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  1. I hate sitting around the campfire and realizing your headlamp is on.
  2. Wait a year or two and let the Ekman chase some roosters!
  3. I went diving off of Lanai. The guides posted us outside the entrances of lava caves, and then went inside trying to get sharks to swim out. Tried it 6 or 7 times, no one home each time.
  4. I thought this was going to be about that awful "FUBAR" show.
  5. Channel 25 or 91 is about all I listen to these days on Sirius. And 313 when I'm streaming from the phine app.
  6. Outclassed all night and they steal one. You'd think they'd have to play a lot better to win another one. And how can your pp be that bad, but you 6x5 be that good?
  7. I've got a half dozen regulars. Going through 1000ml of food every week.
  8. This is only the 3rd one I've lost since I've had the pool (17 or 18 years). Still, having a spare in the cellar would probably be a good idea. 3rd regular hose. Backwash hoses are junk and need replacing most every year.
  9. I must've watched the wrong video. All I heard was some woman having an O. "Ohh my gawwwd!!" over and over.
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