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  6. somethin nicer than ******* lol
  7. I would definitly try Ft. Pierce inlet , and the indian river should be good for trout and snook. The river is good because if your just visiting you can wade and bang them early mornin.
  8. Ya i was there one time and there was so much bait (mullet) this guy threw his cast net and got like 1,500 and he couldnt bring the net in so he had to let it off his wrist lolol.
  9. I think we should get some stickers like so I can rep. Stripersonline on my truck like i do *******
  10. I was born in cocoa beach.....and fished there a lot this is the best time for pompanoes off the surf.
  11. Rancocase creek is banging during the fall and summer for monster pickeral. I dunno about in the colder weather.
  12. Anybody heard of this crap how in 2011 they r going to start changing 22 dollars for a saltwater fishing licsence. No more free saltwater fishing now u need a liscence.
  13. hey, i was just wondering i need to register my 12 ft boat i use in the lakes around here. the problem is i do not have any title or proof of purchase what should i do?
  14. im gonna try this stuff marlin trident 49 strand 175 #test
  15. ok thanks ill probably use 80# see how it fends. i use 175# in FL but those r some serious sharks down there.