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  1. SA Titan, Wulff BTT for me.... staying away from Rio due to their running lines turning into spaghetti (though have not tried the newer ones). Hardly use floaters though, mostly clear sink tips.
  2. All you need is a video showing the ins & outs of catching the wily sea robin. Pretty easy to get a world record too...
  3. I must say this is the best thread on SOL...
  4. Great stuff across the board. Very, very under appreciated reels. I have several CRGIIs that I continually dunked wading in the Sound, I would just wash them off & take spool off & wipe exterior & with a light coat of oil. No Torrent's for me but now have 3 Terrapins... The Tradewinds XS rods are super nice for the $ as well. My only recommendation is to have a tad larger stripper guide. Great customer service - just call & you get to speak to the Big Kahuna himself.
  5. Yep Dave's Flex cement it is...
  6. Has always been my best pattern - just catches fish.
  7. This is correct ... of course there is always a price to pay for your actions, both for POTUS and a Governor/ State.
  8. Please -- covid came out of their level 4 lab.
  9. Have to agree it will some show! Wonder if Biden will pick a pole dancer for VP...
  10. Better yet - go serve in the Army & get shot at.
  11. I tend to lose them right at the lip on the beach. They have beautiful colors most often ...
  12. Nice one there.... I always have problems landing them.
  13. aneary -- aren't the beaches closed up by you? Missing fishing the beach down here...
  14. Ditto on Colton...
  15. glad to hear - considering how bad this winter has been.