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  1. There are not many Suzuki dealers around here. Is there a place that I can order any part for my motor online that will ship. I don’t know where to find that little filter that was mentioned. i am in SC, charleston area.
  2. I am still debugging the issue. Yesterday, I installed a new fuel pump. That did not fix the issue. Somehow, whatever i did whetherbit was playing with the fuel lines or installing the fuel pump and touching some of the smaller fuel lines, I made the problem worse. It was losing the prime now at any speed. We must have turned it on about 15 times after it died. The ball was just deflated, not sucked in. My plan for today is to connect a brand new fuel line and connectors to a brand new 3 gallon tank I have. That will let me know if it is inside the motor area or something with my current gas tank, bulb, pickup, connectors, water fuel separator, gas tank vent. I did did see that little white tiny filter in the fuel line, did not know what that was. There is a small cup fuel filter too that has a screen in it. I am hoping my local ma one place has the Suzuki connectors for the fuel line I need it I have to order and wait. Will keep you posted. It is no longer a full throttle issue which I don’t know if that is better or worse. thanks everyone!
  3. I purchased a 97 Carolina skiff j16 with a Suzuki dt40 that sat for a while and needed some work. I had a marine mechanic do a full service on motor including installing new fuel lines and bulb, new water fuel separator, new spark plus, rebuilt carb, new water pump, impeller, gaskets. the motor start right up and runs strong. New throttle and shift cables as well. Problem is that I took boat out and it died when I went full throttle for at least 15 sec. the primer bulb was not full after it died. I primed it back up and started right up. This happened twice. Fuel pump was not replaced but I did test that it is pumping. The one thing that was changed when carb was rebuilt is there is a screw on top which was replaced with a Yamaha screw because the Suzuki loosened up and came out and the yamaha screw made it idle better. Any idea why it dies at full speed or something I can test before I bring it back. One person told me that throttle could have been adjusted to go further than it should but I opened it up today and any adjustment I make to throttle control would be very minimal and the boat will still go as fast. thanks in advance.
  4. I am going to pass on the 12000F as drag is important as well, Price wise, you are high for me as I got a brand new 16000F at that price last time I asked for one in this forum. Thanks. Still looking for 16000F (prefer new but used in excellent 100% functional condition will work as well..)
  5. What does the spool line capacity say for the 12000F for me to compare. I have a 16000f that is working great for us. I am not sure how much smaller the 12000f is. Anyone know how it compares to a Shimano 6500b line capacity as well. I am kayaking baits out 200-300 yards so line capacity is important.
  6. Looking for another Shimano Thunnus 16000f older size or similar size baitrunner. Using to catch sharks. Thanks!
  7. Dave, First time logging in a while. I did not expect to see a post like this. So sorry to hear that your wife Cathy is sick. I will pray for her to get well and for you as well! I read through all of the pages of comments and such a great community here with excellent advice. Stay strong my friend. Sorry you are going through this and if you would like to talk to someone at anytime, give me a call. Charlie
  8. They are so tasty! I look forward to going to Sicily to eat them! They sell them by the case from he local fishing boats in Italy.
  9. I have never seen or owned this reel so I am going to purchase the new one at $200 with label and test drive it and see if I need a second one. May decide I may want a 1200 or even a larger bait runner. Please send me your address and I will send out payment tomorrow with label in same envelope. Thanks, Thread closed for now.
  10. I can send you a $200 check or money order and prepaid UPS label for the new one. It seems like you were willing to do $200 picked up at one point. The label will be just peal and stick on a box so very easy. I ship a lot with my business. If I pay for the shipping, what is lowest you can go on the used one? I have been looking around on sites and 155 is high for me, I do not need line as I am going to be loading these with 100lb braid. Thanks for considering.
  11. I like both but looking at my funds. May need to make an offer on both. Is there anything you are looking for in terms of plugs, rods? Checking my funds, will get back to you soon.
  12. Interested in seeing both. Does new one come with one or two spools?
  13. Used but 100 percent working condition.
  14. Thanks for info, I am going to see if I can get an old style Thunnus 16000 and see if that works.
  15. Anyone have one of these bait runner reels. I am looking for older style. Thanks.