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  1. Pejorative? That's pretty homophobic.
  2. wow they suck lol
  3. PS3 helped end my marriage. Now I watch hulu on it. 11 years of faithful service and still going.
  4. I thought it was cross platform, it aint.
  5. Not unanimously. Mo will be the only one ever. He deserves to stand out among the others in the HoF. Jeter was a fine player but nowhere the dominant force Rivera was, the voting should reflect it. Huge honor for Rivera. Enormous.
  6. You shoulda got destiny 2, then we coulda killed ****.
  7. I dont think he will.
  8. Stolen valor too lol. Caricatures.
  9. Is the OP gay or just another self hating white cisgender beta pajama soy boy?
  10. The projection part cannot be emphasized enough. Downright evil.
  11. I think we've all seen what taunting looks like and even in the dishonestly presented cut of the video it was clear that, at minimum, the kid had more of a defensive posture whereas the rock worshipper looked aggressive, at least to me, from the weird rear angle where the video was taken. I didnt even need to know it was coming from a biased moral-less source to see that the whole story wasnt being reported. You'd hafta have a pretty slanted mindset to have fallen for this.
  12. That white kid was exhibiting toxic masculinity by standing his ground. Didnt anyone inform him of the new hierarchy in America?
  13. What we are learning here is that the democrats are the real party of hate. From race pimping during their kkk glory years to turning 180 against white people today. They simply cant survive without hate; disguised as progress!
  14. Haha look at all the fools who took the frozen bunker lol. If you fell for this story, do America a favor and never vote again.