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  1. They weren't bad this morning. But it was 40° and a little windy. Tuesday they were awful. I forgot to grab my full bugmask, and the little peckerheads were climbing through the eyeholes in the mask above.
  2. Nice! I go back to the Vineyard tomorrow am. Might bring the travel rod this trip. Only one other guy fishes though, and neither of us are bringing cars over.
  3. Still masking up outside.
  4. Happy Birthday SJ
  5. Nice gobbler at 50 yards this morning. Couldn't get him to come in 20 moar.
  6. Eff eddy
  7. Best thing about wireless charging is the cables don't go to ****. Worst thing is it takes 4X as long to charge.
  8. Had that without the sunshine. Stupidly let my buds talk me into playing golf in the league tonight. Radar said we'd get maybe 3 holes in before the heavy stuff - the radar was right.
  9. So, we would've split the pot?
  10. 4 minutes
  11. @rocco @MikeMc @Toad in Nj
  12. Looks like we're going to be 1 short of running.
  13. Thanks for that pic. I needed some lot numbers for my fake covid card.
  14. One moar degenerate