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  1. Old School. I have a 15 year old daughter that has sever special needs, I remember the screaming and the behavior that goes with it. It does get better believe me. There are so many schools of thought about how to handle these times.It may take some time but you will find out what works best for you and your son. Once you figure out what his triggers are you will be able to work on overcoming them with him.The sense of accomplishment that you will get from this will equal nothing else that you have ever done. We have learned to take small steps and after looking back the times that you are going thru going thru seem so long ago. Hopes this helps , jeff BTW if you haven't seen the movie about Temple Granding watch it . It has been on HBO this past summer.
  2. This post got my attention because I am a parent of a Special Need child who benefits from the public school system. I'm not going to go into to deep of detail about her needs but she has a sever disorder, which is associated with autism. To the first question posted. I do understand how some people get upset with the cost of higher taxes that go with the school depts. I guarantee you that any parent of one of these children would much rather the money go to other things and have a mainstream child without having to fight for every service your child receives. I work my ass off so my wife can stay home and care for our child, by taking her to and from school. Staying home on days that she is not well enough for school. I am in no way bitching about my life, My daughter is our life.In some ways I am happy that she will not have to deal with all the crap in today's world. As far as taxes are concerned, I payed my taxes before having a child that was so called burden on the school system. And will have to pay for many years after she leaves the system. As I see it I don't try to pick apart the local system, by saying just because I don't use a service I shouldn't have to pay for it. It it was like that you would have to pay everything you needed a police officer or fireman. Maybe you would have to pay every time a snow plow came down the street.
  3. red wings have my boots for the last 3-4 years. I'm in them 12 hours a day and love them
  4. Joe asked me to post this because he is having computer problems. The winner is Jayrod If you pm me your address I will get it to Joe and send it out to you. Thanks for all the entries. Jeff
  5. The only ones that were not signed were only around 50 were some of the very first pluges Jr, sold By signing them it made it clear to everybody that ther were Jr's and not his dad. Jr has just started to add sparkles to his plugs, something his father did alot of. Jeff
  6. The po jee has a 5/0 vmc on it.
  7. Just so there is no confusion Point Jude Lures uses VMC 4X Hooks.
  8. He sold them both ways
  9. Use a small propane torch and melt away the amount you need to make ingots.
  10. I know he has somebody helping him with it , how far along they are I'm not sure. Jeff
  11. FishNh, GG I remember that you 2 came all the way down from NH to the edge to get some of Jr's stuff last fall. Hope to see you this year at at RISSA Jeff
  12. Trust me 1/2 were sold on Friday half on Saturday.They did go fast As far as this year goes he will have as many as he gets done, Jr. doesn't have any set numbers . BTW I tie the tails for John Jr. as well I did a large % of his father's Jeff
  13. Some of the plugs that John sold last year at the show ( 3 oz. Pencils) were made before John Jr. started to sign them. If they are in a Jr. package they are Jr's. Last year at the show he split the plugs he had in two and sold half on Friday and half on Saturday 350 to 400 This year he will be at the RISSA show and will have more stock than last year , not sure about 1000 but it will be more than last year. Jeff
  14. Merry Christmas to all
  15. All the hooks on the lures are 5/0 vmc's.