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  1. Yup
  2. lets keep this a no pics thread
  3. me to,if i can get what i'm looking for at a smaller shop i'll pay 30-40 bucs more. i've known the guy at my locale store since we were teenagers
  4. your prolly right
  5. HS was great...other than the school i loved it. i still hang around with guys i went to JH and HS,years of booz and drug abuse really hold a group together
  6. I’m at the barbershop once a month... I’d be in trouble
  7. I have it a FB
  8. Night fish
  9. i have a 22lr like that, it;s a great plinker
  10. C’mon this isn’t ugly
  11. Are you still looking
  12. thats simple, they told the truth about her
  13. found this on the inernet must be true Hornady Critical Duty ammunition uses a projectile with what Hornady calls a “Flextip” polymer filling. The projectile does not have a “hollow nose.” ... Ammunition lacking a hollow cavity at the tip, such as those with a polymer filling, are not considered to be hollow point ammunition.Mar 9, 2020