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  1. That's a nicun' sir!
  2. I moved to North Georgia back in 08 and I had a rude awakening after one of my early run ins with "mountain likker". I only drank that crap twice and the second time i almost burned the house down and lost control of my bladder lol. My brother gave me all kinda flak about it and no sooner than a week later he had the exact same experience. We both agreed that the stuff was evil and vowed never to drink it again as we poured it down the sink.
  3. 10lbs give or take 1.
  4. That's a nice'n !
  5. Before you say it I'll just yeah yeah yeah I know I've been a little scarce lately. Work is being done on the boat and starting to settle in to the married life now so hopefully brighter days are ahead in the fishing world for me again. My brother has been doing a good bit of kayak tournaments in your area on the Susquehanna. He send me pics and I send back "I know a dude who considers that a dink" and he send back.... nothing lol
  6. First trip out since my last report on here back in November I think it was. I got 2 of this exact size and one that was in tge high teens to 20lb range and one dink, i lack pictures of the other two nicer fish cause they came off when I was trying to lip them but I had them in my hands enough for me to say I caught it lol. But all in all it was a really nice to see back to back to back 10+lb fish after the dismal last couple years where a 10lb fish would have been the talk of the bait shop and it shows we are on the rebound.
  7. And the last one on the rocks for the week! Now I return to my boring life back in Georgia. Till next time Tennessee Thanks for the kudos guys, this week was a blast even though fishing was up and down cause when it was up it was off the charts. I've finally figured out what's up with Tennessee if you're gonna descend from out of state: 20% technique/preparations and 80% timing and location. With so many wordclass fishing options you could be fishing at one spot putting in heavy work for a slow pick while 30 minutes up the road the fishing can be as epic as you've ever seen. If I wasn't so hung up on my favorite tailwater for the first two days and took the ride 20 minutes away to check out another river I would have been in on the mega bite when the spillways were first opened and had one hell of a 72hrs of fishing. At least we got into them on the last Good day of fishing below the tailwater.
  8. Well as luck would have it a friend of mine was also up here staying at a hotel directly across the street from mine. He was fishing further up river and during the day while I was fishing tailwaters at night which is why we never crossed paths until this morning lol He hadn't had much luck and I told him about the better fishing I found this morning so we teamed up and went back to the tailwaters. All told we caught around 40 give or take a few and lost about another 20 from 830am to 1pm and left them biting. Top fish was about 20 with most around 10 to 15 with a 20 or so mixed in. All artificial on bucktails and flukes.
  9. Turns out I've been fishing the wrong tailwater the past two days. Fished at dark bother evening and early morning and only had one 8lb striper and a couple 2lbs walleye to shpw.for my efforts at my favorite tailwater. Got irritated and too the drive over to a different tailwater on the Tennessee river and hooked up with a 12lb striper on my very first cast and 4 more to 15lbs over the next hour. Was gonna head back home tomorrow morning but I think I might reserve my hotel room for one more night and see if I can't end things on a high note. They are releasing heavy water to increase capacity in case that hurricane comes inland this far and dumps a ton of rain. Wish I had more pics for yall but after a pretty tiring battle in current and 74 degree water the stripers don't hold up well if you extend the time out if water too long.
  10. Nice catches guys. Especially like the flathead. I took off to Tennessee for the week in search of some decent striper fishing and just a break in general from Lake Lanier and Georgia for that matter. Wish me luck....
  11. You wouldn't happen to have pictures of what if looked like would ya? I'm just curious since I haven't been to Duhernal since the mid 90s maybe. Lots of great memories and lots of great pickeral. I wish pickeral inhabited this area of Georgia like they do south Georgia
  12. That's exactly the way I approach it! I always tell people to imagine it like deer hunting and setting up on a game trail.
  13. It's not as overwhelming as I made it sound. I should have detailed the tactic a bit more. In the early to mid fall start on the southern half of your lake closed to the dam. The fish won't spread all the way back up the lake again until mid to late December usually cept for a few fish coming back down out of the river that held over during the summer. Pick a medium to large creek arm and start at the mouth nearest the main river channel and start working your way back paying attention to where you had action and whereally it died off. Once you work the whole creek arm over from front to back you should have a pretty good idea of where to target specifically in the next creek arm. Say you had good action from the mouth to about midway back, you would start at the mouth and work your way about halfway back and then hop on to the next creek. And as the night roll's on you might find yourself getting bites further and further back into the creek arm. Pretty much just gotta stay alert and pay attention to what the lake is trying to tell ya. What I have come to find out is if one school of striper's are feeding at a certain depth on a certain bait in particular chances are the stripers in the next creek over are probably on a similar pattern.
  14. To clarify my opening line, when I find stripers at night deeper than 25ft and usually out vover open water I just skip right on by taking maybe one or two casts. If they are in 20ft or less they are eating, if they are deeper and out over open water they are usually neutral or completely shut down.