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  1. Has anybody tried Seaguar FXR fluorocarbon leader from Japan? The cost is around $45 for 100 meters of the 50lb test compared to $70 for 100 yards of Seaguar Blue Label sold here in the states. Is it new?
  2. As you can see the reel seat and the collector guide don't line up. The coils come off the spool and enter the guide just fine as far as I can tell. It's a KR guide set up on a 12' rod with a Shimano 5000 size reel and 30 lb braid. Do you think I'm losing a lot of distance? How important is it that the two line up perfectly. Thanks.
  3. Haha. Thats Sandy. She is a refugee from the hurricane. A friend built the rod but he lacks attention to detail. I know back in my younger days after an evening fishing with my buddies I'd realize my set up was out of alignment. This is a little more permanent.
  4. He's on! Have you seen the Jack Links Jerky "Messin with Sasquatch" commercials yet? He has six of them at his site. Funny stuff.
  5. Great bass saxophone, if you like that sort of thing.
  6. Thanks for the auto-renewal. I guess I'm subscribed till my credit cards expiration date.
  7. New Hydrus 3L Tempest Pants with socks, or the older style Tempest Pants with socks. Mine are three years old. Burp them. camp more. Old style
  8. Hell or high water...
  9. Love the black IPA's. Stones 15th anniversary.:th: A friend still has a stash.
  10. Mike...and Mike Venison backstrap spitted over "Sweet Chestnut" .Herby from Province was the rub and Blues Hog provided the glaze What I have left of the Sweet Chestnut. (yours to split) The brews I have to share at the proper temp. I can't follow any threads anymore. I subscribe and never get e-mail updates. Venison/goose breast chili will accompany me.I'll probably stay at the beach house on LBI. (praying for no mold) Does anyone have access to Hopslam?
  11. This place opens a couple miles down the road from me in May. I'm sure the name gets easier to pronounce after you've had a few. Owners name is Amos and his wife's is Sarah. Hitching posts are out back.
  12. Reminds me of NeverWet.
  13. From the album 10 Users?

  14. From the album 10 Users?