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  1. Well he'll only be on the field 1/2 of the 7 (;-). And they have a ton of trouble with change ups low in the zone.
  2. Well he'll only be on the field 1/2 of the 7 (;-).
  3. Pretty much any beach Juno & North you can park for free & walk in to the beach along the road where there are spots.
  4. Yep -- that's why getting Betances back 100 is critical.
  5. Well from someone inside the Yanks front office -- Cashman sometimes falls in LOVE with a player despite what everyone else around him says (remember Chase Headly).
  6. Get a 7 & an 8.... Don't always have to spend 800 on a rod -- Orvis Recon, T&T Zone or even a Echo 3S Ti will do fine.
  7. May have to use less - so it's almost transparent (or partially see thru). Issue I sometimes have with Congo hair is using too much.
  8. Totally agree Hook....
  9. Well he does have a knack for always getting hurt. He's only had 1 year with more than 400 AB. I was surprised at the length of the deal (7yrs) they offered him not so much the $/ yr.
  10. Yea I know - that's another reason I didn't like them getting Stanton. Locked in to a huge $ contract with serious holes in his game.
  11. Yep -- without Sev most of these guys aren't usually going past 6 (except for Paxton). Perhaps with Betances back to strengthen the pen they'll give it a try,
  12. I was thinking the same a few days ago when I said I was hoping they would trade his 200ks.
  13. Outstanding.... great fish!
  14. Nice Tomkaz... be back in July for good.