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  1. There is a group of 6- 7 hardcore surf down here and an occasional tourist.A little different from the battles at the canal I used to fish.Of course getting a boat two years ago really opened things up, including my wallet!!! Great pictures guys and beautiful fish!!! Its only going to get nicer in the weeks ahead.
  2. For years I would try to fish with just short waterproof boot or bare feet,,,,it rarely ended well.The excitement of catching a fish or a rogue wave and I was always changing clothes after...just by a cheap wader boot combo and keep them in your I have a boat and fish out of that and stay mostly dry.Although a bit more pricier than waders!
  3. thanks!
  4. Todays the day.We are bringing our chicken on the road food truck to Tewksbury treehouse.Stop by and grab some Chicken Bites and a draft and hang out in their winter beer garden! Try my favorite homemade sauce the buffalo sauce, which is thicker and more flavorful than most...Or possibly the gold for something different.I stopped by Thursday to check out the location and grab a draft.Damn good beer!!!!
  5. Very nice, gotta grab those opportunities.It makes the winter go by quicker.
  6. Probably not ,we try to stay generally in the Merrimack valley area with our food permits needed for every town, and other limits ....Although I know it would be a great experience, my daughter lives out there and loves going there.
  7. LOl...I am in York Beach and I can totally relate....LOl...They work hard when they arrive every year and the economy would be hurt without them.
  8. Hi all. Longtime ma.sol member here...Taking my Chicken On The Road food truck to treehouse in Tewksbury!!!Next Saturday feb 18 contingent on me getting my permit in tewksbury....Between 11-3 we will be operating our food truck at the winter beer garden at the new Tewksbury location. After 39 years owning a sandwich and food store in billerica and chicken trucks WE finally made the big best brewery in ma. And the best chicken in ma!! I once got into a debate with the late Steve from ma. about whose buffalo chicken was better , Good guy loved his food like I do..Anyway...If you are in the Merrimack valley area Stop by and grab some chicken bites with buffalo sauce to try any of our other 11 sauces....And of course a fresh brew of your choice...hopefully this works out and we are there regularly! Thanks for your support!
  9. This is what I’ve heard!..can’t wait, I just started drinking Guinness last year and it’s all I drink for beer now when I drink beer!I went to the Irish pub in Kennebunk and my friends insist I try it even though I don’t like dark beer..great stuff!
  10. There is 20 of us and we are golfing 7 of the top twelve courses in Ireland!..should be fun…Thinking if pike fishing with a guide because I am a former bass fisherman .
  11. I am planning a once in a lifetime trip to Ireland.I am golfing 7 days and sightseeing a few days.Does anyone have any suggestions on hiring a guide for fishing fresh or salt and what is the most sought after fish for light tackle casting sport?
  12. Spot on mike....I just saw this and couldn't agree more.I can't listen to feller and maz, but I liked eel lineup and wished they didn't change it.I have been listening to sports talk radio and the old wrko since I was about 10....Owning a foodservice store their is a lot of time to listen to background while I am working...
  13. For me its catching doubles with my son and my daughter, and just catching big ones period!IMG_5207 4.HEIC IMG_1470 2.HEIC
  14. That's my biggest largemouth{6.4} and I've fished tourneys all over New England and am now 63...great for him, a long fishing life ahead to top that! Now lets see him get a 50 lb striper next year!