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  1. LOL did I not update this thread? ... I ended up with Redingtons on sale .. Then I said screw it and went to town on my old waders sealed the boot inside and out with aqua-seal ... IT WORKED no more leaks. Season 12 here they come. Keep in mind they where not in use for about 7 years ... and i don't fish salt everyday. I have to get the Redingtons in the water but i need to pick boots.
  2. Pretty quickly, 5-10minutes, I've been using the same tube for about 6 months in and out of the freezer.
  3. This is so true.
  4. I agree they are dumb as **** but they are not the first to give our freedoms away, the Patriot Act was no gift to the American people and these kids where not around for that.
  5. TImS I'm not sure what the four stars mean ...
  6. And that is why your one of the first I message when I'm planning new casting gear. Always been on the same page. I ended up grabbing an AVID 10ftr for the Daiwa 400 which will also serve as a heavy boat reel. I am still on the hunt for something in the 8-8'6" range. Possibly another St croix I can toss either the 300 or 400 on it.
  7. Fastest way to nullify a right is by not exercising that right. Law enforcement draw their guns at the mention of a firearm and its disturbing. The assumption is that its a criminal act until proven otherwise, that is convoluted and backwards. A women was awarded 100K because the cop drew his gun because he saw a pistol permit in her wallet. Imagine that the legal documented required to carry was considered a threat its MENTAL! I have no issue with this guy in Florida. It is a real problem in this country when people think excising a right is "asking for trouble". As my Boss says when it comes to vacation days use em or loose em. My cousin gets stared at for carrying his knife while fishing. Mostly transplants from the burrows moving up, you city folk suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.
  8. C&R w/ Artificials Only will help allot. But people will bitch that its unfair because 1/100 dead loss, so 100% shut down it is. It way overdue.
  9. Did they they seal the main shaft under the rotor? I need to see a photo.
  10. smaller baits I use Plano cases in my backpack. I'm currently on the hunt for a compact 15-16 liter waterproof backpack so i can wear it as i wade.
  11. All but one of my saltwater casters / conventionals have mag brakes. I still have the reel I learned on which was my fathers Penn 200 Surfmaster but that's pretty much retired. I'm only using sealed spinners for wading. When ever possible I'm throwing a caster.
  12. I just sold off 2 more spinners. I'm ready for 2022 season
  13. I started using them in salt last year. Not enough time on them to comment. They work well enough in fresh water that I'm sure they will catch in salt once fish are around.
  14. Check out Dawia Travel rods, I use the Ardito TR for light inshore and fresh water, decent rods for the money.