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  1. No, Im Italian (half), the other half is a mixed mess
  2. I got reported in the main for calling Italians animals lol.
  3. He knows it's crap. What he also knows is it's great to say to piss off those gorilla eyetalians.
  4. I know a few peeps that get ultra weird and super paranoid from herb. Like scary weird. It definitely exacerbates existing mental conditons in some people. Youll never get an honest review, between the dopes who think it cures cancer and the war-on-drugs morons, forget it.
  5. It's greatly exagerated in the movie, which is ok, because movie. In a joking context it's all fun n games, but you got a lot of dummies who think Dennis Hopper taught them actual history. And that's sad.
  6. So it appears the basis for the troll thread has a shred of validity. Doesnt mean the troll thread wasnt a troll thread. Tim is very correct in saying fnm has no interest in anything but trolling. Fnm himself has said the same. It was his very purpose in joining the site, from day 1. How Tim handles the trolling is a separate conversation because he's not the only one, though his history counts for something as no one else had that in common. You can track Tim's intolerance of the trolling to the time fnm lost his sense of humor and starting saying really scummy things to people, which is not something everyone who trolls, does. I troll. A lot. But I also get along with everyone in there. Tact and respect matter.
  7. Youre ruining the scene from True Romance, that people think is historically accurate.
  8. Hey mom, dad's dead, let's go watch some porn. Tell me again how liberalism isnt a mental disease.
  9. I still use one. It was my grandad's. Made in Japan. When's the last time you saw that.
  10. Do bipolar people say like a ton of sentences real fast in one breath? I was giving the doctor a brief history and she asked me if i was bipolar. It cracked me up. Then made me mad.
  11. My day job mon to fri will be full time. im looking for something brainless, low stress, like a delivery guy or something. They pay armed guards like 12 an hour lol. Imagine risking being shot at for 300 a week.
  12. I intend to stay part time unless the money gets really good which is pretty likely around here. Or I may decide I hate it and quit after a week.
  13. Y and I were kickin it to those ugly married broads last time. He's nuts.
  14. For my sales license. I wanted to get it so I can buy a house without an agent, but the recruiter put me in a really busy, corporate owned bergen co. office so ima give it an honest go, part time though.
  15. He LPEd in the outpost a while ago. The whole thread got nuked. It was weird.