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  1. If you have gas piping or electrical work done by an unlicensed person and there is a fire or other problem with the equipment your insurance company will investigate and ask for license numbers and names.When they find out a handyman did the work you will receive zero payment for damage done.
  2. I have relatives that live on the Cape and they have mentioned that certain areas of the Cape have developed a rat problem.This has been a fairly recent development.
  3. The confined space of a porta potty might be a good place to contact the virus.The woods are a better option.
  4. The males have quite impressive coloring.
  5. Capt. I think you have a rose breasted grosbeak there.His feathers look rather bedraggled.
  6. Obviously a mistake.I haven't tried to catch them for a while. I had a spot at Gate 8 where I could catch them easily around Memorial day when I think they were spawning. I could catch them in the general area at other times of the year but had to hunt around for them then.Both sides of Gate 43 used to have good numbers of them but I haven't fished there in a long time.
  7. Actually Stripernut I haven't tried for them for quite a while even though I do fish
  8. Quabbin has some good sized ones.They are delicious eating fish.
  9. I have had pretty good luck with Bushnell cameras.I have one Browning that has worked well the last three years.Some deer want to be the star of the show.
  10. I actually won it in a raffle.If I keep it I will use it for hunting.I have a Browning X bolt in 308 that I like a lot.I ordered the Ruger in 6.5 creedmoor because it seems like a popular caliber.
  11. Anyone ever owned a Ruger American Rifle? I'm going to be getting one and I wondered if it is worth keeping.Not an expensive gun so I'd like to hear some personal experiences.
  12. Just had a sharpshin pick a junco off a branch next to my birdfeeder.unbelievable speed,seemed to come out of nowhere.Picked the junco off the branch and kept flying.It flew into some fairly thick bushes and devoured the bird.
  13. Back in the 80's I got a 4 pointer with a slug. When he was butchered we found a piece of 00 buck up against his breastbone encased in gristle.It was not a new wound,had to be a year old.This deer also had a fresh wound in the side.This piece of buckshot was up against a rib.It must have been fired from some distance.I had never considered buckshot but if I had that would have convinced me not to use it.
  14. Found this shroom next to a bike trail this morning. Anyone know what it is? Is it edible?(I'm not going to eat it.) I don't think I've ever seen one before this.
  15. I have a friend who has been catching triggerfish. He would like a recipe or two to try eating them. He says people tell him they are pretty good. I have never caught one,they are kind of a newer species here in New England. Any ideas will be appreciated.