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  1. Sadly the OP is right. How else do you explain a travesty like Murphy. Thanks, to all the public sector teet suckin handicapables. It wasn't potheads. It wasn't minorities. It was teachers, cops, and other assorted union worshipping troglodytes.
  2. Nice
  3. Power down the phone. Then put it in a drawer and get an android.
  4. It's cultural and what you failed to pick up on is you can throw elbows at em, cut in line, hip check, they don't care. Too bad you're a wimp.
  5. It's not very hard. Start a VS vs ZB thread.
  6. CnR is insane lol
  7. Does anyone actually believe that fox is less of a propaganda pusher than the others?
  8. HA I lied. Mine only has 286,755 on it.
  9. Sorry for your loss Frank, that's gotta really suck. Guys how about maybe lay off a bit. I think we're all entitled to a bad night of posting after such a loss without getting ****piled for 100 pages.
  10. My jeep has 287,000 miles. Checkmate.
  11. Your bike doesn't even have disc brakes. My jeep is better than yours too.
  12. CnR is insane lol
  13. Asians can be very piggish and aggressive when it comes to food. It's their 2nd worst trait behind bad driving and just ahead of that weird garlic smell they emit. Otherwise very pleasant to be around though.
  14. Rug Monkey is my band's name