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  1. This video from a few days ago is very casual and there are only a few fish including catching a sea robin on a bucktail, lol. I really enjoyed this video though as it shows baby silversides and other tiny sea life. This video also has all the footage from a short that I am doing tonight called attack of the sea robins
  2. I'll being doing more of a variety of lures as time goes on. The newest camera floats (has positive buoyancy), so I will be doing some topwater things walkers, etc. I have a lot of plans.
  3. GoFish Cam I also just received a less expensive one from Olymbros from Amazon which was $65, I have yet to use that one, but its 1.8oz compared to 3.5oz for the better quality one
  4. Super Quick Hopkins Striper Drive-by! lol
  5. Occasionally fish hit camera, thunk. Whistle is boats (small boats) (loud as hell small boats) Other sounds are from the reel and the line rollers and the braid and the guides, lure, you name it, the interior mic picks it all up and its kinda loud
  6. Soo many things have changed since then, for the better! I like the "Why aren't you fishing?" I keep seeing
  7. Did an hour of video today. I am curious what is on it as I only managed to catch a Sea Robin on cam we shall see soon!
  8. Here is an Action series from about 20 minutes of fishing with 5" Paddletails and I managed to get an SP catch on video which was interesting with a 3.5oz camera on the line
  9. Twenty years of curiosity about what is going on under the water with those ferocious schoolies has lead me to this adventure Mods, please if this isnt allowed or in wrong place please let me know I havent been around in quite a long time. , Prison, just kidding, just busy Hmm, looks like my old account is lost or not sure, but I was around from like 2003-2012 as Jameso lost access to ISP connected email - derp! https://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/profile/11932-jameso/ Can I recover my old account? James
  10. Happy Spring! in one minute!
  11. rotor fully extended handle all the way back or down line roller or rollers 90 or 180 degrees from the line (depending)
  12. I have fished both lures a lot. I have caught a lot of fish large and small on each. Loaded redfin doest cast as far and swims a lot more shallow and can even be dannied. Very good fish catcher. The SP Minnow casts much further and swims quite a bit deeper. Very good fish catcher also.
  13. if you've broken VS multiple times, you need a VS
  14. little barrel