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  1. www.facebook.com/fishnfab
  2. Got this 20" flounder face mask to protect me another day
  3. Nice truck! I'm changing up racks and will have this available with mounts.
  4. What do you offer?
  5. sold. Going to close this up. Thanks SOL
  6. It's a light gray with clear coat so not sure it is stands for "Finished". Sorry don't have much info on it.
  7. Arra sold the gsb is available let me know.
  8. Maybe catch you one trip
  9. Sounds good send me a pm and we'll figure out details.
  10. Yes it is the translucent brown color. Sorry can't go any lower it's about impossible to find them in this condition.
  11. From what I recall there inshore trout/redfish blanks. Can't find there specs anymore and searching Google is getting harder and harder. I can get tip and butt specs or can check them out if your local.
  12. Surf, Bar & Bait Blank - 9'6" 1pc 12-25 lb - 1-4oz GSB1147F
  13. Thanks and for your original post can ship in a few weeks if still available.