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  1. Sounds like something Frank* would say
  2. Hoping for the best Red
  3. Avoiding unwanted pregnancies has never been easier in the history of mankind than it is right now....yet, here we are. Still aborting them at a prolific clip...
  4. The ladies were the stars of that video moreso than Carlos.. ..imo
  5. Sounds like a road trip is in Red's future..
  6. This one you got right
  7. Too many teams now... Not nearly enough pitching as it is Expansion would only water down the product even further...
  8. Well that was short lived... back to...
  9. Ambition- ever consider looking for work as a fiction writer? You write enough of it here. You oughta try to find somebody that will pay you for it...
  10. I wanna say no way that's real but, I was in N Philly seeing a show the other night. Based on the locals I saw, I really can't with any conviction... Sad. Even Seal seems to be avoiding this one.
  11. No no no. Just wait. Blemo will be by shortly to explain how all the hipsters are moving into the area and what a swell place N Philly is now...
  12. It's only illegal if you get caught
  13. Starts wearing faggy shirts and the hormones start flowing No surprise there..
  14. Yup. When I was 16 Dad was the dumbest person I knew. By the time I got to be 21/22, he was the smartest. Incredible how somebody could get so smart so