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  1. for the night-shift, I would say black bomber for the day-shift, I still don't know the correct answer yet
  2. Don't want to hijack the discussion, if this is a separate topic please (admin/s) move it to a new thread. Even with belt and pfd, is it possible to stay on the surface with Neoprene waders ?(single piece with boats). I'm just speculating, unless you climb back to your kayak (assuming SOT) in a short time, that belt will let the water go inside the waders, and suddenly you will be above 400lbs, and it would be virtually impossible to climb the kayak . opinions?
  3. Can you post length and weight info? thanks DS
  4. I will test 'em for sure They are the most valuable books in my bookshelf these days and I want to keep them but if you give me 4 weeks to them and educate myself , then you can drive up to Lyndhurst and have them for the next 4 weeks and bring them back to their father .
  5. builders : top dingbat, second & third rockfish I have no idea how to use 'em daytime/nighttime ? slow/med/fast/variable retrieve ? any input would be nice thanks DS
  6. I received the books #1,2,4,5,6 today. They are practically brand new. Thanks Chunk, thanks SOL now, its time to learn
  7. today , I received this fantastic batch thanks letsgomets, thanks SOL
  8. I'll take the rest provided that paypal ok + combined shipping to NNJ, i.e $1.5 for the lot thanks
  9. payment sent, thanks 612fisherman, thanks SOL
  10. payment sent, thanks letsgomets thanks SOL
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