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  1. Thanks all........
  2. After getting mauled by some blues the tubing was ruined so I bought a roll to re do the hooks, I can't seem to mimic the cut on the end. How do you do it ?
  3. 3 please 2red 1 pearl
  4. I have a daiwa GS-3 an oldie but goodie, all metal not pretty but a tank of a reel .Drag and bail solid need a cleaning $45 shipped
  5. Know two boats that use it for in & out beginning and end of season, I don't think you want to let your trailer sit for any amount of time
  6. Rockaway side west of cross bay bridge, next to the high school
  7. lets try $45

    Reduced $225
  9. Aprox 6 years old, all in good working cond. comes with power cable' transom mount transducer, gimble bracket & user guide.(the transducer was painted with transducer paint yearly) $250 shipped
  10. No rips or tears @ cuffs and wrist, all Velcro in exl condition, size is Large. $50 shipped P/P is fine, if you pay the fees
  11. Sold pending pmt , move to PM Thanks
  12. I have one posted on this page, the other party has not responded.
  13. I have 9 '- 3" 3 PC Tsunami trophy series, no hard case (sock) I would want $60 + actual shipping $10+ I took it to fla .... went right in the over head .
  14. Sold pending pmt, PM to S/F