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  1. We could use a computer forum. Just a thought- thought I'd be the first to mention it.
  2. I see what you did there!
  3. Sorry to hear this. Stay strong, will say a prayer for you guys.
  4. You have the answer right in front of you, and you can thank your BIL- drink heavily, and call her "toots"
  5. Same thing happened to me, as it most likely happens to us all. I just put all my stuff away one day, and focused on all the other life stuff I had going on. The urge will come back, and it will happen on its own. You can't force it, just go with the flow.
  6. They immediately sealed the records, is it a matter of national security? I guess somebody is really trying to cover their butt.
  7. Final trip of the year for me. Nice day to be on the beach. Fished OC, caught two shorts on a teaser, would have made 28 (if you lined them up together) Be back at it in the spring. Merry Christmas all!
  8. Fish the jetties.
  9. I have this rod, it's alot of fun to fish with. I haven't caught any really big fish with it, just some fluke and cocktail blues. It's definitely on the whippy side, and it casts 3/4 up to 2 oz. really nice. Takes a little getting used to; the rod does the work for you. If you lean into the cast, it doesn't go very far- a light toss will get the job done and then some.
  10. 50 degrees on Friday- I'll be giving it a shot, at worst it should be a nice day for a walk.
  11. This advice was given to me by an old timer on party boat one day when the catching was particularly slow-. I had finally hooked my first fish and was reeling him up quickly due to my excitement. He said "What's the rush?, slow down and enjoy it, it may be your only one"
  12. Fished NoMoCo a few days ago. Caught a bunch of hickory shad, 1 fat striper about 20in, and foul hooked 3 bunker. Where are the bluefish???? Fun day.
  13. May not be worth as much as you may think. ALOT of those guns made their way back to the states. One of my best friend's father had one that he had bought home from WW2. I would tell him the story, and offer to buy it from him. There's a good chance your Uncle sold it to his neighbor, and if he gave it to his son, it will hold sentimental value to him as well, maybe even more so.
  14. Second time out this year. Fished Cape May County, wind was probably 15-20. Caught one, @ 24 inches on the teaser. Used a big deadly dick as the TDS (Teaser delivery system). Nice to be out, and grateful to actually catch.