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  1. This idiot
  2. You torture your loved ones
  3. hussein
  4. Last time we went to FL these joggers were threatening a rental car clerk for not getting their fat load of a mother a wheelchair. They somehow wandered there from the gate and the sow lost her steam lol
  5. Usually not, unless someone's ass is on the line, provided they're white
  6. Subhuman garbage
  7. Of course. But that eats gas
  8. It's got low end aleady. What you need are a couple turbos
  9. That's too much truck for you
  10. NEVER
  11. It is nice to finally see a liberal admit to wanting to see America fail.
  12. This job is the least taxing I've had in 20 years so i doubt it.
  13. Not vaxxed been working the entire time including going into 50+ homes per week and ive only had symptoms this last few weeks.
  14. My taste seems to toggle between 80 and 90 percent and i feel run down if I'm not well rested still.
  15. wow gross