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  1. Orange man bad is the point
  2. Changes the fact of whether he received a fair trial, which is more important than whatever the outcome..
  3. The issue isn't the shirt. The issue is that he was there, and subsequently lied on a jury questionnaire asking if he had been to any protests..
  4. Can you explain how this was even remotely a possibility, as I dont see any way it could have played out like that...
  5. Havent noticed that much of an increase. That's crazy. Of course a lot of the places we eat were at least doing take out during the worst of times, so they may only need to increase based on their cost increases.. Have been tipping a lot more because I know those folks got hit hard with the no dine in...
  6. I got gaps. She got gaps. Together, we got no gaps.. Rocky- noted philosopher
  7. Grilled Brussels sprouts are delicious
  8. Some of the playing for change videos are excellent. Roberto Luti is an amazing slide player
  9. I'm somewhere in the middle with 80% of the rest of America..
  10. We'll help you with the big words...
  11. Yes. Unfortunately, for a large portion of our populace, this is exactly how they want to be governed.. I can't begin to tell you how many people I know that think people should be forced to vax by whatever means necessary....
  12. Is that blow big blue?
  13. Oh no. I literally hate Biden... POS has been an embarrassment to my state for nearly my entire life.. Eff him
  14. Totally open? Saw yesterday where MD is lifting all outdoor seating restrictions at restaurants and bars. No masks, no distancing, full capacity...
  15. So, curry isn't the cure for covid?