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  1. *
  2. Whos tooting whos horn now???
  3. Unless you are a southampton resident,you need to be accompanied by a licensed guude to fish southamptons freshwater ponds.
  4. Land or by boat. Plenty of little gems to keep you busy. Alot of guys get detered because they tend to get very weedy. Long island is split up into 2 counties,nassau & suffolk nassau no boats allowed so u are restricted to shore access only. Southampton waters are not permited unless accompanied by a guide. & thats just throwing $$ away IMO. Feel free to send me a pm. Ill share what I can
  5. I'll get you better pictures with exact measurements.
  6. Central long island. I will meet up. I work on the east end.
  7. Please do not cross post like this. Jigman
  8. I have 24pcs 1 3/4 ayc balasters. clear white cedar(rough cut) & red cedar. Both are true 2" for larger plugs. Long island pick up only. $125 takes all.
  9. **** this overcrowded dirty ass island. People are such freaking slobs here. Every year gets worst & worst.
  10. Probably the plovers fault....
  11. Ive seen them for @ least 3 weeks now on the east end..
  12. Its probably been 15yrs since I seen 4 stacks blowing smoke. Your lucky if you see 2 this day & age..
  13. One night @ a popular jetty,there was a group of "illegals",constantly tangling was after midnight,I walkex up on the jetty & said out load "Time to go home".... Then 1 of the illegals said back,"No,You go home"..I said I am home you F@#& & you are not,now get the f%#@ outta here you illegal..They left soon after.. They have completely ruined everything that involves our beaches.. I am gratefull they will never figure out Freshwater bass fishing.
  14. Patchogue location is still open..just minutes from Lowes