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  1. Kaep is better than very few QBs in the league IMO.....but even if he's better than, lets say, half of them, that's not good enough. To bring as much baggage as he does, you need to be exceptional. He's far from exceptional...
  2. Dont think so. That settlement was shut up and go away money...
  3. Stud
  4. Cool. Thanks guys. Will be on the lookout
  5. I thought this was gonna be a Red is moving thread....
  6. Thanks Nostradamus. got any lottery numbers you wanna share?
  7. Why is it better?
  8. Yep. Reminds me of the scene in Bronx Tale where Sonny tells C got off cheap. for $20 the kid is out of your life...
  9. Been meaning to ask about the low carb wraps you use. Where do you find them? Have looked around and lowest we can find is 8 net carbs. What brand is the 5 carb you use and are they net carbs or total?
  10. So I guess democrats aren't the only ones that eat their own....?!?
  11. just thought it might be something you might be familiar with because of your daughter...
  12. By chance was Pop's chair one that "nobody sits in but Pop"... lol