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  1. The announcers for the Sun station for the Rays are a joke.... absolutely horrible!!
  2. Yep - that's been the case since he came up... strikes at his ankles.
  3. I think it's patina... or better pia
  4. Oh man -- so sad & terrible news. BFD has always been so kind in sharing his knowledge and advice to so many. I will keep him & his family in our prayers and I'm still wishing & hoping for a better outcome.
  5. Yeah -- about the only 60 for Hicks is days on the DL (IL) every year.
  6. The way this state is going ... sea robins will be the only game in town from shore.
  7. Not just us but our wives & kids too....
  8. I was working across the street the Equitable Building... heard the 1st plane & saw the 2nd plane go in the building. I will never forget that day & any one who mocks that tragedy should be deported.
  9. Who knows what will happen.... Can't blame the owners for giving out long term big $ contracts for aging stars, specially with the injury factor thrown in. Is it me of are the injuries this on the high side? Not every team can swallow a few big "mistakes" & keep on rolling, hence it's a limited market for those players to begin with.
  10. Well MLB does own Rawlings.... and they are trying to compete with the NFL & NBA with the "excitement" factor. One additional point besides those listed above, & since every team has 5-6 pitchers that throw 96+ batters are more used to those speeds than a few years back.
  11. If Chelsea had been in that embassy there would have been an invasion to save her tush. Of course you really think a video caused the whole thing right? Talk about outright lies.
  12. prayers & best wishes to BFD... Super nice person for sure..
  13. That is what Boone does is sit guys down according to "his" plan no matter what. That was plain idiotic to sit those 5 down for the same game against TB. I also question his feel for pitchers.
  14. Yep -- sounds like everyone will be asking for the $25k + ...