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  1. What NERVE!!!!!! I'm a Curmudgeon!!!!!
  2. I use 1/2 oz with the 7". Retrieve...... depends on conditions; slow roll to burn, like a bucktail.
  3. YES indeed!
  4. Have not posted in a while, but could not resist chiming in on this topic. As with all plugs and lures - CONDITIONS, CONDITIONS, CONDITIONS. I've used and caught Stripers on bucktails from 3/8 oz. to 4 oz. I've caught Stripers from the open beach with as heavy as 3 oz. (CONDITIONS) The original post does not mention the type of bucktail being used, so a more specific answer is not possible. You might want to check on an older post of mine: http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/344704-some-bucktail-jig-observations/ Bucktails can be presented in many ways, slow roll to fast burn ie., which will also determine the weight to use.
  5. Work great, period. Like your leader, you do need to change them out at some time. They will not last forever.
  6. May be ancient, but the hootchies still are the number one teaser in my bag!!
  7. Another vote for Bomber Gear. I use the dry top and the semi dry splash top. Well worth the money.
  8. Dressed Siwash is my preference, but plain works as well.
  9. HMMM...... Ever here of Atlas Mike's lunker lotion? It really does change many bumbs into solid hits. I'm not alone in thinking this. Check this thread or do a search: Scents
  10. Unless you would like to switch out the tail hook for a Siwash.
  11. Any knot can break. The knot is always a weak point. As I stated I myself prefer an improved clinch when tying mono. Does not make it better, just my preference.I also said that a Palomar is certainly fine. Here is a link if you would like more opinions: [palomar-knot-vs-impoved clinch]
  12. Palomar is certainly fine. I myself prefer an improved clinch knot when tying mono to a swivel or clip. I use a palomar for braid to swivel.
  13. That was a shoot across the bow for Sweetwater (George)
  14. Trailers for the bucktails; not teasers. 90% of the fish I've caught in inlets in the last 25 years have been on bucktails (1.5 oz. to 4oz. depending on current with 70S porkrind trailer) or weighted shads (7" Tsunami, 9" Tsunami, 6" Heavy Tsunami)
  15. What, no Hellcats?