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  1. I am guessing some never left. Regardless, a positive sign.
  2. Dave, thanks for following up. I'm going to stick to our original deal. At the moment, I need no other parts. Thanks again.
  3. You got yourself a deal. Thanks and PM coming.
  4. Nice, Dave. Thanks. I will take this. PM me PP info? Still looking for one more 3500B spool.
  5. I am on CT shoreline. You have a 3500? I need to check if the 3500 and 3500B spools are interchangeable. Thanks.
  6. Looking for a couple spare 3500B spools. Anyone? Thanks.
  7. Important hearings. Surprised there isn’t more chatter about this in the CT forum. I will be in Bridgeport on Wednesday.
  8. From CT DEEP website: Housatonic River Boat Launch Milford The launch will re-open on Friday, June 14, 2019. Site Sketch of the Housatonic River Boat Launch (PDF) Type: Trailered Season: Year round Directions: I-95, Exit 34. Turn west on Route 1 then north on Naugatuck Avenue. Launch is on the left. Regulations: No person shall operate a motorboat in excess of Slow No Wake: (A) When passing marinas, yacht clubs, fuel docks, anchorages and docks, boat launches and congested areas. (B) Within the following specific areas: The area bounded by a point five hundred feet upstream from navigation aid #4 and bounded southerly by a point five hundred feet downstream from navigation aid #3; the channel east of Nells Island and all channels, creeks or waterways within the Charles E. Wheeler Wildlife Management Area, including Nells Island; the area bounded northerly by the Devon railroad bridge between Milford and Stratford and bounded southerly by navigation aid #14; and the area bounded northerly by the northermost tip of Wooster Island and bounded southerly by the southermost tip of Wooster Island. Docks: Floating Metal Toilets: Chemical (Seasonal) Parking Spaces: 44 Parking Surface: Paved Access Road Surface: Paved Ramp Surface: Concrete Panel ADA Accessible: Yes
  9. At long last, Milford’s boat launch on Housatonic River is slated to reopen today.
  10. Really? From NH Register... “Investigators still have not determined what started the first fire, but were examining whether arson was involved, the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s Environmental Conservation Police had said. But several sources said Wednesday little indicated the fire was intentionally set.”
  11. No question of what on happened on Tuesday night now... Emergency crews are responding to multiple construction trailer fires at Silver Sands State Park in Milford, according to police. The call came in just before 7 a.m., police said. Firefighters found two 40-foot trailers burning when they arrived, according to fire officials. The trailers were part of the construction site for a newly-built concession stand and restroom facility that burned down in a massive fire on Tuesday night.
  12. Such crap news to wake up to and such a waste of money. Seems pretty fishy to me and I too hope they find who is responsible.
  13. Yes, I have been following closely. They put up a good fight. I am not trying to downplay the development of the commercial building, but the way I read your post above sounds to me will be 4710 SF total and will house the garage, workshop/storage area and staff space. A 10,000 SF building, twice as big, would be another animal at that site IMO. "This building (4710 SF) will include a garage (1660 SF), a workshop and storage area (1537 SF) and staff space (1527 SF). Parking will be provided around the building for staff at this location".
  14. Thanks for signing the petition. I should have used a different word than laughable. I can see your passion for the Sound and respect it. However, I don't see the construction of a truck stop that will leach 6,000 gallons of wastewater daily into a native brook trout stream the same as upgrades to an existing state park on a former landfill site along the already overdeveloped Milford shoreline. And I live in Milford. Having worked at Silver Sands for three years and then at a nonprofit group dedicated to protecting Long Island Sound for seven years, I also care deeply about CT's greatest natural resource. I would have been happy with just the bathroom upgrade, but that wasn't in the cards. Now that the changes are imminent, I'm trying to be optimistic and embrace them.