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  1. Yep....bent wire or even the tiniest amount of debris / "gunk". Hydrilla is a nightmare. Quick edit.... Not Hydrilla. I meant to say Milfoil. Off to work.... I've never even thought of this. Cool.
  2. Wow....good to know. I saw that 2nd pic and had an instant change of opinion. I've caught lots and lots of brown trout and have noted variance in patterns, most notably in spot density. I can't recall ever catching a brown with a pattern like that in the 2nd pic. I still won't completely rule out tiger trout, but your info is compelling.
  3. Thanks for the feedback on the bearings, etc.
  4. I speculate that he's replacing bearings that failed due to side-loading and fighting fish at the upper limits of the reel's capability. I've HEARD and READ that that can happen with some of the Avets, but since I have not one yet, I can't offer anything definitive. If the failure is due to side-loading, I wonder if there's an aftermarket thrust bearing that could be dropped in as an upgrade. I don't know bearingology, though, and have no idea if such an upgrade is even possible, given potential spacial constraints, etc.
  5. A few years back, when I lived in the Midwest, I used 60 lb. and 80 lb. fluoro. I used 40 lb. Maxima Chameleon once in a pinch....twas all I had. When I go out later this year, I'll either use 26 lb. knottable wire or 50 lb. fluoro. I've used both with conventional gear and never had an issue.
  6. Interesting. I'd forgotten which two trout species were used as brood stock. So there could be various color phases. I'm still sticking with brown trout on this one, though. Looks just like lots of browns I've caught in Michigan, Washington, Missouri, South Carolina, and Georgia.
  7. Every tiger trout I've seen had markings similar to other members of the char family; light spots / markings on a dark background. Brookies, bull trout, dolly varden, arctic char, etc. all share that trait. The pectoral fins were also different, more like the chars; reddish with a well-defined white stripe.
  8. When I was a teenager we'd tie our own using small gold hooks. They worked for blueback herring in lakes and rivers. As a few others have said, check your local regs.
  9. Yep, that's a brown.
  10. Maybe let Simms Customer Service make the call. 888-585-3570. Better yet, Simms' web page shows an email address. That's your safest bet.
  11. Not sure how large you need, but from what I've heard, as a general rule people buy 1 size larger than their normal shoe size. My everyday shoes and boots are 15s or some 14s, depending on the design. I can fit in a Freestone 15. I've never used any type of stud in Freestones. Simms used to offer them with built-in studs, so you may want to check and see if that's still an option.
  12. If they're still being built to the exacting standards that have come to define Simms, you'll get plenty of mileage. My first pair, I bought in 2001 and fished them hard in lots of rocky and woody creeks and rivers. Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia, maybe more. I never had a problem. No felt separation, no issues with the lacing system (pulled hooks or tears at the grommets), nothing. I was forced to replace them about 5 or so years ago when I did something smart. I was exhausted when I came off the river, so I drove home in my waders. I pulled into my garage and placed my boots on the front bumper while I changed. Then I walked inside..... Ooops...quick edit. Meant to say Ontario, not British Columbia. Got BC on my mind, but for a different reason.
  13. Yep. Cool looking fish. In one of Dick Sternberg's books from the late '80s or early '90s, he lists "Eskimo Tarpon" as one of the common names for the inconnu (aka sheefish).
  14. Penn Mag Power 990. Rare earth magnet makes it impossible to backlash, once tuned. 325 yards / 30 lb. mono; 4.7:1 ratio; 4/0 drag. Super easy to cast and plenty of drag. Note that the line tie was cut from the spool by a previous owner. Inside is clean and well lubed. 10/10 mechanically.....cast great and drag is wicked strong. $100 shipped. Check or USPS Money Order. Trying to avoid getting whacked by Paypal fees.
  15. Thank you. PM on the way. Thanks TimS and SOL crew.
  16. Thanks, man. Well, if it doesn't sell, I may re-post later in the Spring. Anybody?
  17. Closed for now. Gotta double check pricing. Bought from a shop that cut me a deal, so I won't sell for more than I paid him.
  18. How large? I've stumbled upon 12s here and there. I'm not sure where you can find them, but I know size 20 is out there. A few years ago, some kid over on youtube was showing off a huh-YUUUUGE musky bucktail he'd made with double 20s. Think Ohio-Class! Looked like a hula doll twirling a couple of serving spoons.
  19. Another option with the traditional MirrOlure look is the Glad Shad. Back in the early or mid-'90s, MirrOlure came out with a lipless crankbait that was available in 2 sizes and 3 weights (I think). Like many other lipless cranks, the line tie was placed slightly behind the eyes. The Glad Shad uses that same body style, but the line tie is just forward of the eyes.
  20. The one on the bottom is actually a MirroLure. It's called a MirrOdine.
  21. $85 shipped
  22. I wish you hadn't asked....reminds me that I need to buy a good digital SLR. I have limited access to some professional equipment. This was actually one of the older Nikons, either D80 or D90. The total setup is pretty spendy.....several thousand dollars. Maybe next time I'm in there I can check the setup for specifics. That said, anybody wanna make an offer on this reel?
  23. Gonna bump this back up.
  24. No worries. Congrats on the new Strat! :th:
  25. How about a Gibson Les Paul Supreme? The color is rootbeer. AAAA tiger maple top and back. Set low and fast. ebony fingerboard with pearl inlays; gold frets (bell brass, I think); 490R and 498T alnico humbuckers; three-way selector switch; and an abalone, pearl, and brass globe inlaid on the headstock. The mahogany body is chambered to reduce weight and enhance resonance. Quick edit....forgot to mention the case. That's the correct factory case. $2200 shipped and insured, plus signature confirmation.