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  1. Susan Tedeschi
  2. It's the only considerate option for school nights.....if that hasn't already been mentioned.
  3. Woulda worked if not for the cover up....
  4. Sensed it was over as soon as Nicasio came in. Wish Gabe would pick a closer and stick with him... Closer by committee doesn't work. And what's with Neshak? Dude can't pitch 2 days in a row? Ricky Bo is right....buncha babies out in that bullpen..
  5. good thing the Mets went and got that closer they're never going to need....
  6. are Ricky Linderman...
  7. so what you're sayin is that failmo is a moran..?
  8. total derangement syndrome? yes. have thought that for a very long time...
  9. damn. that was ugly. let's see how they bounce back from that....
  10. it does supposedly "take a village"..
  11. but but but but Harper.... lol
  12. Knows how to hit too.. Nice to see a right handed batter take an outer half pitch oppo instead of rolling it over to short... with power too....same with segura. Although not as much pop
  13. Another series win... Nice to see them winning in different ways.... tough stretch coming up. hopefully winning continues to breed winning Harper has made the lineup better just by his presence, but damn if Segura and Realmuto aren't unbelievably good all around players..