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  1. 1DZ these gone?
  2. man i was catching those in the BVI's on deadly dicks. nasty things
  3. while we wait for albies and bones we drop tins and jig for scup and seabass. $10 biggest ground fish. Nice way to kill time while wait for Albert to show up.
  4. Looks like fun fellas
  5. You could call Dave on the Irish Jig. check his website. daves always on fish.
  6. Capt is right. This is an issue that will never go away. Some people fish to keep everything they catch. I see it every morning whrn i leave my marina. Fishing off the town dock keeping every scup or any species they catch in hopes of filling the bucket. Size, season, species. doesnt matter. If it swims its going in the bucket. I mean they spent $20 on the rods and bait, theyre not going home empty handed.
  7. Blue balls
  8. Yup I got both as well. If I had to sell one it woukd prob be the 1201L. Just personal preference. Both awesome rods
  9. I still think the 1201M is the best all around surf rod. it does it all well
  10. Agreed fish have been on the move. It's been a hunting game this season. Can't rely on past performances
  11. 7' star rod w/ VS200 blue frog jig with 5" pork rind
  12. south of the bridges are loaded with them. Its been frustrating to say the least. They are everywhere.
  13. Buck tails were the trick this morning
  14. Your fishing in an area heavily populated with gator blues. Tough to get through to anything else.
  15. That is an easy ride. During albie season we run from PJ to Newport all day chasing fish. If you wouldnt run to where you normally fish then dont run to newport.