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  1. Yes the NEX1 "blanks" are rolled in a high quality factory in China. You can expect the premier quality and performance expected from ODM. thanks John
  2. gotcha little far for me bud thanks.
  3. Where you located for cash in person?
  4. Happy to answer any questions on behalf of myself and any of the Team ODM Members as well.
  5. Are these Certified to get me OnTheMeat?
  6. I would respectfully offer 35 shipped
  7. Sounds good Ill take it send me your Paypal thanks!
  8. Go to your local shop. and have them spool it for you....
  9. I need that Conrad Brother! Rock For Light!!! let me know if ya want to split it and how much you want for it. Thx
  10. This stuff is awesome. Worn it for many many hours in all different conditions and its never failed
  11. Looking for Larger Conrads to fish preferably lighter colors. thx
  12. Lots of great companies making great rods out there to choose from. What shops are close to you? you should really go feel them all Definitely include the 10' genesis 3/4 -4 very light and powerful rods and 50/50 split Frontier X is 9'6" or 10'6" 70/30 split (no 10ft) Also take a look at the new DNA line coming out. 10 ft 3/4 - 4 60/40 split All have slightly different actions and weights so I recommend holding/trying as many different rods as you can. Its the only way to get a good feel for them. Again there are many great companies making great lightweight powerful 2 piece rods. Are you on Long Island? There is a demo at Captree B&T this Saturday Until 12 noon. Tight Lines!
  13. Check out the ODM DNA Line coming out. They will be on hand at Captree on July 21 and to shops late August - Early Sept. All 60/40 Split.
  14. Hi Lou! This was Paul Moriarity's Donny picking up the Spook today can't wait to smash on it. Tight Lines !
  15. Hey Sudsy PM Sent Thanks