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  1. Man O man, once one hits 50 years old Carl, **** just pops up from no where! Hope all is well over there? Elisa it is, good memory. DNH
  2. Same here! Hi all. Miss these events. Can't speak for MDM but I'll do my best to make it on the 15th. Tough couple of years, no fishing. Wife health issues, all good now! Do my best.
  3. 0 It is! Perfect response. In the trash it goes....
  4. I've used it in Costa Rica, has great backbone! Used three times at best.
  5. Resurrection from the 2001 crypt! I have 7' MH, three piece with an aluminum travel tube package from Stu Apte. Any thought on worth gents?
  6. Agreed I'll break them up Sale is over
  7. selling local Sale over
  8. Mike, you have the payment address wrong. PM sent Once resolved, plugs are yours.
  9. Sold
  10. PM sent
  11. black with yellow