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  1. Only problem is sometimes the idiots gang up and there is no room for you. They do this at the Ct.River when the bass are around.Same deal as the canal with one guy running the fish up to the car while the others keep fishing.
  2. Business may be off on the lower Cape but the Mashpee-Falmouth area was packed last week.All Falmouth beachs had full parking lots by 10am.Saturday with some cloudiness the traffic was unbelievable.Breakfast restaurants all had lines outside,people waiting to get in.
  3. There' was an "alleged herring poacher"caught by an epo in Easthamn Saturday.There is a picture of the herring in the guys net on Cape Cod today.
  4. I'm going to stick with Permithrin. I'm more afraid of the diseases the ticks carry than any effects from Permithrin.I have had no tick bites the last two years deer hunting in Ct. I had my share before I started using it. I only spray my pants and only use them when hunting and it works.
  5. The rabbits they are putting on Nomans are New England cottontails the original rabbit of New England.The ones you see in Boston are Eastern cottontails. New England cottontails are slightly smaller and darker colored than Eastern cottontails. I grew up with beagles and rabbit hunting. We used to get New England cottontails in the Berkshires when I was a young guy. I don't think they are doing too well there now.Both species of rabbit cooked up deliciously.
  6. Bob do use permethrin on your hunting clothes?
  7. Thanks Ted,that paneling looks like the stuff to use.
  8. Anyone ever replace a camper ceiling? it's some type of wallboard not sheetrock.Wondering what would be the best material to use.Doesn't have to be fancy.Got some water damage inside and I want to get the wet insulation out of the ceiling cavity.
  9. Think about the people that are throwing these nips out their car windows driving around with a buzz on. I have also walked down some roads where I was surprised at the amount of nip bottles.
  10. There used to be a thriving wild population along the Connecticut River and surrounding areas.Some of the best spots are now shopping malls and housing development. It sure was nice to be hunting birds a few minutes from home.
  11. i have a friend who owns two small markets that specialize in meats.His beef products have always looked artificially red to me so I asked him one day if the beef was treated with something to look that way.He admitted that it was treated with something but he didn't say what it was and I could tell he didn't want to continue the conversation.
  12. They showed up in my yard on this date last yea
  13. Even bigger fans of birdseed.
  14. Who knew foxes were big fans of birdseed?
  15. Date should be 12-11-2018