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  1. Hahaha.. It took a jury 20 minutes to tell the whiny neighbors to piss off.. Outdoor pizza oven isnt a nuisance. Hope the decision includes these morons paying hefty court costs..
  2. Absolutely.. Bull was able to play closer to the left field line than normal because of Maddox....much closer lol
  3. Toured with the Dead one summer. That was an adventure. I was 19 though...the body was a little more resilient then..
  4. So people not getting vaccines with proven track records is the fault of people being hesitant to get the vaccine without the proven track record? Is that what you're selling? If that's the case, then those people are stupid. And you cant fix stupid.
  5. Maybe he didn't want to be
  6. Good. Glad to hear it No point in unnecessarily making kids a part of the grand mrna experiment...
  7. The chickens eat the bugs. I eat the chickens. Turns out better that way
  8. sounds like he was asking you to share. Kind of a dick move on your part not to oblige...
  9. He was "made" to go buy a smoker? who bitches about that? What kind of fag is he?
  10. Neighbor's Battle Over Cleveland Heights Couple's Backyard Pizza Oven Goes to Trial This Week — and Sets a Street on Edge | Cleveland News | Cleveland | Cleveland Scene ( Must be using it on school nights...
  11. My thinking is he fell into the trap of thinking the same plays they used against the not very good defenses they played getting to the playoffs would work against good defenses once in the playoffs. He missed his wakeup call the week before against Dallas. Dallas's defense contained them well enough to win, and would have if not for Dak...
  12. F***. I thought that piece of **** was gone..
  13. Remember when ole Joe said sending tanks to Ukraine would mean WWIII..