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  1. I just use medical tape on my finger -- leftover from my spinning days & 30lb braid. Airflos, wulff & Cortlands I have found to have nice running lines (unlike Rio).
  2. Thanks BC -- very nice. Hope all is well. MG
  3. ECHO 3S Ti is also very nice stick that handles multiples lines well. Great warranty & the square rod tube let's you put 2 rods in if you are careful. Nice price too.
  4. Hoping for a speedy recovery fo you BFD, no photos for me since I usually fish alone & don't carry a camera. In any case, you are still in our prayers every morning & I have always loved to read your stories. I'm sure we will all be reading some new one in your next chapter! All the best...
  5. Recon (around 450) is considerably more expensive than the BVK (around 279) ... Check out the new TFO AXIOM II though in around 350. The Echo 3S Ti is super nice as well at around 400.
  6. and those bass are 16" fish to boot...
  7. Triple surgeon's for a loop, J-Knot for joining leader sections. Never had a knot problem since I went to these knots. Mostly throw a clear sink tip so I use a short 20# to 30# 6-8 foot section of fluoro.
  8. or you can use a sink tip (clear) & then just add 4-5 ft of 20# fluoro. if blues are around you will need to move up from 20#.
  9. Agree on cormorants in FW.... they will wipe out all the smaller fish in a pond. Invasive species geez... there are so many. Just google invasive species FL and you will be amazed at the number. Some good (like Peacocks & the cichlids) but mostly not so good. Of course as usual, man is the source of the problem.
  10. Agreed - those were the lightest, could hold a bunch of flies & cheap as well. Bummer you can't find them anymore. I have 3 & wished I had bought a few more. Surprised no one else picked them up.
  11. Thanks S&S -- I'll try that later this week.
  12. Ditto for me -- tab eyes work great. pick your glue on back + a covering of solarez flexible (green tube) around it. I then swab the solarez (after uv lighting) with alcohol to get rid of any tackiness.
  13. Super nice smallies for sure!!! Have to love how hard they fight.... I usually go with a 6wt (TFO TICr or TICRx which I would catagorize as streamer rods) due to the 4 -1/0 streamers I throw.
  14. For the salt you can also try doing some EP style baitfish.... I use Congo Hair from FTD which is like super cheap vs, EP. Pretty easy use to do a few, except to make sure you don't use too much, which of course everyone does when they start. You Tube has a million videos on tying ... Craig Smothers & Jesse Males have some good ones.
  15. Man that was ugly.... defense, timely hitting, bull pen, base running you name it. Tough to consistently score runs if 5 guys in the lineup K close to 30% of the time.... unless of course they each hit 60HRs.