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  1. Bring some throwing knives and tomahawks. I'll bring the Apple for ErNiE's head.
  2. I'm in!
  3. And I call BS, especially with stringy oak or the like. Time for a kindling-off!
  4. Ok 7 fingers ErNiE!
  5. Welding - one thing I never learned. Looks easy enough to make up something similar if you do.
  6. Nah. If you've seen her swing a maul or axe, this will be much safer!
  7. You ever have kidney stones? My Dad used to drink a lot of milk. Until he got kidney stones and his Dr. said excessive milk drinking could be a cause. This was 25 years ago so its possible the doc was all wet. I like milk but rarely drink it now due to the fairly high carb content.
  8. Yeah, simple design but it works great. There's a video of it in action on the site. I got one for my wife to use when her foot heals up.
  9. Drew's Chipotle Ranch is the shiznit!
  10. For you woodburners and smoke cookers out there. Northern Tool has the Kindling Cracker on sale for $45 shipped (with coupon/keycode 266086). Pretty handy little unit.
  11. There's a website & Chrome plug-in dedicated to rooting out fake reviews, called FakeSpot
  12. Did the EPO's come when you called them?
  13. I was on the 2nd hole. Lasted until 5 before throwing in the towel.
  14. There's definitely different levels of defectiveness. Good work taking care of it before you got as bad as me. I'm afraid I'm on insulin for as many years as I last going forward.