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  1. I’ve been a Boy Scout leader since 2011. Scoutmaster for 6 years, an assistant SM the last two. I was (am) opposed to girls in this program. At the moment it’s being done well, with BSA directives that girls be in their own unit separate from boys. That will change in a few years though, as those girls will be pursuing eagle rank and will need access to the resources the boys have now. I just sat through a presentation that clearly shows the rebranding of Scouting into a mixed sex/family program. Screw that noise, it’s not what I would want for my son. We run an excellent program and I think most of the athletes I know as a high school counselor would **** themselves if they were asked to do what our boys do. Snow camping in January, kayaking class 3+ rapids in a kayak, five days on the Delaware, a week paddling the backcountry of the Adirondacks, backpacking on the AT, planning/shopping/cooking for themselves for days at a time....... we teach boys how to find the edges of their limits and push past them farther than most parents, coaches, teachers would ever allow. I’m helping the boys organize and lead a week long trip to Florida next year. Camping on the Dry Tortugas and snorkeling/fishing from five miles offshore in the Atlantic to the far back country in the Gulf will a great time. Good **** and it’s a special relationship that will not be the same with girls in the program.
  2. It’s been asked before, but I know things change quickly sometimes. I’m looking for a either a party boat or private charter for a Boy Scout Trip. Mid May 20 people Atlantic Highlands Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!
  3. $195 last month. We had the heat a little higher for company and cooked a lot for the holidays. I’ll Be curious to see how January’s bill looks with all the cold weather we’ve had.
  4. I’ll take these Ben.
  5. Not monster fish, but I’ve stopped just a bit shy of 40” on what I’ve landed.
  6. That’s my happy place. Slightly different spot, but same body of water. I don’t have that kind of grass in my area, but the fish are there regardless. Long walk on the dropping tide with the yak behind me, fish the last hour of the drop, rake sand eeels at slack. Kick ass for the next three hours and drift right back to my launch point. Crash at camp for a few hours, eat some food, and repeat. I fished 8 out of 9 consecutive low tides on my last trip and had a great time.
  7. This is a favorite in my house. We use the recipe from the Complete Meat Cookbook, cooking them in milk. Love that cookbook! I'll see if I can find the recipe online to post here.
  8. That works. Pm me your info. Thanks!
  9. Would you accept $125? I’ll send a check, you let it clear before shipping. Saves PP fees for you
  10. I'm interested. How much storage capacity does it have?
  11. In from NJ and dreaming of fishing the good moon tides at the beginning of June/July/August that I see. Thanks for helping me get through winter with this thread.
  12. What are you looking to do with it? If it’s just to cover and protect your gear you can find one used pretty easily for short cash. If you want something like Seachunk posted above, you’ll have to look harder and may be buying new.
  13. Knowing you Michael, your BIL was getting bent while you fed him top notch appy’s and a meal that most folks would be happy to get at a collared shirt restaraunt. Very quiet night here with Donna and three of the four kids. Hannah will come today with my granddaughter and I’ll have a peaceful day with all my kids around me. Mom, my brother, and my SIL are coming and we’ll have a bit of nonsense with at least one of them, but that crap will get shut down quickly. Paella for dinner, Yule cake for desert and as Donna’s birthday cake. Hustle them all out early after a full day together so I can put the moves on wifey. I went big this year for her for Christmas, her birthday (50th) and our anniversary (25th). My chances are good.
  14. You’re in some seriously good freshwater fishing country now. Hybrid strikers, largemouth, smallmouth, trout, panfish....... a kayak or canoe and you’re set up here. It helps scratch the itch when the salt is just too far for an easy trip. I’ve lived up here all my life. Give it a shot while you’re down there and good luck. A walk on the sand while blind casting is always great, assuming it’s not too cold.