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  1. All set ups and tackle used in salt get rinsed with warm water in the shower after every use. You wont find corrosion on any of my gear. Tackle may show light corrosion on older hooks. A dip in a sudsy bucket and rinse saves allot of $$ down the road. All Rods get a soaped up shower at the end of the season. All reels get a tear down and cleaned as necessary. Full tear downs are typically not necessary if you take care of the gear all year long.
  2. I try too use a "lighter" setup when I can these days, I always bring a second set up that is one step up, you never know when you may have to fish heavier. Based on his post I assume the captain is anticipating very good conditions for light presentations. Personal preference my brother and a fishing buddy prefer to fish heavy rods just incase a beast they didn't plan to target shows up. With the newest wave of composites you can do it. A Heavy is lighter and feels like a medium from just a few years ago.
  3. NEW G Loomis Pro Blue PBR843C, Taken out of the plastic when I got it to inspect, then back in its tube it went $220 shipped
  4. I am open to reasonable offers and trades looking for Pro-Blue IMX (whatcha got?) GLX 843C GLX 822 DSR
  5. Great info! I was using a heavier rod with the 12oz ... you offered me good insight on the 200 and 843 comfort zone.
  6. WTS Gloomis GLX MBR783C, in Excellent condition, The only major signs of use are on the hook keeper. I will post pictures as soon as i can. $280 Shipped Willing to trade ... for GLX 843C or GLX 822 DSR
  7. How have you been fishing it? jig, plugs, plastics? I was bouncing 12oz the other day
  8. UPDATE I found a good price on a used Tranx 300A HG, its a little larger then what i was looking for but should work well until I can get my hands on the new Diawa Coastal.
  9. EXCELLENT! A reel that will force the sealed reel market to come out with even better stuff or at minimum adjust their pricing.
  10. Get the local game wardens cell number.
  11. I'm thinking a Tranx 300 for the fall and grab a Coastal over the winter for the spring.