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  1. Aside from my father.... Jim Corbett Walter “Karamojo” Bell Harry Selby (passed away a couple of years ago...lived into his 90s) Phil Robertson (had dinner with him 20 years ago) Craig Boddington Others: John “Pondoro” Taylor and Finn Aagaard. Bill Pinell and Morris Talifson (Kodiak brown bear). Tim Wells---if for nothing else, to see him throw those damn spears. Dez Young and Dusty Baker for upland birds. Tim Grounds for geese.
  2. Use a Palomar Knot. I use 50 lb. & 80 lb. Seagar Fluoro leaders for pike and muskies. That's several hours per day with lures up to 6 or 7 ounces....tons of casts, lots of twitches, snaps, pops, and sweeps to impart action. In addition to wetting the line, run a small (say 1 inch diameter) key ring through your TA clip and stick your finger through that when you cinch the knot down. With your leader material wrapped around one hand and a finger from the opposite hand hooked through that key ring, you'll get MUCH more leverage, allowing your knots to tighten and hold the way they're supposed to. I keep small key rings in my tackle bags just for that reason. For standard snaps / snap swivels, a large-ish circle hook works well, too. For braid to fluoro, I use an Alberto Knot. Super simple, takes no time to tie, wicked strong, and DOES NOT FAIL when tied correctly. Side note - When fishing really murky water where the fish aren't leader shy, I sometimes switch to heavier 100 lb. copolymer since it's less expensive than fluoro and I have a lot more of it. Palomar and key ring still does the trick.
  3. Aaaaand the only time you c@me there. "Great Adventure" indeeeed.
  4. Beat me to it. But, uuuuh, probably dropped the h from his name that day.
  5. This is a different color than that brought up in the wavelength discussions. This is a much brighter red/orange, fire orange, or fire red (depends on the manufacturer). Yes, I've caught scores of stripers (freshwater) on that color, as well as orange, florescent orange, yellow/orange, pink, and hot pink. I've also caught white bass, largemouth, smallmouth, pink salmon, brown trout, pike, tiger musky, and perhaps a few more I can't think of right now, on various shades of bright orange. I caught a 6-7 lb largemouth just last week on florescent orange. Don't overthink it. Bluefish would certainly bite that color, too, but they'll destroy the finish right away. Just throw an orange Robert's Ranger and call it good.
  6. Closed for now. May just repost in Want to Sell.
  7. No worries, I understand. Tight lines!
  8. Sorry this is kind of late. I thought I had some unfished 4 1/4" Super Strike Little Neck Poppers, but I can't find them. I don't think these will interest you, but I'll post them just in case. I found some unfished 5 3/4" Sebile Magic Swimmers in black back / gold sides and orange tiger. Also, a couple of unfished Rapala Slivers (metal lipped needlefish); 5 1/4" and 8". A pair of old Mirrolure 82s (5 inch) in red back/gold sides/yellow belly.
  9. No worries. I'm sure it beat being stuck at a keyboard Unfortunately, I don't. Headed to work. I'll try to remember if I have anything in storage that may interest you. I kind of doubt it. I've given a lot of stuff to friends over the past several years of living away from the ocean. The Gibbs needlefish (dark green / cream belly) is wood. There are a couple of 6" Tsunami poppers, one still in the package. There's an '80s vintage Boone pencil in a blue mackerel pattern. There's a 4 1/2" Rebel Windcheater, olive / silver sides / white. There's a 6 or 7 inch Cisco Kid metal lipped shallow diver in blue / silver prism / white. Gotta run....
  10. BethefishBenoit, I should've said 2:1, so feel free to pick any 2 in exchange for your WideGlide.
  11. To member BethefishBenoit, Here are some pics of the plugs I mentioned. I'd like to do a 1:1 trade. These are wood plugs. For anyone else reading this, I'm starting this thread because it's against the rules to offer trades in the "Want to Sell" section. BethefishBenoit had already closed his thread. Once he has had a chance to look and make a decision, I'd like to hear from others who want to trade away their size 200 Subsurface WideGlides. ~9 inch, 3.5 oz. Salty Bugger "The Sheriff" pencil in blue back / white belly 6.5 inch, 3 oz. Salty Bugger Fat Head popper in blue back / white belly 4 inch, 2.5 oz. L.I. Fish In VT darter in olive back / cream belly 6.5 inch, 3 oz. Salty Bugger Fat Head popper in olive back / cream belly Lemme know.
  12. Hey, man. I just realized I broke a rule by offering trades in the "Want to Sell" forum. If you'd like to sell, post a price. Otherwise, I guess I should start a Want to Trade thread, since I can't post pics here. I'm on my way to work, so I won't be able to start that thread until after work.
  13. Do you still have the wideglide? Will you sell or trade it separately? If so, what's your asking price (shipped)? For trade I could offer a Salty Bugger ~ 9 inch, 3.5 oz Sheriff pencil in blue back / white belly. Or a Salty Bugger 6.5 inch, 3 oz. Fat Head little neck-type popper (also blue/white). Or maybe an L.I. FISH IN VT 2.5 oz. darter (~ 4 inch, olive back / cream belly). I may still have an olive over white 3 oz. Fat Head. All are new. I took the pencil out of the package so I could send pics, but instead of opening them all, I think I'll just wait to see if anything interests you.
  14. Tica's Columbia River Special is a great choice that won't break the bank at $100. One of my fishing buddies bought one for sturgeon and it quickly became his go-to rod. I haven't bought one yet (more than enough quality sturgeon sticks), but I'll buy one soon because you get so much rod for short money. 13ft 50/50 graphite/glass composite and rated for 40 - 60 lb line. It'll throw at least 10 and bait. I bought an Okuma HCS (Hawaiian Custom) extra heavy a few years ago and it's the stoutest rod I've ever owned. I've thrown 12 and bait and it didn't blink. I know it'll handle 16 and bait, but I just didn't have cause to use 16 oz weights since 12 would hold. Just practice casting, it put 16 oz bank sinkers into orbit. It's still available on Amazon for $212. There's also a heavy model that may still be available on Amazon. Both use Hilo (steel coil) guides, so if you use braid you'd probably want to change those. Specs below. Okuma Hawaiian HCS Custom Ulua Slide Bait Rods Specifications Model Action Length Pieces Line Wts (lbs.) Lure Wts (grams) HWU-C-1302H Heavy 13' 0" 2 60-80 6-10 HWU-C-1302XH X-Heavy 13' 0" 2 80-100 9-14
  15. Actually, I'd bet you could manage it just fine. Physically, the frame size is like the last generation of star drag Saltiga 50 (slightly larger than a Sealine 50). The 600W may be a touch narrower than that 50, but I didn't own them at the same time, so I didn't get to do a side by side comparison. The 600W just gives off an optical illusion of larger size because the spool is substantially larger than that of the Saltiga 50. Accurate designed that series and others to use the largest capacity spool that would fit in each respective frame size. My only regret is that I didn't also purchase the next size up, the 30. Using a scale to set drags is a real eye opener and lots of people are surprised when they see just how much resistance 13 lb. and 15 lb. of drag really provides.