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  1. #2all around $22 with tip every3 weeks or so
  2. never thought i'd feel bad for the Jets...wait ...i Don't
  3. Just got home from the pats game , crappy game but still had fun
  4. The Ramones-very cool. Billy idol- he liked the white stuff...well it was the 80's henry rollins- bit of a nerd. the scorpions-they tried to get me to buy them beers...that didn't happen. the original red hot chilli peppers-they were a back up band no one heard of at the time. dozens of other 80's punk bands. Terry Bradshaw-very nice guy and funny...i got an autographed ball. lotts of the 2001 NE Patriots including TB-my niece was a cheerleader and i went to family day.
  5. Save the steel for the revolvers and the zombies , I’ve stopped using it with all my semi’s , to many issues.
  6. hope you get out ASAP
  7. i'm a fan of only 1 topping usually peperoni
  8. im 58 and have been eating ,drinking and smoking anything and as much of what ever i wanted my whole life...i've had 3 heart attacks, 5 stents and will probably be in the memorial forum before most of you...just saying.
  9. never noticed... but now that you mention it i've never seen them together
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