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  1. dont forget the skippy's there the hardest plug to get and he sells out fast. I was on line at 5 got right on skippys line and he only had 4 left after me.1 per person.
  2. Im Just getting shorts so far. But I saw one keeper !!!!
  3. The Ad says High modulus graphite is a term kicked around in rod building, but few know what it means. To a tackle innovator like Star Rods, it"™s the guts of the powerful, responsive and durable IM-6 graphite Stellar Lite® rod series. Fast, flexible tips with hook-setting strength to spare , Fuji guides and reel seats, plus a 5-year warranty are the hallmarks of Stellar Lite® rods. Also The plasma series is awsome : Combine extra-high modules graphite with Duratech multi directional epoxy technology. Roll this together under extreme pressure, add Duratech butt weave for additional lifting power; and you have our new Plasma Series. Possibly the finest quality fishing rod in the world. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Naturally, the best should be built with the finest components. All Plasma rods feature Fuji SIC (silicone carbide) concept guide system. SIC is one of the hardest ring guides available and Fuji makes the best. Graphite reel seats and gimbals are also manufactured by Fuji. Aluminum butts, reel seat and gimbals are custom made by Stuart. Only high quality cork is used where applicable. These rods are a natural for any premium reel. You can fish comfortably using the lightest mono, the heaviest braid or wire line. Whether you fish for Bonefish on the flats, Stripers in the rips, or marlins in the canyons, there is a Plasma rod for you. The content of graphite and Duratech varies in each rod produces an ideal combination of weight, sensitivity and power
  4. I could use some info on a painting . I know it a oil painting on canvas by WILLIAM GOADBY LAWRENCE . I looked around and found prints for sale of his watercolors with one named striped bass that looks the same. Does anyone know what a painting like this is worth. Thanks
  5. went this morning and got skunked went back out in the afternoon and picked up 4 shorts my partner got the biggest at 27 inch so close
  6. Went out this morning 3/1 seen a bunch of guys out inside ocean county skunked !!!! Its only the 1st day
  7. I will be out Striper fishing in 8 Hrs Its time !!!!
  8. Its $16 a inch local Awsome job and he Finish paints both sides
  9. How bout $40 local I will come get um oops I type too Slow !!!!!
  10. I might be able to help. Do u have a drivers licence ? Would u be interested in entry level automotive ? Tires/batterys/oil changes ETC U can PM ME !!!
  11. try Columbus flea Market !!!
  12. Ive heared of this with eel as well. You have to reel in real fast after a fish takes your bait to take up all that slack depending on where your bait was at the time. I rather slap a hook in a bunkers back and control it that way.
  13. AWSOME !!! and the bobber holds the hook and bait and releases it on landing. Maybe I can trade one of my Lami's fa one !!!! NICE
  14. deepest sympathies to the family
  15. FNA

    Tweaking an Abu

    try looking at old posts in the Distance Casting Forum or posting there.
  16. I have done well the last few yars with the pink fin s on a pink jig as shown earlier but i also like to dift bait while plugging. I have had good luck drifting worms with no weight just a swivel or a split shot if drifting quicker.Some times i use a float to keep it off the bottom if there is no drift. Ive done well with shedders also. A 11 lb er I got last year had a large shrimp in it like the gulp shown in a earlier post.
  17. I agree with a few of the people here. If throwing a light plug I just let the line run threw my fingers appliing pressure. I have no issues throwing heavy plus or bait.
  18. Diawa has 8 & 9 footers but mothing in 8.5 Ck there web site
  19. Ive been using 17 test mono on my 6500 but seems like its time for a change
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