
  12. great shoot!
  13. habs maybe
  14. good for you J We all thank you for sticking with it.