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  1. I wonder if some of them are from the group of people known as travelers.There is supposed to be a large group of them in North Carolina.They spread out across the country using various scams such as the good deal on an asphalt driveway and other household fixes.In Ireland they are known as tinkers a name they do not like.The ones in this country are sometimes called American gypsies.
  2. I knew somebody who got it once but it was a long time ago.He came close to dying but recovered.I've heard the organism lives in soil so couldn't it be any where?
  3. I saw a huge one caught at Quabbin gate 8 shore fishing many years ago.The guy caught it on a shiner. Guys were saying a minnow on a minnow.
  4. We had the same thing in Western Ma.The lawn looked like it had snowed.
  5. Always the first place that they show up
  6. There was an eagle cam online somewhere I don't remember where it was that had a video of a red tail hawk flying in to attack the eagle sitting in the nest.What a mistake for the hawk.The eagle killed it quickly and then proceeded to eat it.It was like delivery food for the eagle.
  7. Fresh water fishing ended on the last day of February.Re opened on the third Saturday of April.Doesn't anyone remember the opening day madness?
  8. I agree with JPH.I fished Chatham Light at that time and never had any problems.Lots of fish and crowds sometimes but every one was respectful. Met some nice guys there.
  9. This is a pic from one of my trail cams at my hunting area.It looks like this Barred Owl is extending his legs and he has to be rather low so I think he was trying to strike some animal.
  10. Paper City is Holyoke.
  11. I had one of those when I was a kid. It was green and I think it had three sets of trebles.I remember catching at least one big largemouth on it.
  12. What did your doctor have to say about this? Could be a neurological problem not related to the vaccine.Could even originate from a neck or shoulder problem.
  13. We see them all the time in Westfield.Had a couple monsters in my yard three weeks ago.I don't know where they came from.I've seen a lot of them but none like these two.
  14. I agree with Smellfish.
  15. Commercial guy I know said he's been getting 5 dollars a lb. in Sandwich.25.99 a lb. Retail in Mashpee.