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  1. Go **** yourself you ****ing psychopath. Idiots like you shouldn't be allowed access to the internet, much less guns and such.
  2. - There is no such thing as DNA-altering vaccines. - Bill Gates' name comes up more than it should here, and as far as I know, he's more concerned with 3rd World problems (VDs and malaria) than insignificant **** in Australia. - The 'Mark'? Cashless? Have you interacted with someone in their 20's? Venmo, It's awful, and I'm with you there.
  3. here I really did laugh out loud.
  4. lol, no. Not usually. Well, sometimes. Good night.
  5. Him being the #1 funder (which is disputable, has some 'if's' by it, and still 'only' puts him about 12%) has been something that you used to start most arguments/discussions in this thread. It's the basis for your argument, What do you mean it doesn't matter? The Satanist, Eulogist, 5G, and Chemtrail stuff is gonna be harder to prove/disprove, but I feel like we're off to a good start here on page 300-something.
  6. He influences and is a major funder. Are you changing your answer or opinion of him?
  7. 10 pages now, at least, but you haven't addressed that percentage question. You slurped on Bernie for giving the "12-ish %" but we knew the answer. YOU SAY IT, 12%, and explain how an eighth "shareholder" runs the whole thing.
  8. What percentage of the WHO's budget comes from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation contributions? Tell us this number. Then tell us how a low teens percentage "owner" runs that business/foundation/government entity. And if you spew "he's #1, and your 'CONvid' stuff again" you are not trying very hard, nor thinking clearly, on how to convince us of this stuff.
  9. You have zero facts, and you claimed you have "no facts, just believe me." The easiest things to check with your stories are lies. No one is jumping from A to D, E, F part of your stories if A to B is complete fabricated bull ****.
  10. Mick, you missed the point of this exercise. Number 1,2, or 3 contributor doesn't matter. It's about 12%. You are the ignorant idiot that's not getting it. Bill's 12%, while nice, doesn't mean **** for 'controlling' the world, nor the WHO. Admit that. After that, the basis for your gibberish, we can destroy every bull **** theory you have.
  11. Cool, thank you Charlie. The flat hook hangers and flat metal sheet that connect the joint seemed interesting. The screw in lip I thought was cool too. Plug styles I thought a lot more common on the East Coast, and maybe SF Area. Interesting for me to find in the Delta. I’m glad I was there when these passed through... our non-fishermen wouldn’t have noticed them. I bet those plugs could tell some fun stories, back to a time when decent sized stripers were the norm in this area. We’re going back to that site in November, so I’m curious if any more will pass. thanks again - CH
  12. These pikies (well, 1.5 pikies) were pulled up recently through a cutter-suction dredge in California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. I assume they’re fairly old, mass produced plugs. Any idea on the company that made them or the history? We see a lot of newer plastics and metals coming through the fish screens (among other strange stuff), but these were pretty cool finds. The whole one is about 5.5 inches long. The last pic is of the head of the cutter-suction dredge that sucked these up. Surprised they didn’t get shredded, but I guess same could be said for other things, including fish and shrimp.
  13. I keep thinking that this train wreck might right itself from SOL support. Maybe hoping he’s like.... “woah, you guys are right, this is crazy of me, I’m gonna think this through, rationally.” But then it’s 3 pages of “everyone is stupid, you are ignorant. large fonts, underlining text, multicolor fonts, memes“, and him copying, pasting, and quoting his own drivel.
  14. Yep. Not chump change of course, but quite a leap for conspiracy folks to say "He [Gates] basically is/controls the W.H.O." Bill Gates' contributions to WHO are a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the money the U.S. Government has put into Operation Warp Speed. Again, the WHO and Gates are not the US's Operation Warp Speed, but you know that. Let's do some math to figure out percentages. Add those top 20 contributors' dollar amounts up. There's your denominator. Bill Gates Foundation contributions is the numerator. The number you get from that is about 0.12, or about 12%. As you know, that hardly makes him "run the WHO." It's impressive though, thanks Bill Gates for trying to make the world a better place, especially in impoverished countries! Oh, and Bill and Melinda vaccinated their children. From "...The false claim about Gates’ children circulated widely in 2018 following an article by the online publication YourNewsWire, which now goes by NewsPunch. Websites are now recirculating the YourNewsWire article suggesting to have inside information from Bill Gates’ supposed doctor. Sean Adl-Tabatabai, the editor-in-chief of the publication, told the AP in an email that YourNewsWire no longer stands by the story. “Our editorial standards have changed significantly since we moved to in late 2018,” he said. “The story was originally published on - the claims made in the article were copied from a blog elsewhere on the web. Since it came to light that the claims we had copied were unreliable and likely false, we removed the story from YourNewsWire and didn’t republish on our new site.” [my bold text emphasis added]
  15. Yet you continue, even though you said you're done here, or don't have time for this, for a few hundred pages. You spread blatant lies and internet rumors. When questioned, you say you "don't need facts, just trust me." You call people names if questioned, as preposterous theories should be. This started as a fun thing (I too love a good conspiracy), but now it's pathetic.