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  1. Give it a fancy name, it's still a Toyota.
  2. The Capt' would be beside himself. Has to win EVERYTHING. We're working on it.
  3. You better have Mrs. rocco, Roccettte, and 2 friends buy the other 4. Rebate limit is 1 per person. Still a great deal without the rebate though.
  4. Get in there you degenerate gambler:
  5. SKU 2071581
  6. And my bad, it's 650CCA. The 800 is at 32°, not 0°
  7. That was for Toto. Yours is a Group 35
  8. In for 4
  9. Yeah, that one is the size of a lawnmower battery so yer not gonna get as much out of it. How many CCA's is the one that's in there now?
  10. I hate rebates though, so there's that.
  11. I'm tempted to buy one for my truck and store it in the cellar. Current battery is less than 3 years old and fine.
  12. Their search sucks. Try looking for SKU 2071600
  13. You can have it shipped free to his door if there's no store nearby. Under $100 for a 800CCA AGM battery is just insane.
  14. No flag thrown on this play. If he doesn't catch it, almost as egregious a non call as the Saints game.