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  1. I'm thinking of getting my son a pair of hellbenders .
  2. I may buy a cheap pair and compare, possibly return the Simms. Need the right fit these may be a touch to big.
  3. I grabbed a pair that is slightly larger then i need, I'm in between a medium and large which can be a pain in the ass when it comes to Jakets. I have plenty of room for a base layer, their is way to much room in the knees to move around. I can crouch down without any tension on the wader. I don't see my seams being stressed but they are on the baggy side. Debating if i should go smaller.
  4. Funny you mention work boots, Im about to buy a throw away pair o Walmart work boots and see how they holdup, maybe even a cheap pair of walmart brand converse.
  5. Same specs as a medium bass rod so a 2500 would work. I'm fishing 3000s now and move between fresh and salt.
  6. It can be, my rod and reel are both Japanese imports, but still half the price of higher end Sage set up. BFS is definitely making me a better bait caster. As for import baits the supply has all but dried up on Japanese sites but I'm making due with the basics.
  7. I'm glad you called them bobbers. I was looking at fly gear a saw the term "strike indicator" and had to laugh at how pretentious it sounded. Lets be real its a fly bobber.
  8. All great responses, I guess doing something new and different is the fun part. I'm not using a spinning rod, I just entered the world finesse bait-casting. So the process is familiar but new at the same time. I hit the stream twice this week. I never knew how feisty trout are. They are lunatics. Allot of fun. I'm sure fly will happen at some point I just need to find the right location. Its no fun getting caught in trees.
  9. I guess we can call what I have a functioning addiction. I'm all stocked up on go toos. 2 weeks before I start loosing gear to the salt.
  10. Well fly is about the only style i haven't tried yet. At some point i will find a location where i can zone out and play with it.
  11. Serious question a buddy of mine is trying to get me into fly fishing. Why the obsession with fly? Is it just the challenge? I though fly would have a higher success rate with trout but that doesn't seem to be true at the moment, things may change as the season progresses. I'm sure he wants someone to talk shop with. I don't mind doing that now I learned allot about fly fishing this spring fishing with him. I just haven't picked up the fly rod. I've been doing quit well with my current technic.
  12. Ahh yes my son has cost me 1/3 of my budget. kid has no idea how good he has it.
  13. I think i have a OCD with Yellow over White. Just screams hit me.
  14. And thats why i have 2, i will loose the first one on its second cast