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  1. I've had a pick up for the last 30 years or so as i would walk up to the truck the 1st thing to go in the back was the rod then the bag and belt. i used to think how do these people keep leaving there gear behind i don't get it. i wasn't thinking if you had a suv or a car how easy it is to do until i went fishing with a buddy and we took his taho and i almost did it. thank god he got into a habit walking around the suv with a flashlight before he got in. he did that every time weather he was with someone or alone.
  2. if it were up to me it would be catch and release for a couple years Rec. and comm.
  3. all the usual spots.
  4. blue fish used to be great for bass fishing ,bait on top bluefish under them chewing them up and bass under them eating the scraps, toss a chunk to the bottom and hold on tight.
  5. the last 3or4 years has been so hit or miss in the bay, i admit we don't get on the water as much as used to but we've always made the best of the time we the 90's my buddy had his boat at channel marina we used to have a blast with the football tuna. wives and kids put about a 15 year damper on the hunting/fishing life style.
  6. 700 GR. Hard cast .
  7. i got out on the water over the weekend and i must's pathetic! I mean schoolie' day weekend. we plugged at least 12-15 schools of bait and normally you can pick some 36-40 inch bass out of some of them and it was just non existent. i don't know why the bay isn't holding theses fish the food is there the fish are not. in years past if the bait was there the fish stayed all season. they may move around to cooler deeper water but you could still find something decent.
  8. i just put a set of these on my road king...holey crap do they light up the road. the passing lights are insanely bright. you can't see it in the pic but they have a halo around them.
  9. my wife is trying to get me to participate in one today...not happening. i really don't have anything against them but i'm all set.
  10. Not if your entertaining some of the girls you've posted Bigger girls thread...
  11. one of his best