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  1. Thanks for the offer but I'm holding at asking price.
  2. I'm not to familiar with any builders in the area I have heard alot about PCrods in Milton
  3. It's the IC90H , I live in Millsboro and work in Lewes would you rather pickup?
  4. Sent PM Total shipped will be $247.50
  5. Total shipped will be $110
  6. Sorry none of these would comfortably do that.
  7. It's got backbone to toss bait and up to 7 oz or have throw mid size wood plugs and metals.
  8. I don't have ratings for the blank but it's right in line with your description it is matte black I will check shipping this evening.
  9. Blanks are old stock and in mint shape pickup preferred in Millsboro, DE but additional shipping available . Lamiglas CSB 1202m 10ft 2pc. $180 Lamiglas CSB1142m 9'6ft 2pc $175 Lamiglas XRA 1383-2 11'6ft 2pc $220 Lamiglas BSB 1363m2 11'6ft 2pc. $200 Lamiglas 1502xh 12'6ft 2pc $125 Lamiglas Inshore classic 7'6ft 1pc. $120 Allstar csws65L 6'6ft 1pc. $80 Calstar GF700XL 7ft 1pc $140 Rainshadow SU1418 11'9ft 2pc. $220 Rainshadow SUR1385 11'6ft 2pc $240
  10. There's a old blank catalog description of that blank #.
  11. Very happy with the 400DD I surf and wade fish and don't take care of my gear other than spray down after some trips never a issue after few years.
  12. Any interest in this hilts mold?
  13. I have this model it throws 4-6oz and bait just fine.