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  1. Yes, my son is very excited about it. We can get it replaced. I will send you a private message. Thanks so much!
  2. Located in Edison. I think this rod will work for us. Do you have a picture of the rod? How are the guides. Any issues?
  3. Sounds interesting. Is this spinning? Have a pic and price? Where are you located. How many pieces?
  4. I own a 9’ breakaway all star LDFS90m which has treated me well through many years. I know they are well made. I am looking for the length as I do want 10-11ft. The 9’6” would work well in many spots but the extra length will help where I am fishing. My son likes the 1208 and he is the one who is looking for something very similar.
  5. Budget depends on the rod but about $200. Location is Central NJ or maybe shipped depending on rod and if seller willing to ship.
  6. Looking for a 10 foot rod like the breakaway 1208 surf rod this will be paired with a daiwa bg8000. looking to cast 6oz and bait.
  7. I picked up AFW Surfline 90lb test 1000ft. How would you attach this line to 65lb mono? I am going to put it on the penn senator I picked up. thanks in advance
  8. I picked up a 6/0 senator that came with a penn roller rod that will allow me to do wire if I wish. The reel is massive. Never had anything like that. I am sure we will also use it from the boat when we go to the reefs if there are big fish around. For my very specific purpose, I would like to line that rod with copper coated wire since my cast is only a lob to the channel. I have never used a wire line for a bigger length. It comes in 300, 600, or 1000 feet. The problem is the rod is only 6ft so I don't have a lot of height from the surf. I am thinking if this line would work as it is meant for trolling and is only 45 pound test which may be a concern? I am looking at this... Blood Run Tackle Super Copper Trolling Wire Any opinions. Main concern is that eventhough it is wire it is rated to only 45lbs. May not be the right coated wire I am looking at.
  9. Closing this thread. I picked up a 6/0 Senator reel last night.
  10. Looking for a 6/0 reel (Penn Senator 6/0 with tiburon frame, Daiwa sealine 6/0, etc.) that may help me bring some big fish over a ledge in a channel. See my prior post for what I am looking for. I want to rig it with something stronger than mono. Thanks in advance. This will go on a 12 foot st croix mojo heavy rod. Thanks If I go with wire, I may need a special rod, I assume. This isn't our normal fishing but I really want to see what we have been fighting for hours if we can get them in. The 65lb braid with 200lb mono leader not working here for these fish. Special situation, need your help. Don't want to break the bank which is why I am looking old school reels.
  11. I am not a big conventional fisherman but I do own a 12 foot Mojo Conventional Rod that I purchased at one time for sharks off the beach. Regarding these monsters we were losing... we were not suing steel leaders, they are in a channel at night and they were making drag screaming runs for a lot of the fight and did not break the water surface. Maybe cobia, maybe giant reds, some fish that decided it is lost and wanted to check out an inlet/channel. Not sure yet. We do not think it was a shark or a ray because we had no steel leader and catch a lot of rays to 50lbs or so often when shark fishing. I am in the Charleston, SC area to give you some ideas of the fishery. We caught 40 inch reds all weekend but this was much bigger and way stronger. I really appreciate this advice. I think I am going to go with an old school big conventional reel and the coated cable may be a possibility. Never even heard of that option. Mono would eventually get cut. The ledge is either breaking or hanging the sinker terminal tackle. I wish I knew what this ledge looks like. It would be hard to get the fish over even with a high speed because I am pretty sure the strong current is putting us on the near side of the ledge. This is a new spot for us and holds some monsters at night right now. I may put up a BST post to see if someone may have a reel similar to what was mentioned. The Ebay one is not a buy it now so it will take a week or so. I am going to do some research as well on how to line this reel and see what you recommend. This is something new but may show us what these fish are if I can figure it out soon. Anymore advice greatly appreciated.
  12. Thanks for all of these replies. I have a couple ideas and there is a 6/0 senator tiburon frame on eBay right now. the cast is only 30 ft or so depending on tide. how would I rig a senator 6/0 to bring a fish out of the channel onto a ledge that is 20-30ft? Can’t use braid. we could go by boat and avoid all this but everyone knows that boat fish don’t count.
  13. What conventional reel would work to get large fish 40-100lbs out of a close channel that has about a 20-30 foot ledge. I am thinking something old school that holds 200lb mono and maybe a stronger leader. Braid does not work in this location as it pops on the ledge. Currents are also strong. We want to get these monsters over that ledge but they laugh at us even after long fights. I am also trying to not break the bank as this is not our primary type of fishing. I would use the same reel for monster sharks from the beach if I kayak out the baits. Thanks in advance.
  14. There are not many Suzuki dealers around here. Is there a place that I can order any part for my motor online that will ship. I don’t know where to find that little filter that was mentioned. i am in SC, charleston area.
  15. I am still debugging the issue. Yesterday, I installed a new fuel pump. That did not fix the issue. Somehow, whatever i did whetherbit was playing with the fuel lines or installing the fuel pump and touching some of the smaller fuel lines, I made the problem worse. It was losing the prime now at any speed. We must have turned it on about 15 times after it died. The ball was just deflated, not sucked in. My plan for today is to connect a brand new fuel line and connectors to a brand new 3 gallon tank I have. That will let me know if it is inside the motor area or something with my current gas tank, bulb, pickup, connectors, water fuel separator, gas tank vent. I did did see that little white tiny filter in the fuel line, did not know what that was. There is a small cup fuel filter too that has a screen in it. I am hoping my local ma one place has the Suzuki connectors for the fuel line I need it I have to order and wait. Will keep you posted. It is no longer a full throttle issue which I don’t know if that is better or worse. thanks everyone!