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  1. Two hours before and two hours after low tide. Left them biting at about 1pm.
  2. This one: I put away the tsunami and other artificial sand eels and used this one because it was closer to the length of the few stunted eels that are around right now.
  3. Fun with schoolies this morning on the flats. I fished a sand eel imitator on jig head and had blast. Waiting for the tide to flip and spending time with friends was nice, followed by some more schoolie action. Followed an osprey and found fish a tad bigger all balled up and waiting for a top water popper. Wind and rain weren’t awesome to deal with, but it was tolerable. Back to NJ and won’t be up again this year. Thanks for letting me play in your yard.
  4. Fun with schoolies this morning on the flats. I fished a sand eel imitator on jig head and had blast. Waiting for the tide to flip now.
  5. Skunked on the flats agin today. Saw one striper at about 24” ghost in and dart away when he saw me, while my fishing partner saw two schoolers. I was throwing small paddletails and a Bill Hurley squid imitator that had some nice action to it on the retrieve. I have to think I would have picked something up if there were fish there actively feeding. I believe the almost complete absence of sand eels has kept the bulk of the population that normally inhabits his area to stay away. Trying again one more time tomorrow before I head home. Even without fish, the flats are a place that leaves me feeling while mike and refreshed after each visit. Anyone seeing sandeels in large numbers elsewhere? Curious if there was a spawning or die off problem.
  6. Good day of fishing aboard the Riptide today. Captain Terry took us a long way to find the fish we were looking for. The Mahi were not as abundant or aggressive in many places as we’d hoped, but we finally found them and did well overall. Terry really worked hard and did right by us. That was first experience with a private charter and I’m hoping to be back next year for tuna!
  7. If you can make it to Sussex County NJ I can loan you a decent paddle kayak while you save (Tarpon 120 or 140 or something similar). I assume you want a pedal kayak eventually. I started with a paddle and still love using it for the simplicity and grace of gliding along with each stroke.
  8. Coming to the end of that part of my life my friend. Done with school and heading into my last year with the Scouts. Happy to share the info with others. planning to to go back to that area, probably next year.
  9. Our campsite on middle Saranac and then the lock to move to lower Saranac.
  10. I just kayaked through there with the scouts a month or so ago. We camped two days on middle Saranac. Started on small ponds, threaded our way into upper Saranac, portages to middle, then took the lock into lower Saranac. It was great. You have plenty of room in three kayaks if you pack right. We took compact sleeping bags, one tent for every three people (two of us used camping hammocks), pocket rocket type stoves with small fuel canisters. We have lanterns that fit those canisters too, but we’re usually going to bed shortly after dark anyway. Food: we brought one small cooler and resupplied from a base cooler in a car we left parked within walking distance from camp on Middle Saranac. Some food idea. For the cooler: make a mac Mac and cheese casserole and freeze it in a ziplock bag. Makes a good ice block and will still be good for dinner the second night. Precook kielbasa or sausage to go with it. It keeps better and is easier to reheat than fully cook. Crack eggs, beat, and bring in a water bottle or Nalgene, frozen. Precook bacon or bring heat and eat sausage (frozen). Cheese and crackers with dried sausage (like sopresat) and fruit for lunch. Hummus and chips tuna and chicken come in foil pouches. Easy protein, mayo in a small squirt bottle if you want it. Pita bread travels well, as so some other flatbreads readily available in the local grocery. Falafel mix just needs water. tatziki sauce fits in that little cooler. Google thanksgiving in in a bag. Mashed potato flakes, dried cranberries, instant stuffing....... odd but weirdly satisfying in many ways. Pasta with jarred sauce. Order a little a a small packet of “beefish bits” (textures vegetable protein from a soy base). No refrigeration needed. Bring a tube of minced garlic paste from the Italian section of the grocery store. Vegetarian chili, again with beefish bits. Cooked beans are available in pouch. Mix spices ahead and bring in a ziplock. I could continue........ there are are a few really good books and maps for paddling the adirondacks too.
  11. Hard to find fish on the flats today. Out at dawn with 4 others and beat the water pretty hard. Walked a few miles, pedaled a few more, and raked for eels in all the places that usually hold them. Net results: 1 sand eel (seriously) 8 rat strippers, with all but 1 coming on artificials 5 tired guys who still loved fishing the sun up and cruising around in the pretty’s damned spot I’ve ever fished.
  12. Is there rec sized stuff out there now that we could possibly hit tomorrow? I’d love some tuna steaks!
  13. Tough fishing on the flats last night. Sand eels are not where they usually can be found and the few we got were tiny. Two bumps, no hookups, last two hours of the outgoing. Heading back out now to redeem ourselves. We are all pumped for a charter on the Riptide tomorrow!