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  1. 2.4ghz wireless shouldn't typically give you streaming issues. Yeah, 5ghz will get you higher maximum data speeds, but less range. So if your device is close with line-of-sight to the router 5ghz is faster. But if your router is far away or on a different floor 2.4 will actually get you more throughput. In fact, you might not be able to connect via 5ghz at all. If your streaming sucks something else must be going on. What kind of speedtest numbers do you get on the laptop? (www.speedtest.net) One thing about 2.4 is the frequency gets used by cordless phones, baby monitors, etc. so it could be a matter of interference. Just changing your wifi channel might help. What do you have for a router? The "gateway" that Spectrum provides?
  2. We know you just like the holio music.
  3. I didn't realize there was a state that actually let you shoot a wolf. Go Idaho!
  4. Been trying to walk with the pups and Jenny every day. Guess what the Jenny dug out today for me to wear when walking. AN EFFING FANNY PACK! Eff ErNiE!
  5. I've got one of those in the cellar exercise museum too.
  6. The app is available on Roku. Looking at Spectrum's website it looks like it's also available on Samsung smart TV's and the XBox One. No mention of it being on Vizio TV's, Fire Sticks, or Apple TV. Shoot with your other question.
  7. Aren't they now "Spectrum" TV? Roku works similar to your Vizio apps, it's just WAY more robust. With official and unofficial "private" channels there's just tons more streaming available than what your Vizio apps give you. Plus the Spectrum app would give you your cable channels without a box rental.
  8. Works pretty well. I think they require you to have one conventional box though. Additional tv's can use the app. One thing, the app is "beta". Rumor has it once it's officially released the SOB's are going to charge a monthly fee just like a box.
  9. It had to be said.
  10. There's a guy in the MA that wants to use one of those rods with roller guides, and a baitrunner in the pond. Because hooking up to a BFT is a common occurrence there.
  11. Usually true for most smart Tv's, but the TCL at least has gotten just as many updates as my stand alone boxes. And apps load much faster and scroll smoother than the boxes.
  12. I've got the 55" TCL 4K, non HDR version. Got it as a cheap bridge between my plasma that died, and the OLED that I covet. I'd have to look up the model number, it's a couple years old so it probably doesn't correspond to what's available now anyway. I'm very happy with it. The Roku features work much faster/better than my standalone Roku boxes. 4K from YouTube, etc. looks awesome.
  13. Non logging / tracking DNS. Fastest one around as well. There's also an app in the play store of the same name. Supposed to also be a VPN.
  14. I stink at going back to sleep. Old dog woke me up at 4. Planning on installing a transfer switch for the genny today, should go get an early start.
  15. I haven't looked, but imagine I crashed and burned pretty badly on day 2 from some of the scores I've seen.