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  1. dam it i don't have biggie. is the final score at the end of the 4th or Dear i say it .......overtime?
  2. Suh is a dirty bastage... Pats O line better keep him far away fro TB
  3. everyone thought home field in an advantage...this weekend proved that wrong. crowd noise advantage home team...Wrong.
  4. good call
  5. Lincoln woods north cove used to be one of the 1st places i would go.
  6. i know it has, and i agree if you get a FG both teams deserve a chance,Why? you get the ball on the 25 your QB gets you 30 yrds. then you kick a 58 yrd FG me that not the same as driving your team the whole field and getting a TD. but that's my opinion
  7. if KC scored 1st and sent the pats home NOBODY would be talking about this! there's a good reason why most coaches say you need good D to win the big games...Because it's true If you want the ball your D needs to stop the other team. Special teams pins them Deep,Defense keeps them there, offense gets the ball back.
  8. Sorry for your loss BA
  9. no drawing from holster,no combat shooting,5 rounds only in the mag.At my range. sometimes i cheat and put 6 in the mag and practice 2 in the chest and 1 head shot. also practice one handed and off handed shooting.
  10. those things were about 40 feet long
  11. that sucks!
  12. ****ing scumbag...look at him... he's got that kind of face you just want to dig your boot heals in!
  13. Dam-it I agree with you...