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  1. Now that this is a done deal, is the early Vs (n) in and of itself a more sought after reel.
  2. Emma
  3. Is the O/P a contributor to the “STASH” thread ?
  4. Fin nor 203 (anti reverse is not working) Regal 2500 with extra spool works fine Quantum SS3 works fine Centrum 3000 works fine Shimano FX200 works fine $60 shipped
  5. Accepted
  6. Bottom line is with this and other cases is…. If they just took the cuff, they would be alive.
  7. Shocking none asked SIRI ?
  8. 30 pieces all of these will need a good session with a hook file, $50 shipped flat rate box 10 bucktails 2 wildeye 2 bodys 3 slugo 5 clark spoons I Hopkins type 3 egg sinkers 1 drail 1 gotcha 1 lg troling krock type snagger
  9. I have a older sustain 4000 In good working order, a Daiwa 2500 regal that is in need of a clean/lube but otherwise drag/bail spring are fine. $80 and also A BG 60 with no issues take all for $130
  10. Have had it so I had to figure out how to get out of the bed, in my case it’s the better part of a week to get it to loosen up Alieve and walking are what helps Sitting in the recliner is death.
  11. Just as an FYI the A27'S are the largest, 4 shad bodies and 3 storms are left in the bag sending a PM
  12. ok ..... here's some, some ... what you see is what I found laying around some have missing hooks some rusty hooks $60 shipped
  13. I have a pair that would get the job done BG60 and its father Daiwa GS3 $110 shipped to L.I $100 pic up
  14. Bump Price now $50
  15. Lets call it spring cleaning , 25 Jigs the largest are A17's +6 storms and 4 shad bodies $60 shipped