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  1. Fri late aft hit the top of outgoing at popular Soco beach/rocks area. Big, long swells..No birds or signs of fish..No hits or follows on usual go-tos in boulder fields that usually produce..Pencils, swimmers. Water looked surprisingly clean for all the wave action. Any tips from the fishing brainpower assembled here? Was thinking I could head to an East facing location protected from those swells. Thanks!...Sledge
  2. A few years ago at Hazard Ave rocks, I was disgusted by the heaps of garbage, bait boxes, Goya cans, water bottles, takeout containers. I found a garbage bag and filled it ...while a big group of fisherman looked at me like I had a third eye. There should be 'leave nothing behind' signs in Spanish and English.If someone organizes, I'd be willing to join a clean-up. I wonder if anyone among us knows someone from 'the community' who speaks Spanish, ideally a fisherman.
  3. Hey Rob--what reel are you going to match with the new rod?
  4. I see a lot of those skimmers in FL, but never up here. Cool to see them fly with only their lower beak skimming.
  5. Hey Rob..your thread interests me as I'm planning to buy a Canal rod to throw the same lures/weights as you mention. (My 10' Tsunami Airwave is fine for 2-3 oz pencils and bottle plugs.) I wonder if 10-6" would be sufficient. I assume 11' could get more distance, but I worry about the fatigue factor. I was looking at Tsunami 11', but reconsidering after seeing comments about casting difficulty at the Canal. Do any local retailers carry Black Hole and DNA rods? Thanks
  6. RST--these were not bunker, but definitely herring. I meant to mention that these had a deep blue back with white underside..about 5'' long
  7. Last (mid) summer, I was with my family on Plum Island and saw a dead seal on the beach with a huge gash/chunk on its back. I was thinking it either hit a prop...or.....something else.
  8. A few yrs back, mid-day mid Oct, on a windy SoCo beach 3mi north of a bway, I threw my Afterhours swimmer I'd never used about 10' out, just to get a feel for how it would swim before making a real cast, I feel a tug and pulled in my first ever keeper bass from the surf. (Released, of course.) I then caught two monster blues, one of which puked up a couple of herring. By complete luck, my swimmer was an exact match for those herring, size and color-wise. Really bummed I didn't get a pic of my plug next to that bait. Do you guys know when those herring run..and are they dumping out of or heading into ponds? Clearly those fish were zeroing in on that bait..and I was nowhere near a river or BW. Thanks!
  9. That there's a gollum fish
  10. thanks guys!
  11. Hoping to get some tackle wisdom from the RI tribe of SOL.... 1. Anyone know who makes a solid flourescent green pencil -about 5" ( tapered, 1 1/2 oz I think)? Gibbs has some fancier ones, and today I lost one that I've been doing well on lately. 2. I'm going to remove all my trebles on plugs, and replace with a single in the back. What hooks do I use, and what size (I throw 1 1/2 to 2oz woods, mostly pencils and swimmers. I hear about Siwash hooks..wanted to confirm. 3. What kind of tool, snips do I need to cut off a treble? I tried one in my toolbox that cuts wire but it was useless on the old rusty treble I tried it on. Thanks! Sledgematic
  12. Yesterday, beautiful day near a famous lighthouse..Bait being harassed on top all afternoon. Small pods would pop up, then quieted, especially when boats would jump on them. Mostly out of casting range. No one hooked up, or got hits from what I could see. Most throwing topwater. Albies?
  13. I have two girls (13/16)..Love them like crazy but they are girly girls. I can't tell you how many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress, Dance Moms, Americas Next Top Model, Project Runway and the Bachelor. For me, striper fishing, like dipping Skoal, splitting wood and watching Godfather, Goodfellas and Full Metal Jacket are a natural reaction to being the only dude in the house.
  14. Fished Sat aft top of the tide at a Soco beach/rock location..before the NW wind kicked birds/breaking fish...Poppers, metal-lip swimmers, bottles..nuthin. Saw a seal..might have been two. Had never seen them in this area...I'm sure their presence doesn't help the fishing.
  15. A few years back I was fishing a SoCo beach, not catching, when these kids show up and start lighting off roman candles very close to me. I start cursing and preparing to move, when I immediately caught 3 big schoolies.