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  1. A lot of people here are using old reels. The only reel I own that isn't more than forty years old is a Penn 706 that was at least designed that long ago. My other reels are Penn 700, 704, 710 and Mitchell 300, 302, and 308. I have a one piece surfcasting rod built by my grandfather (with the 302) in the sixties or seventies, and his Eagle Claw pack rod.
  2. This could turn into the biggest scandal in the history of sports and have implications for foreign policy, so yeah, it's worth paying attention to this. Blatter just got re-elected in spite of the arrests of his cronies because he plays the small countries against the big countries. now it's very possible that UEFA (the Europeans) may pull out of FIFA. Without their money the system crumbles.
  3. You may have to replace the drag washers. Not a big deal. The clicker will drive you nuts. With a little practice, you'll get used to fishing with the anti-reverse off, then click it on with your left thumb when you get a fish on. Load with 20# Fireline.
  4. When I beach fish I also tend to do a lot of walking. I always thought that the benefit of having good ankle support in the soft sand far outweighed the occasional annoyance of sand in the boot. To further add to the heresy I wear boots with felt soles, which don't wear out quickly while walking on sand and are great to have if I go on rocks. Do you use the neoprene gravel guards on your ankle? They're pretty important for keeping out sand in crashing waves.
  5. I had to post it one more time.
  6. 1 oz. red and white Daredevil.
  7. I would definitely rate it higher than striped bass as a food fish.
  8. Weymouth is loaded, bass are in there chasing them around.
  9. Hunh. I thought mine was delicious. Like salmon but not as oily.
  10. It's delicious.
  11. Caught a laker on third cast in lower twenty inch range on the west side. It wasn't hooked well, and slipped the hook at the waterline. I could have just picked it up but was happy to let it flop back into the water figuring there was more to come.
 Caught a 15 pound laker twenty minutes later. Both fish caught on a spoon. There were splooshes around until 7:30, by then I was in full blazing sunlight. I put the fish on ice and moved to east side to find shadowed spots.
 I caught fish in the shallows, I didn't see the guys in the deep water at the point catching anything. The lakers were chasing bait into the shallows until the sun came up and then went deep just like stripers do.
  12. It does get ratty looking but it's still just as strong.
  13. Never tried them, I'm pretty happy with Fireline. I'm quite sure the breaking strength is greatly underrated.
  14. Another vote for Fireline 20. Never a problem. When I got mine, I had to learn the hard way to keep the handle in the down position closest to the ground when I cast, sometimes the cast would make the reel spin and catch the line. Of course, that may be because I generally keep the anti-reverse off when casting and retrieving.
  15. I was planning on going down there in Sunday, but the reservoir will be closed. What about the streams feeding into the Wachusett, are there similar restrictions or are they open for fishing?