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  1. Flask is ur friend
  2. It's up his ass, hair lol.
  3. Opening day trout might send him over the edge.
  4. Puberty was my fat camp. And I got revenge on everyone who ****ed with me. Either in the form of a verbal or physical ass whoopin.
  5. Calling it now. Rag$ make the playoffs.
  6. This place whiter than Utah.
  7. The schoolyard was a meat grinder by 3rd grade. I was a fat kid so I got effed with a lot by the older kids.
  8. I told him to read the 4th amendment. It came across kinda dickish but I really didn't mean for it to. His response was so aggressively long island and I wasn't in the best place that it escalated. I always liked and respected skidd so that was unfortunate.
  9. You mean 2029, no?
  10. Looks like a push from where im standing.
  11. Can't imagine having to choose between being under the thumb of either Putin or the globalist chitbag EU. At least Putin won't flood you with "refugees".
  12. Not One Micron