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  1. Spot on ..once bought a cooked cold lobster at a nothshore fresh seafood store.Approximately 11 hrs later I, got sicker than I have ever been in my life....Had to have my sister drive me to Lahey clinic because I couldn't stand upright...diagnosis,food poisoning from the lobster I ate that was more than likely cooked AFTER it had died in the tank! 40 years later its still the sickest to my stomach I've ever been. Its funny when I hear people say I got food poisoning an hour after I ate at such and such, it takes 10- 12 hrs to actually get Food poisoning.I have been in the business 40 years.
  2. I'm heading out sat am with the boat...keeping fingers to catch a couple big ones before its all over soon.
  3. I miss hawgtober....
  4. wait this the first time you told the story?...nice fish that's a monster for sure????
  5. Can I find it on you tube???
  6. Lousy start to the fishing weekend for me..3 bites only one 27 inch fish .Definately lockjaw!On the bright side the weather and seas were pretty close to 10!...I have four hours to try again today here in southern Maine!
  7. As is the case before most major fronts ,the fish turned on in southern Maine yesterday.we got into some nice 30-44 inch fish.Yes there are less blitzes and less overall fish around but there is still a good population of fish.....I don't see how you can blame guides for beating on fish ,when they are almost all practicing careful catch and release and teaching their sports proper fish holding and release.They are just trying to make a living, and its more work than most can imagine.I doubt they make even A small dent in the population here in Maine.
  8. My daughter graduated from there and got a job at mass memorial er...been 7 years..I wish her good luck!
  9. We got two typical 25-26 inch fish yesterday (boat)...Macs disappeared and so did fish in my area.hopefully bait comes back soon.
  10. I am curious was that the incoming or outgoing?? I have been catching fish mostly on the incoming as the water warms in the summer.But I am using a boat and bait so its kind of cheating...cooler waters seem to be bringing biting fish mostly 26 inches or so..
  11. Its not about the catching.....This is great! I hope to be still able to do this when I have grandkids!
  12. Went out yesterday in southern maine and got 5 in the macs,all 26ish. We had one on that was probably 40ish but the person fighting it decided to tighten his drag midfight and it snapped the leader! I take it personally when someone in my boat looses a big one....But hopefully a lesson learned for my brother, who is still newish to this...Overall a fun day for mid summer. I also heard of a few big fish from shore at night in the last week, but very spotty with bright sun and less fish around. Also tried an offshore ledge in thirty-40 feet of water and lots of bait letting a live mac swim for a while , nothing!... next time i"ll try a 3 way swivel with weight.
  13. I was wondering if anyone has encountered an actual bluefish blitz in Maine this year??? The old fashioned all out topwater blitz. My mackerel was chopped in half while swimming the other day but that was it for me.
  14. Definitely catch more fish on the cloudy rainy days, just looking for something different for the bright sun days... thanks for the answers guys I'm going to try some deep spots this week, then I'll report back.