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    fishing the surf and the ditch...
  1. new price...$225
  2. I got one....in very good condition. What were you thinking of spending?
  3. BTT
  4. Yeah the helicopter landed on our parade field around 1:45 AM I believe....woke most of us up lol
  5. Spinning...terribly sorry that I did not mention this.
  6. Hey guys, I got a 1 piece custom lamiglas 1205 for sale....its in pretty good shape. All guides are mint. I don't have a picture...as of now. Might be able to get one for ya if your interested. Local pick up only. I live on the Cape Cod Canal.. $260 or BO
  7. I'm in! Thanks
  8. It's called I don't live at home. And I havn't been home in 4 months. It's none of your business anyways Sir. Just a mistake on my part....I seriously thought I still had it at home. Was gonna have my room mate mail it out.
  9. Doing good! Lots of low keeper to mid keeper size fish for me...
  10. $400 and I'll pick up the shipping seeing how you live in NY.
  11. BTT
  12. Okay cool! Thanks alot!
  13. Would you accept a money order? I don't have a paypal account. sorry.
  14. Hey guys, this thing is brand new! Never even been used...it has 10wt floating tarpon/permit line on it....don't have the time to fly fish. It's black (9/10wt) and comes with everything, box, papers, and VS pouch. Just never really used it I guess. And now need to get rid of it. Asking $400 with out shipping cost Thanks
  15. Didn't see this...whoops. I'll take the reel if you can do $600. I'll send the money out tomorrow.