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  1. We are the envy of the world, anyone who says anything else is lying or hasnt left their basement since childhood.
  2. Micro Center That is all
  3. I dont know. Killer mike made some good points. Rapin dave has a similar view but more rapey. I'll wait to see what murdering steve has to say.
  4. Canada lol
  5. hussein
  6. If youre over 15 youre unfit for snapchat
  7. If you cant find good cajun sausages you might try a chorizo. Ive used it in jambalaya and and not bad.
  8. You crumb creep
  9. Now that's far more offensive than anything kaepernick's done
  10. That's on the NFL for treating criminals like saints. The viewing public doesnt have the same stomach for disrespecting our anthem. We look the other way on a lot of crap because we like sports but at some point a line will get drawn at what's appropriate and that's what happened. You wanna blame racism, i blame decency. Not you personally.
  11. Kaepernick, because he's a really stupid person who doesnt know any better, chose one of the worst possible platforms to push ideas that are infested with dishonesty and division and ignorance, he coulda made a youtube channel for that garbage. Breese is simply not going along with the dumb angry mob and now he's a hate criminal. This is why things will never change.
  12. And helped make a really stupid video that i didnt watch