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  1. I understand. I'm going to bow out for now. If I have a change of heart on PayPal and still have the reel, I'll check back in and see if you're still looking. Off to work.
  2. I didn't mean to imply that either you or I should immediately post elsewhere. It MAY not be against the rules, but I feel inclined to let things play out with the member who started this thread.
  3. Are you able to send a cashier's/bank check or USPS Money order?
  4. I think this would be against the BST rules. I believe I would have to either start my own Want to Sell thread or respond to a Want to Buy thread started by you.
  5. Let me give it some thought. Sorry...wasn't ignoring you. I've been having some problems with Paypal's goofy website (bad links) for the past 3 months. I have a small amount of cash in the account. When I click the link to request a check by mail, I'm rerouted to the options to link an account. I don't link financial accounts. They're getting a phone call.
  6. Zoom in on the white sticker on the lower right.
  7. I don't know about the "jurisdictions", but I've seen North and South in print (perhaps The Surfcaster?). I think I had that discussion with Van Staal the same day I called them to discuss whether or not they'd ever offer silver as a color option. S was NOT always silver. Silver (clear anodizing) wasn't an option until the early 2000s.
  8. Deleted unrelated pic.
  9. Meet me in the middle at $1200 and she's yours.
  10. You may already know this, but I'll state it just in case. Early reels were only available in black or gold. Gold was preferred in the South, while black sold better in the Northeast. Thus, the model designations included either an S or an N depending on the reel's color. Here's my USA VS 150S (S stood for gold on early reels) with original box and bag. There's a tiny flea bite on the rear right side, visible in the 5th photo. $1300 shipped and insured.
  11. Sorry I took a while to return. When I first replied, I was duck hunting in Michigan with a great friend. I came home exhausted and had to jump on some issues at work. Funny, I've considered buying a Slammer III 10500 for guests and honestly, I'd like to use it myself. I keep talking myself off that ledge, though. A 2 speed reel cuts the fight time down substantially, so it's better for the fish. I still want that Slammer, though. It's not going to be the same as fighting sharks and rays in the open ocean. The river, particularly some of the narrower stretches with rapids and steep banks (canyon country), presents its own set of challenges. If you're fishing from shore you'll have to be able to follow a big fish once it leaves the hole and goes downstream (or upstream!...had that happen). With that Spinfisher, you should be fine with fish up to about 8 feet or so. A 10+ footer will be a problem if you can't follow it. A quick note on leaders and hooks. Keep your leader short. REALLY SHORT, like 3 to 5 inches. That will keep the fish from swallowing the hook AND you can also cast farther. I use 130 lb. Dacron leader. My favorite hook is Gamakatsu's Big River Bait Hook in 9/0 and 10/0, mostly 9/0. Washington, Idaho, and Oregon require a single barbless hook, so I mash the barbs and use a Dremel Tool to grind off what's left.
  12. I fish for sturgeon in the Snake River in Washington. You CANNOT use braid. Don't let anyone talk you into that. The Snake River has carved its way through a vast lava flat, so the bottom is covered with basalt rock. Basalt is extremely abrasive and cuts through the heaviest braids within seconds. Actually, it's worse than merely cutting the braid. Basalt shreds heavy braid while the fish runs. When the fish breaks off 10 seconds or so after hook-up the basalt will have ruined yards and yards of braid. I learned that lesson several years ago, losing a HUGE fish and having to trash over 100 yards of line. Stick to monofilament. I primarily use Momoi, because it's very abrasion resistant and has low memory (casts well). You need a reel that holds 300+ yards of 50 lb mono. Your best choice in reels is a castable lever-drag 2 speed like an Avet HXW, Penn Torque 60, Penn Fathom Lever Drag 60 2 speed, etc. If your Battalion's specs are accurate it will work, since you'll may need to cast 10 oz plus bait. If you'd like to discuss specific hooks, baits, types of sinkers, etc., we can do that. I'll check back in a few days....busy doing some things with friends I haven't seen in 15 years.
  13. I laughed off and on for 10 minutes. Hopefully, it'll take less time to unsee that visual.
  14. Yep. The only one I ever caught bit a plastic worm when I was fishing a South Carolina farm pond. Thank God it wasn't a big one AND the hook hadn't penetrated past the barb. The hook popped out as I was struggling to lift that thing (probably 20+ pounds) over the thick marsh grass at water's edge.
  15. I loved the gripping the steering wheel, violent shaking, and screaming like a 2 year old.
  16. Some lib losing it when she learns of Ginsburg's passing.
  17. I think I'm prohibited from providing the link, due to strong language. If you haven't seen and heard this woman's meltdown go to YouTube. Search for "Leftists LOSE Their Minds Over RGB".
  18. Uuuuh, well, he is now.....
  19. You left off young boy.
  20. Nancy "NO MASK" Pelosi (D) in a San Francisco hair salon. (D)o as I say, not as I do.
  21. Pound for pound, they're not the best fighters, but they make a great sturgeon bait. For casting, 4 to 6 inchers are great.
  22. On the Snake, too.
  23. Good luck with that shoulder. Hopefully it doesn't keep you sidelined for too long.