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  1. SAGE Payload --- great streamer stick. You can use Titan or OBS or anything similar with around a 250-275 grain head. Pickups line great - (intermediate/ sink tips) one false cast & gone. Sometimes - depending on how much line is out- no false cast & gone. Around $650....
  2. Agree with flyangler -- big drop-off the last 2 years from Hobe Sound to Boynton Beach area - based on personal experience. West coast better for fly fishing vs. east coast due to wind/ surf.
  3. Reds say yes....
  4. clousers...u can never have enough of them.
  5. Nice - one thing about Chicone... he figures out as many steps possible to tie a fly!
  6. Very nice.... love clousers of all types.
  7. Easier said than done - nice job!
  8. hey the list is much longer... you need to add another page or etc., etc.... BTW no mention from Faucci or the WH idiots that we have more deaths from fentanyl than COVID. Of course we can't go after China or heaven forbid control OUR border to at least try to slow down the flood of crime & drugs entering our country. Joke of a President & his entire team, re-tread losers from Obama & HC. He makes Carter look like an all star.
  9. Her resignation will never happen....
  10. Joe has no plan for anything - his admin is totally reactive. The Taliban was taking over territory in Afghan for months in violation of the treaty with his admin doing squat until his epiphany to pull out with no plans. Similarly, Putin was moving personnel & equipment to the Ukranian border for months as well. Nothing was done about that as well. Shutting down Keystone & approving Nordstream 2 were critical unnecessary mistakes by him. Just remember these two little diddies about our inept President: "Never underestimate Joe's ability to f_ck things up" - Obama "Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades." - William Gates
  11. nothing to explain really ... one is senile & the other went over the edge. Neither's brain works right anymore.
  12. Some thoughts on his babbling: Another Bo reference... geez we know already Joe. I have to admit most Presidents twist the truth & have lied a bit but he just lies about anything that could be proven a lie in less than 3 minutes on google. Of course he never actually says how he will fix anything. Like immigration reform - his idea is to let anyone in. He actually sounded like he was quoting Trump in "Make America Great Again... " Spending more to bring inflation down & increasing the deficit at an even faster rate... what school did he go to? Now he wants to fund the police? Now it's safe to not wear a mask? Nothing really about crime.... Nothing really about reducing gas prices... Voter reform ... see my comment on immigration reform ... let everyone vote. Why not sanction all the Russian banks & not just some? Why not sanction Russian oil/ nat gas firms? Only 1% of the country benefited fro Trump's tax reductions... really? Several studies estimate that it's more like 80% or more. uggh.....
  13. Unfortunately I will miss this year's meet up - a last minute change of plans & we have to run up to SC to help with grand kids. Have fun - Manny
  14. Personally, I think that commercial fishing should very restricted & controlled. It's not just Stripers guys - & it's not just the NE. I see the problems down here in FL as well. Between that crap we are doing to the environment & fish kills the fish don't stand a chance.
  15. Peacocks love the warm weather - doubtful you will catch any now. Much better in warmer months.