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  1. Sorry, not sure why it doesn't show up for some. I posted it from a work computer and was able to see it from my computer at home. Guessing the way I uploaded the first time was too big for mobile devices.
  2. hmm....uploaded a different way this time. sorry about that
  3. Pics are on post - try refreshing the page?
  4. $75 shipped The smaller glider is in good shape (not sure if it was ever carried or thrown - I had a bunch of these at one point). The bigger one is used and the epoxy has a yellowish tint to it.
  5. Great, pm coming.
  6. $110 shipped - Top pencil is used but in good shape. I believe the middle pencil was thrown once, bottom peanut swimmer is new
  7. All have been thrown or carried in the bag at some point but overall in good shape. Teal cowboy needs a replacement tail flag $125 shipped
  8. I never felt safe anchoring a kayak - pedals to hold in place for me.
  9. Let's meet in the middle at $240 shipped
  10. Sadly most of the time these fees do not go to the delivery driver...
  11. NEW - Taken out of the box only to take pictures. $260 shipped
  12. Asking $300 for local pickup around Northern/Central NJ - will also be at surf day This is the prior model of the legend (not the latest). I had two of these legends and this was my backup. Rod is in good shape overall, no modification or alterations, with all guides intact...some minor scratches on blank. Grip is in great shape.
  13. Sold to Ivan
  14. Sold
  15. Used Van Staal 150, black, bail-less. Great shape overall, small scuff marks between the spool and rotor from sand getting into the tight tolerance. This was my backup reel that has just been sitting unused. The reel is "tight" indicating seals are still in good working order. Braid included but should be re-spooled. Either add more backing or new braid (lost 50 yards at some point?). Asking $475 - local deal preferred - Surf Day this coming Saturday, or Bergen County to Monmouth County area