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  1. I think you need at least the Sr. size for the weight???
  2. Comparison of Sr and Jr Needles...
  3. This is one Bill made for Plugfest in BB a number of years ago when "Flaptail" was the theme plug. According to him this is a one off. I'll have to look back for the actual year...edit (2010).
  4. One thing that's good about flying United. They serve it...
  5. Bottom 3 for 90.- plus 5.- to ship CONUS reel gambler. Pic is 3.3mb so you should be able to zoom and see finish on the plugs. They are in good shape.
  6. My first introduction to the "Clambrella"...
  7. One from Trollfest yrs. ago. The same day as the great popcorn blitz.
  8. Agreed. I like using the stubby AH as a pencil.
  9. I have these...The top is SA but not a Flat Glide (round sides, no flats). The bottom are Flat Glides 8.25" and 2.5oz. The bottom ones used or carried.
  10. I just bought a '19 Crosstrek and have seen lift kits available for up to 2". Most likely the only way to raise it if needed as the wheelwells are pretty small. Third Subby I've had. They do well in the winter where I am.
  11. It all depends on how you do it...
  12. Thanks for the prompt response. Offer withdrawn.
  13. New never used. Color is Creek Chub White Scale. Surface Slim I believe. Body w/out lip is 8" and weighs 3 1/4oz on my scale. I'd estimate this at 5+yrs old. 140.- shipped CONUS. White dots in lower picture is reflections.
  14. I might make it. Larry has space and I may be around to do it. Still too far off to know my schedule...
  15. This was a good sized fish. No idea on weight or length but there were a few that night...