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  1. I'm sure parking a party boat over a school day after day has no effect......
  2. Anyone had any luck during the day? We were down south yesterday (sans fishing gear)...and saw either hickory shad or poagies getting crushed about 10 feet off the beach. Also saw the same at the mouth of the bay from shore within striking distance....
  3. I've yet to find a real good deal. You can get the same process every day if you look hard enough online. Seems more of am advertising gig than anything nowadays
  4. Pm'Pm'd you
  5. Just got kicked off a tower in the Richmond area also in the westerly area near a certain restaurant. Osprey.
  6. EVERYONE SUCKS........including animal! just figured id pop in and say hi boys;)
  7. a certain town dock is absolutely teeeeeeming with these critters. watched them crushing rain bait in the light for about four hours, then the bass showed up. bass would not touch a thing we threw at them. also made the trip down to galilee just in time for francis fleets maiden squid voyage to come back.........30 people fishing....... 7 .........squid caught.......***
  8. Wait a minute here......
  9. We all know Chuck isn't really human. And as far as swimming the canal I've thought about rapelling off the sagamore or the Bourne and jigging lol. Is drift myself out of the mouth but I'm scared Mr. White will think I'm a seal lol
  10. I really can't remember. I know linesider69 outcasted me though but it wasn't by a whole lot. Either way if it was 140 that's 420 feet. 180 more and I'm across the ditch!
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong......isn't the canal 600 and change ft. Wide? I'm pretty sure I've hit 127 YDS w 65# and a three oz weight at colt. I've since learned the flex point of my rod and switched to 40#. Last time I was at the canal I was casting more than halfway across just about on every cast. Either way I was talking feet
  12. Ughhh..... Night dives give me the creeps. Used to run a drift dive on the incoming in front of monahans. Huge rock pile and a canyon out there. Tried it once at night....was in the water for 15 seconds and chickened out.
  13. It pisses me off a little if a spear guy shows up and sets up shop within casting distance of the shoreline. Most people I know and fish with only cast about 140-180 on the high side. So if you show up and start fishing inside 200 ft of shoreline wear a helmet
  14. Heck, I even usually tell something in the vicinity of the truth.:Dtoo funny
  15. Fortunately for you, boat traffic by law must give way to a diver down flag, that being said however if your diving in a high traffic area, I hope you don't for safety reasons let alone common courtesy, you're at the will of the boater. Keep in mind not every boater, (weekend warriors) know the rules. If it were me, I'd find a very secluded place to do it, and keep my flag tight. Almost direct overhead. As far as shoreline fishermen? Find a bunch of bait on the bottom guys. They shouldn't be able to hit ya