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  1. I own Simms waders and love 'em. My normal shoe sizes are 14s & 15s depending on the brand. I matced my waders with a size 15 Simms boot....awesome. Bill
  2. About 6 inches....on a generic Kmart shad rap back/silver foil/white belly. Summer btwn 5th & 6th grades. How time flies.... Bill
  3. Best Largemouth.....a hair over 10lbs....pond in S. Carolina....on a 6in. Sluggo Best Smallie.....5lbs.....Lake St. Clair, fishing for Musky.....hit a large streamer....shad pattern Bill
  4. Good AM, Dpost2. I thought about using a marker, but I'm concerned with uniformity....tying for someone else. Probably a good place to start.....don't know how deeply it'll penetrate or how long it'll last in salt water. I think (going back 20 yrs, so bear with me) with RIT there's a quench stage of the dyeing process....stops absorption/prevents bleeding. I think..... Hopefully I don't make this stuff brittle. I also like what one of the other members said about Koolaid. Hmmm, pink lemonade..... As for the name on the package, ...depends on where you buy. Wapsi and White River labels list Icelandic as Streamer Hair. I have a few generic store labels that list it as Icelandic Sheep. Oh well..... Regards, Bill
  5. Hi, Brian. I'll be sure to check out the tying forum. Jokes....gotta do some diggin'. Icelandic sheep wool (aka Streamer Hair) is long (6+ inch strands common) and has a natural taper. Blends well with bucktail. Works well alone. Moves very well in the water.....continues to move during the pause (strip/pause....strip, strip/pause...etc.) To the rest of youz guyz, thanks for the input. I'll let you know how things turn out. Regards, Bill
  6. Just when I was gonna apologize for not conducting a topic search before posting......spotted this gem. What difference does it make? When tying at the request of others, I typically ask what THEY want, then act accordingly. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Color is not the main triggering factor in getting a fish to bite no matter what the manufacturers want you to believe. This was neither stated nor implied in my post. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Presentation 2. Profile 3. Size 4. Color Generally true, but NOT etched in stone. I"™ve had many days with Brown Trout, Steelhead, Salmon, AAAAND STRIPERS when that order was shuffled. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Work on your casting and presentation skills first before worrying so much about fly color. Based on your knowledge of my casting stroke, equipment, fly selection, and probable fishing destinations, please provide a detailed description of the changes necessary to improve my proficiency.
  7. Ya got me! Shoulda gone with the egg nog. Twas ye ole friend Maker's Mark that brought those thoughts to fore.
  8. Maybe they meant smiling a duck's bill. Hmmmm. I don't know, but it beats happy platypus-head jigs.
  9. Capper, you might wanna be careful. Andrew may, uhhhhh, "fully understand" your motto! ....don't need any SURPRISES!!!