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  1. When I dropped it the sand is what came to mind. When i pulled the spool off when i got home their was only a few grains under it, nothing that would effect anything.
  2. Not a bad way to look at it.
  3. Can a Daiwa Certate 5000 take a wave? ... Why yes it can. It was not my intention to wade with this reel. That is what my ZB is for but I ended up staying out well past lights out and in darkness **** seems to happen. I dropped it in the wash twice and it was hit by waves while i held it between my legs to unhook a fish. Well its still alive. So the seals it has did keep the water out of its sensitive area. I did notice water under the reel handle seal. It didn't taste like salt water, it could have been when i ran it under the faucet when i got home. I have since packed grease under the cap and handle seal. Love the reel it is incredibly smooth. Almost to dam smooth I had to look to see if line was coming in or going out. I will admit when I'm wrong. I'm wrong the Daiwas drag could be louder. I mocked a you tuber for commenting on Daiwas drag. Although i don't mind the sound of the drag it could be louder I could not here it over the waves, not ideal in the dark. luckily their was just enough moon to see what the spool was doing. Daiwa really needs to loose the mag seal and come out with 100% rubber sealed version of their new body.
  4. I could definitely see a standard sowing machine having issues with sail material.
  5. I'm not knocking a hand made bag, If i lived as close to the salt as i do my local lake a quality handmade bag that lasts a lifetime makes sense. But for me my Bronco Bag has served me well for my trips to surf. I do wish it was made of better material but I take my time not to snag hooks and keep it clean so its in great shape. My comment about bag makers going out of business was just an observation. I stretched the plastic pockets on my Hunter leader wallet trying to open them. Nothing to crazy its still usable but if wanted to have it repaired i couldn't. I may take a shot at making my own bag down the road.
  6. Is it me or do surf bag makers go in and out like pizza joints? Looking for a tin specific pouch.
  7. A 3000 Compact should work well for flounder but your 4000 compact Certate should work well also. Thats a light reel.
  8. Took the LT3000S-CXH out for Porgies, 20# SSV2, 4oz lead with a hi low rig. The reel was a little power house handled double hook ups just fine. A full day easily 50 fish. I would prefer the larger body / larger handle for this type of fishing. It was a good torture test, but this reel primary use will be for fishing artificials.
  9. Bumb
  10. PowerPro SSV2 on everything
  11. I look at it as a less expensive composite version of the Certate. I assume with different gear material. To be honest for basic NY bass fishing the reel is definitely overkill. Any of the LT series will work just fine. I bought my nephew an EXCELER LT the reel is 7.2 oz and it feels good and its perfect for fresh water. How this Luvias handles the salt is where it needs to shine.
  12. Yes i gave her a throw at the lake for about 30 minutes Sunday not enough time for an opinion. Its far more reel then I needed for the crappy jigs and small jerk baits I was throwing. It's light not to different in weight then the Ballistics it replaced. I may bring it for porgies Tuesday that should break in the line quick and see how it feels under a load.
  13. Guides make a huge difference when it comes to how a rod feels. Its amazing really.
  14. Not to beat a dead horse but why are you fishing an 8' ARA right now and not a 10' or 12' foot ugly stick?. It couldn't possibly be the weight savings and the tech put into the ARA over the fiberglass noodle could it?
  15. I may just be nostalgic and grab a Penn. Pair it with something I know nothing about the 11"6" Edge Rod. I use to write Gloomis asking for a conventional rod well Garys making one makes sense to give it a go. It would be nice to get a little info on the blank material, if it meets or exceeds IMX blank specs Im in.