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  1. Happy Spring! in one minute!
  2. rotor fully extended handle all the way back or down line roller or rollers 90 or 180 degrees from the line (depending)
  3. I have fished both lures a lot. I have caught a lot of fish large and small on each. Loaded redfin doest cast as far and swims a lot more shallow and can even be dannied. Very good fish catcher. The SP Minnow casts much further and swims quite a bit deeper. Very good fish catcher also.
  4. if you've broken VS multiple times, you need a VS
  5. little barrel
  6. The main SP and the backup! Spring 2013
  7. Wish I could get a 5000 size Stella for April. I have lower risk of dunks then, but I need something really strong + smooth and I kinda like using the other-than-VS&ZB reels once in a while
  8. Breakaway easy to use and very strong if I knew I was going to use a lot of tins, I'd use TA clip but first choice is breakaway
  9. If at all possible, buy new. You could get lucky and get one that someone just didnt use, but you dont want other people's headaches. I dealt with it, it wasnt pleasant. Friendly suggestion. The second thing, in my opinion, just avoid any serial # under 10,000 at least under 8,000. good luck
  10. Whatever it is that needs to be done to resolve the problem with the 5500 and the gearing wear, it would be a reasonable thumbs up for me not to mention the clunk clunk clunk crosswind block. I can only speak for the 5500 though.
  11. 2 x 5500V's broken waiting until changes or something next year to look at them again design defects in crosswind block area and weak gearing. I went through two in three weeks. Both returned. was pretty impressed with the waterproof seals though
  12. on Animal Planet? Was it off-the-hook? I should see it on demand, but I am just not seeing it. I think im missing something.
  13. Did I miss the wetsuit fishing episode of this? skishing in MTK ?
  14. I own both and it is worth it if you really use the reels a lot. If you dont, just get the less expensive one.