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  1. nobody really fought the bump stock thing most of us that shoot from the AR platform could hit way more targets without it. 3-10's =30.mag capacity won't help i don't expect you to understand that. as far as 50 cal's i don't know of any mass shooting that a 50 was used... please keep in mind NO criminal is going to follow the law
  2. the nitwit that shot up the movie theater in Colorado searched 14 other targets until he found a theater that was a no gun zone. he knew no one would shoot back. kooky, you may not want to hear this but your wife and kids are less safe as are mine in public schools because the gov of RI told every crack pot out there that if there thinking of shooting up a school there will be NO resistance. my thread was meant for the people who want to protect there rights to be informed and by all means you can certainly put on a red shirt and be an advocate for the other side. hope to see some of you guys there...i'll be the one in the yellow shirt...
  3. Nice try... IF YOU GIVE AN INCH THEY TAKE A MILE!!! What do you work for Remington...not everyone can fire a 12GA. and read up on home invasions usually 3 or 4 scumbags force there way into a home.
  4. For those that are interested, there is a rally at the statehouse beginning at 3pm tomorrow, Tuesday March 19th. Many do not know of the rally taking place tomorrow, which is needed to show how the proposed legislation is negatively impacting its residents, many of which do nothing to actually curb gun crime/violence. Proposed legislation would make many law abiding normal Rhode Islanders into criminals. Many Rhode Islanders who are both non gun owners and gun owners are not happy with the proposed legislation that will be heard Tuesday which include the following but not limited to: 10% increased tax sale regarding all items correlating to firearms such as ammo, firearms, parts, services, club dues etc . (Self explanatory as the negatives) An “assault weapon” ban. Firearms to be destroyed or turned in with no compensation. (Legislation is worded so that all semi automatic [one trigger pull, one bullet] firearms are banned). There is a stipulation of registering these and “grandfathering” them, however groups such as the Rhode Island Coalition against gun violence (whom have banned my personal, gaming, and other created Facebook pages from commenting after providing govt stats to some its supporters who were surprised at the evidence I was showing) have already come out saying that there will be a full ban if this legislation passes. It is also within the RI constitution that there cannot be a registration of firearms, which entail means a full ban. Any magazine over 10 rounds shall be banned, no grandfathering, magazines must be turned in or destroyed with no compensation. All license to carry permits shall be processed through the AG and no longer through your local police department.
  5. gold would be nice.i used to have a gold 2oz spoon but it was a knock off and never really swam that well
  6. more urban fishing ,once the bass move up the bay into the river. are you interested in that HD?
  7. nice gun eddy. we should go shooting some time .where do you shoot? pm if you don't want to post it,
  8. kastmaster.
  9. there's no such thing
  10. yup...don't know how i missed that.
  11. i don't but they look well made and i would have jumped on them if you didn't, and i a sucker for that bunkerish color
  12. cool, I've met a few of them over the years including mike you are correct.