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  1. Open seat____ ummm pick any socialist or communist. The new Dem Party - Chairman Mao & Uncle Fidel would be proud.
  2. Again common sense left the station... You do need to monitors the banks & wall st. firms otherwise they will rob us blind, that's been proven over the years. Unfortunately, there is no middle ground with either extreme.
  3. throw in Talib (woman Muslim) & tiny part American Native woman along with AOC & Booker... just great. Looking at minimum 60% tax rates down the road for anyone not on welfare.
  4. Ditto -- great pitcher & person.
  5. Tuitions began to really increase after the '76 laws disallowing discharging student loans.It gave colleges & banks the green light to partner in raping students. Politicians are (mostly) just richer used car salesmen/ women, whose main interest in them. They could have fixed a slew of issues the last 25 years but mostly failed to fix anything. The SOP is to kick the can down the road.
  6. Well there are plenty of hitters who did great for 3 months..... All I'm saying is that besides those 3 months (or so) there is not much in his minor league numbers to expect anything to write home about.
  7. Understood on all points - I just don't see it based on his minor league numbers + what he has done on the field in the majors. They do need more lefty hitter(s) with some pop to balance the lineup. Just my opinion of course.
  8. That is not the only reasons - here's a few more Student debt is a huge problem - courtesy of the '76 tax reform bill making it non-dischargeable. Odds of getting laid off in the private sector skyrocketing Cost of living increases - regardless of what the Bureau of Lies & Deceit publishes
  9. Because they are not... long term strategy to get more Dem voters specifically of Latino, SA heritage since they are growing in population %.
  10. Bird... oh man. I really don't know why they are in love with him. His minor league stats are nothing to write home about either. OBA of .302, OPS of .736 Really? Tired of this dude big time. They do need a lefty bat or two & another bull pen guy, unless Kahnle is back to where he was prior to injury.
  11. A little common sense come in handy... nothing is absolute. A wall/ barrier will not stop 100% of illegal crossing, but it will stop a large % of them. No wall/ barrier will stop 0 % & we would be totally dependent on border patrol agents, drones & cameras. Of course, those are all future Democratic voters (;-)....
  12. How about new year new taxes?
  13. Still love Fireline 14 or 20 ... wished they were cheaper. Have used Tuffline XP, PP, Sufix 832 & some others. Have a spool of JBraid that I haven't pooled on yet. I can't tell much difference between the braids in all the years I have fished. Fireline yes as it's not as limp. Most of my issues were with uni knots or if I if did get a wind knot it was on me for not checking the line lay/ spool face prior to casting.
  14. Of course, it's not just the factory floor. Software has drastically reduced all office workers, like accountants, accounting managers, etc. Less lower staff, less middle managers, etc.
  15. Agree with you on that... That's one big issue with our govts (fed & local)... they choose what laws to enforce & which to ignore. Drives me nuts.