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  1. Simple answer is Yes ...
  2. I'm Still looking to buy...
  3. Diawa BackBay looks interesting to me same with the Ballistic. They are lighter in weight around the same price. But given a salt environment is the Penn is a beast. 3000/3500-4000/4500 range. Hard to decide. If you own these reels I would appreciate your thoughts on how hard you have been able to push them. What type of fishing.
  4. I have 2 Hobie Fishing Rod/Drive Leashes rarely used, great shape $30 for the 2 shipped. I have a 3rd somewhere trying to dig it up ..
  5. Which part was flexing? The reel foot or the gears?
  6. When my son was 2 he attempted to pick up my Gloomis GLX Magbass by the tip ... didn't work out well.
  7. Been shocked by the price on more then one occasion
  8. SCOOBY DOO WHERE ARE YOU! I'd Like to know how the BackBays compare to the Tatula LT and Penn Slammer III. The TAINT is offering more drag then the BAREBACK minus the magseal, both are light weight reels that would be a pleasure too fish all day. BUT then their is the tank of a reel the SLUMMER no doubt kick some ass and is far better sealed. I HATE CHOICES! Agree with above Diawa needs to double check their website and put the right line capacities in. The TAT3000 and TAT3000D have the exact same braid capacities listed, thats clearly wrong
  9. Pro Blue 844 should cover what you want to do its a stout rod. I use a PBR785C 6'6" for lead and bait, the length is easy to maneuver on boats, its a powerhouse w/ great sensitivity and the blank is as light as the rest. I do prefer the "lighter" 843 for pitching unweighted bait or casting 1-2oz to bass/blues, bouncing bottom to fluke. New IMX Pro Blue Series is out, The 842 looks like it will make an nice addition to the rod rack.
  10. I will keep your offer in mind.
  11. Closed, Dup in the correct forum.
  12. Want to trade a 9'3" Airwave Elite for an Elite 9'6" or Elite 10'6 Will also trade for a 9' ODM DNA (Rod + $ on my end) or 10' ODM Genisis (Rod + $ on my end) Sell $130 Shipped