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  1. 10-4.... Just let me know... Thanks
  2. I'll pick up any fees, just have to figure out how to get back into PayPal, if that's the route... Just let me know. Thanks
  3. I'll do 70 shipped to Queens NY, if that works for you? Let me know, and we can figure out payment
  4. Meant to quote this post on the above
  5. Yes, up on the third floor, which was an attic....renovated in the 40's ...early 50's going off of newspapers I am finding
  6. House was built in 1916...I am the third owner....hasn't been touched...absolute nightmare, but a labor of love...figured you guys would enjoy the time capsule
  7. Inside of a wall....put it in 2 Rubbermaid containers....can't wait to sit on my couch and go through it...newspaper is 1921...pretty cool
  8. Always surprised on the worth of some things. Stuff I would think is big $ is worth peanuts... Things that look like garbage worth big bucks... The best is when people think they are sitting on retirement $... only to find out its worth about one paycheck, but try to act surprised and can see the disappointment in there's TV gold
  9. Belt is the most unpredictable road in the world...rush's moving (rarely)......2AM....bumper to bumper
  10. 10-4....I'm on Park lane South.....10 minute run for me....the only decent bakery left local... if you are detouring, a stop at the polish joint on Jamaica Ave 2 blocks off Woodhaven Blvd is worth it.....Kielbasa is outstanding...right next to Manor deli
  11. Has to be turnovers, 2lbs of cookies, raspberry Danish ring, and crumb cakes are the dessert selection for every large get together at my house. Always compliments on the desserts. Place is great, hope they keep the doors open for a long time. If it's not Oxford, then you must be
  12. If you can pull the codes, and let me know what they are, I may be willing to meet with you and test drive... Problem is, in NY they will not even look at a car with a check engine light (for inspection)...they will reset it, but you have to drive about 60 miles without it coming back on (does it come right back on after reset?) I trust you that it runs fine, but due to a lot of street parking in NYC, I need to be able to get inspected every plus troubleshooting can add up..let me know, if not good luck! Thanks
  13. Do you know the code(s) that are keeping the check engine light on? If you can find out, let me know, and I can do some research... Any autozone or similar should be able to pull the codes for free. Would need to get rid of the check engine light, just for yearly inspection purposes....
  14. Jfert, I don't know if I should thank you or curse If you take it, good luck with it! On the rocks, thanks for being a gentleman and honestly answering my questions. If it doesn't work out, message me, or quote this post, as I'm not on often. This truck has been racking my brain. Thanks
  15. Thanks for answering my questions. My current vehicle has the same issue with the check engine light...can't track it down..runs fine, but what a PIA come inspection time...have to drive it 50-60 miles, and it pops up at 49 miles...rinse..repeat. Not kicking tires at all, but for me to drive 2+hrs just to test drive and not commit, is out of my scope. Beautiful truck, just what I'm looking for...wish I was local and could do some troubleshooting, but unfortunately that is not an option. Good luck with your sale, and thanks again..... All the best