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  1. Very simple, don't read it or delete it if you don't like it. Otherwise I'll talk about whatever the **** I want.
  2. Buddy was hospitalized from his first shot immediately upon getting it. Dr said no more for you. His job disagreed demanded a booster. These are the kinda of sycophants this thread is about.
  3. If they survive they're gonna think your mom and not wanna leave
  4. Spoke with a recruiter during the week, companies are dropping their vax requirements due to lack of jabbed workers. I'm personally still seeing it as a requirement which at this point is just pushing your beliefs on others.
  5. Don't suffocate em with the syringe, avoid the windpipe
  6. Self checkout is the best thing ever but you must follow the rules or it's a huge hassle. Scan, bagging area, scan, bagging area with no deviation until you're done scanning.
  7. Not since I was about six but I know dudes who watched it well into our twenties
  8. I liked it better before I knew that.
  9. Much like 9/11, it changed everything. Are we better or worse for all that's happened? I can't think of one thing that's better and could prolly go on for days about what's worse.
  10. Around here they're all packed all the time. Never less than 5 cars at Wendy's. Chick-fil-A runs a double lane drive through with youngins and their tablets. Never seen such fast service in my life. Cars hit the window and don't wait a second no matter how many. And they got Polynesian sauce
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