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  1. Nice moose. That'll fill the freezer!
  2. Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. 5 hours here. But I'm staying put.
  3. Do you drink when you're on stand? I never have. For the piss factor and it seems to chill me right down. Keep a water bottle or liter of seltzer in the truck and wait until the ride home.
  4. Thanks. This was the 3rd one checked in at the station I go to since the season opened in Sept. And at least one of the other 2 was taken with dogs. I don't really target them, but this is my 2nd in 40 years. So yeah, pretty rare.
  5. Looks better with my glasses on. So THAT'S why it was blurry.
  6. I think my high school had better A/V club geeks 40 years ago. Looks like they borrowed SIM's camera
  7. Ditched em'
  8. My stream started about 10 seconds before the goal.
  9. Speed looks fine. Let me see what the stream looks like here.
  10. But if it looked much better on a wired laptop your Wi-Fi might need resetting like ErNiE says. What's it speed test at?
  11. Sometimes it's just a ****** stream and there's not much you can do on your end.
  12. Wife wants me to make some sausage. What flavor jerky do you like?
  13. Yeah, that kicker is on the opposite side with deer #2. Just having that would make you think genetic relations.
  14. Thanks. My 2nd. Shot a 285# in VT 30 years ago. Damn I'm getting old.