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  1. is $160 combo price as your picture showed? Thanks!
  2. trade for a 8 feet cast net?
  3. would you trade penn309+ power stick plus ( 6' 130/80 lb) ?combo made in USA
  4. No problem, good luck!
  5. How about this reel? can you also add picture for tip of the rod?
  6. From the album WTT/ 8' SPINNING ROD

  7. From the album WTT/ 8' SPINNING ROD

  8. I have 2 Korker(K1100) M and Large, you can pick one for trade. let me know
  9. if there is no others want the rod ... I'm looking for a win win deal. I have Korker size M and size large plus $50 for rod only--shipped.
  10. world you trade ? set of portable power tools + reel + rod?
  11. a good reel for surf, it still cast more distance compare with others current brands and designs.
  12. I think it's size M.
  13. From the album WTB - KORKERS