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  1. If dumbing it down means better run/pass ratio, they should do it for Wentz too
  2. 24-18 record after last night. Quick, somebody call Canton....
  3. Burn him out..
  4. Meh.. Her best ain't much..
  5. Eagles should have called him that day....
  6. I wonder about the receivers too. Seems like when he does throw to them it always needs to be a precise pass... Or more likely when I see other teams receivers running wild through our secondary I always wonder why our guys can never be that wide open..
  7. If Im him....eff that put on some extra pads and tough it out... It's not a knew or ankle or something, it's a back. Wouldn't be taking any chances with that...screw it up bad enough and thats a life changer... Sit and rest young man. Live to fight another day
  8. Still on the Wentz wagon too.. But complete lack of 1st quarter scoring this year wasnt all coaching... Numbers be damned, he had a pretty uneven year based on the eye test..
  9. Ill give you high level. Cant give you consistent. Not this year... But having seen how high the level can be last year, without a doubt he's the horse they gotta ride...
  10. is it safe to do that if I can't remember my password?
  11. it can talk to 2014, 2015, and 2016.... and 2013 was nothing like last year. he played as perfect a 2 games as it's possible to play vs the Vikings and the Pats...
  12. They must be targeting out of staters. I've lived in DE for 52 years and have been stopped once for speeding (over 30 years ago). And I have a pretty heavy foot..
  13. No Thanks. White Christmas is over rated..
  14. I purchased the new vehicle last week. Any chance I could stop seeing all the car gurus ads sometime soon? Hmmmn??
  15. Wentz is now officially an injury prone QB...