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  1. house or townhouse? If townhouse you may want to see what's in Vacation Rental By Owner... PGA too far west? Lost of condos here due to size for rentals ..... I could ask my neighbor ....
  2. Ok Hook -- Cuban Anchovey fly ??? Pix please...
  3. SF - nice clouser pattern -- I must have caught 95% of my fly caught fish on clousers & clouser variations. Depending on water depth I often use bead chains myself vs. lead eyes.
  4. So does anybody from the DEP show up at any spot to check licenses & such? In all my years (SW CT for many years & Juno Beach area now) I never saw anyone check for a license. Down here people walking the beach ask me for any fish I catch & throw back. I mean they will bring home anything with fins regardless of season & size. I always say no. Yet everybody complains that the fishing is nothing like it used to be. I guess it does not dawn on them that over harvesting (& breaking the laws) by commercial & recreational anglers has no consequence. I am now totally convinced that this country's IQ has dropped 10 fold & replaced by selfishness.
  5. Will we get 600 ABs between Judge, Hicks & Stanton ?
  6. PBS & NPR are notoriously liberal......
  7. sure -- outsource them to China or India .... wouldn't that be perfect.
  8. must be COVID... oh no... I know. The crappy umps are Trump's fault !!! or maybe the umps are just Russian disinformation.... maybe they were trained in the Wuhan Lab? or most of them just suck which is nothing new & what I have seen pretty consistently over my life.
  9. Nice.... that was quick.. Best of luck with it! Just be smart come hurricane season.
  10. Man this is almost as bad as the NBA.
  11. nice zcoker... how far you out in the glades? Met you at the meet up - I'm in Palm Beach Gardens.
  12. Maybe as a community service, the churches & schools & CNN can show that old Chris Rock video on what not to do if you are black & are being stopped by an officer.... Easy to criticize people if you have never done the job. Also, let's be honest, not everyone that applies to be a LEO should be a LEO for various reasons. My wife was in special ed for years & she watched a lot of the Chauvin trial & came away thinking he may have aspergers. Who knows, but no doubt he went too far.
  13. In this day & age they still get a trophy....