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  1. 27 years in public education. Was good at it, liked it, and gave solid performance for the kids I taught and worked with as a counselor (last few years there). Retired early to pursue a career in mental health full time about 4 years ago. That suits me even better and I learned I’m also very good at running a business. 12 employees and meeting a critical need in my community feels damned good and I’m not beholden to any bull**** from admins or disgruntled members of the public. I also get to take vacations when I want and am looking forward to fishing in Scotland for a few weeks at the end of May.
  2. I’ll take this if you’ll accept a check. I’m happy to wait for it to clear before you shop. Getting to the PO for money order is a pain for me.
  3. I’ll take it. Thank you both.
  4. Thanks Rasta. still available Foilfish?
  5. All your brother. You offered full fee which means they’re yours if he responds. Guys who offer less miss out.
  6. Would you accept $75?
  7. Thank you!
  8. Inland on mainland Scotland or on the Western Isles? This is our trip route. We’re on the mainland just to travel out the first day and night, then the same in the return. We start and end in Edinburgh.
  9. Thank you to everyone for helping a bit here. Tickets are purchased and it looks like 3 days on Skye, 3 on Lewis and Harris, 2 on North Uist, and 3 on Mull/Iona. Anywhere we lay our head is within spitting distance of a Loch or river and within a five minute walk or drive of salt water. Picked up a nice Fishpond backpack today and will match it with their small waterproof chest pack. 4wt, 5/6 wt, 7 wt, and a travel spinning rod for banging out jigs and teasers into the salt on a windy day for Mack’s will go in tubes that either get attached to the backpack to carry on or stored in my main checked bag.
  10. Thanks for the info so far. I’m a novice with the fly rod, but will have fun trying. I did find a fly shop on the aisle of Lewis with a guide for local fishing spots and suggested flies. Some odd rules that I will need to get in my head. My go to in salt water would usually be where fresh water empties into salt (Brewster Flats etc), but that’s against regs there apparently. Might get a shot at some pretty water on Skye too. That’s some gorgeous country that I know I’ll enjoy either way. A few shots of some nice looking water on the Isle of Skye when we went in fall of 2019.
  11. Heading to Scotland in late May with my wife and will spend time on the Isle of Skye, then 7-10 days exploring the Outer and Inner Hebrides. We’re mostly staying in tents or small glamping huts that out us very close to the ocean almost every night we’re there. I plan to pack a spinning rod with a dozen lures and a 7 or 8 wt for rod. I’m researching what flies to bring, but will most likely look for a fly shop on the mainland to stop at and get properly set. Hundreds of places to fish out there. Open beaches, rivers, lakes, lochs that flow into the sea………. Timing is wrong for Salmon but there are plenty of other species to target. Last time we went for a few weeks as a 25th anniversary/retirement and starting a new career celebration and I purposefully left the fishing gear at home. I’ve been greenlighted to fish away and enjoy myself this time around. Anyone been there and had any luck fishing? May take a ferry over to Belfast for a day or two and will swing a few flies and cast a few plugs just so I can say I fished in Ireland as well.
  12. Nighttime opens up an awesome to water fishery there. Jitterbugs, hula poppers, etc will give a shot at some solid hybrids, walleye, largemouth, etc.
  13. It doesn’t have to be hard. I use the basic NY times no need to knead recipe and incorporate some of my sourdough starter into it. Slow rise overnight or for two days in the fridge. Good luck!