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  1. Another lie. Lol. Find a new shtick.
  2. Anything to add to conversation, or are you just cutting and pasting these stories into American websites to cause dissonance… as paid by your Russian and Chinese handlers?
  3. There’s a Korean Cultural Center in Abu Dhabi? For some reason that’s more interesting to me than the idea of this TV show.
  4. at least the Bungles kicker doinked from 57. Crosby had the shanks, but alas, will be allowed on the plane.
  5. This thread started out nice, but then that “crippled guy” should have been shot in the medulla oblongata.
  6. Yep. Has turned to garbage internet bickering. Not the classy internet bickering this site is known for.
  7. That jump…. from a shtton of eggs, larval fish, sub legal bass…… then big bass, isn’t adding up. There’s loss, and it’s not from the pumps.
  8. Push the goat(s) against a fence or cliff, not your fukn car.
  9. Man, they sure fight a lot. * srsly though, this one started out hotter than expected, but was fun to read late night west coast time and see it evolve (devolve?) into a somewhat coherent and respectable conversation.
  10. I bet he still has the yips.
  11. You ever see someone on here overestimate, or underestimate, the size of a great white? Tim made grids, then gave a real size and calmed people down. He’s smart like that with COVID too, but it’s taking more of his time.
  12. My wife tells me that Dog the Bounty Hunter has this one almost solved. Should I start getting my news from her or SOL?
  13. Lol I thought the op and people replying were joking. What a fun way to describe football and basketball, but Latin America’s game that is baseball is holy.
  14. Ridiculously overpriced. I think that actually convinces people a product is good sometimes. Mediocre at best.