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  1. Landshark!... If the landshark knocks on your door...Invite him in for milk and cookies!
  2. Will quint be there and will there be a chalkboard and fingernails involved?I do not live on the cape ,but I think this would be a very interesting meeting to attend.Get Rid of the damn seals.My daughter rented a house down there two summers ago and they closed the beach because too much bacteria from seal poop!...Discusting.
  3. or prius...
  4. Build a wall and make ma. pay for it!
  5. The Rhode Island forum was like the Wild West a few yrs back....That was some entertainment..... Must have given a few timeouts back then....
  6. My daughter rented a house right on a south cape beach last year for a week..2800, and she had to pack up and drive to another beach!...too much sealpoop in the water.
  7. False albacore

    They do not, although the way things are going we will be slaying them at the nubble lighthouse in 5 years Remember someone caught a sailfish in the canal a few years back. I caught albies on a charter down the cape last year and it was one of the most fun trips I've ever been on!
  8. Fished a nh spot yesterday and found acres and acres of fish to 26 inches...I will be trying York area by my house this weekend...
  9. Stores throw out loss leaders all the time...Probably paying 4.00 a pound.Just trying to create some traffic and buzz the store over a short period of time...Kind of like when they sell turkeys at thanksgiving for .69 a lb!
  10. Ahhh reed with the classic redirect away from His north shore spot....good move!
  11. YA I hear you...just did the same thing at the plum island surfcasters show! I will catch a fish on a needle if its the last thing I do this year!...And I used to hate people that did that in high school ...
  12. Can anyone recommend a good charter guy for inshore bay type fishing in Jacksonville area.Not interested in trolling ,just casting lures or live bait ...coming this weekend so it is last minute for sure.. thanks
  13. Hello and welcome
  14. Not one of the two booths I bought plugs at.It was a little crowded there, although they did look great.Anyway definitely awsome to be at least thinking about fishing.We will all be catching our first schoolies before ya know it!