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  1. My truck gets 13mpg normally, and around 11 with the camper on. But it's fairly flat where I go. Probably wouldn't get that much out west.
  2. Of course it does. Simple division. 47 goes into 48 moar than the other way around.
  3. Has anyone used Costa's warranty since the Luxottica buyout? Supposedly it's now $75 if the lens is the issue, $25 for frame problems. So in this case you'd almost be better off buying another pair outright.
  4. Didn't you Jersey guys sell your soul to the togtooth for legal weed? Whatcha bothering the docs for.
  5. I want to take the truck camper cross country and then up to Alaska. Figure I'll need about a 3 month vacation. But not while gas is nearly $5 a gallon.
  6. Couldn't score there either I bet.
  7. 2X
  8. Pulled a shopping cart full off the shelf yesterday. Had maybe 7 or 8 jars that weren't affected.
  9. Handshakes
  10. Just give the effing cup to Tampon Bay agam. No one else is even close .
  11. Gonna miss playing in my local Senior Club Championship by less than a week this August.
  12. It's hard to know how they're gonna fit, even though they list the measurements. My old pair is still going strong. Got em' in my golf bag though, probably not the best spot for them.
  13. I effed up when I put in my mini-split. Should've gotten a dual unit and covered the bedroom too. Might install another single there, and point it out the doorway. Should cool and heat that whole end of the house. Home cheapo had a Pioneer low budget unit for $750, Memorial Week Special. For that price if it dies in 10 years I won't be too pissed off. Sold out, hopefully they'll get more in this week.
  14. Which ones did you get before?
  15. Mine has the bedroom window unit as low as it will go. I think it's 64°. Pretty sure I can see my breath.