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  1. Um…….
  2. Captain Terry (Riptide) came through with a great charter again for us today. Conditions were not optimal, but we ran out a 6am from Bass River and found actively feeding bluefin by 7. Tough day with a lot of hunting. Hooked my first tuna and fought it well until it cut me off on the motor as Terry came back to gaff it. The error was all mine and I’ll be ready for that next time. I learned that there’s really an art to bracing for side to side rocking in the swells and knowing when/how to maneuver around the boat in those conditions while fighting a fish. A friend landed his though, so all went home with fish. We went 1 for 4, all casting, but saw boats on the troll consistently hitting fish (we weren’t interested in trolling).
  3. Don’t want to say publicly, as I’m just out there for the day and don’t want to blow up someone’s home waters.
  4. Just spoke with the Captain. Expects its to be a little snotty, but we’re ok we’re going. We have to pass on a limited likely shot at larger fish, but are aiming for an area with a good bite for a smaller class of feeding fish we can cast too.
  5. I’m out for tuna Tuesday on The Riptide. Hoping the weather cooperates, this is a trip I’ve literally waited decades for. Flats by foot on Sunday night and Monday, maybe frontside if the wind on the flats isn’t cooperative.
  6. I fish the Oswego and love it, but have also enjoyed the Salmon River. Salmon is mostly a snag and drag routine, so not a lot of interest for me there. You’ll get some to bite occasionally, but you’re mostly flossing them as they swim and coming right on the hook. They’re there to do the nasty and die, not to eat. The advisories on eating anything out of that lake are pretty scary too. As near I can recall, no trebles anywhere on the salmon above the route 3 bridge. Hooks must be under a certain gap size (half inch I think) and leader length is limited to. Read up before you go. trout fishing gets better later in October, even better in November. There is no month without a lot of company on the Salmon. Being willing to walk helps. Tackle shops sell a great map that shows the major access points. Park and walk, you’ll find a little space. Conservation Officers (DEC up there) are plainclothes. The guy fishing next to you could stop, pull a badge, and ticket you. Wish there was more of that actually.
  7. Thank God! You’ll be leaving as I head up to the Cape next Sunday, so the storms and cruddy fishing should dissipate in time for me to fish the flats for a few days and then take my tuna trip.
  8. I appreciate the help and don’t mean to be curt. Registering a complaint with the equivalent body in NJ may be a good option though!
  9. The building department wouldn’t care, as this is a consumer issue versus something to do with code or regs. There aren’t any permits anyway. The new windows are going in the existing rough openings with no alteration to the existing structure.
  10. Thanks for this info and thank you to everyone for what they shared here. I really thought this guys would work with me. He and his partner do a lot of work for the actual contractor that started using about 5 years ago when I began my own business. I think they’ve worked on every job except a small bathroom remodel the contractor did on his own. When I add up all the work, plus the home remodel gig they got from my business partner and the huge rehab facility job we handed them foe a colleague, they’ve actually had over 1/3 of a million dollars in business from our relationship in the past 5 years. I also just handed them a gig with a major medical practice with over a dozen locations that means steady and lucrative work for at least the next year. I asked in writing to go to the lumberyard together to beat on them, knowing the error was really not with them but with my guy. He went nuts when we talked on the phone a day later and is making all out now like I’m a lazy ass homeowner who couldn’t be bothered when ordering and now wants to lie and blame others. This screw up will end costing about $4300 more than it should have. I was willing to eat a few grand of that to preserve the relationship and acknowledge this was an unintentional error, but he won’t meet me even part way. Lined up another guy to start installing windows and will push for the original ticket from the lumberyard, as it looks I’m going to court for the first time in my life for something like this. I’ll file for 3k in small claims (that’s the limit) and will take my shot. Most of this was verbal contract (I trusted these guys after our history), but I have the final pic he sent and my authorization in a text thread. What I learned: 1. get everything in writing 2. Get pics/models when paying for custom work. 3. Money brings out the inner d-bag in some people.
  11. We’ve spent about 6 months of our life camped at Nickerson and love it. I fish the Brewster Flats hard, sometimes catching 6 or 8 consecutive low tide cycles, and never feel like it’s far back to camp no matter how tired I am. Showers always have hot water and a dip in the kettle ponds is always nice. I also stay about once a year at Shady Knoll in Brewster. Very small sites, but clean and well run. Very good showers, laundry, enforced quiet hours. It’s a good option if you want to just have a place to sleep and not deal with the party crowd. It’s even closer to the flats too.
  12. It’s getting sticky. He wants to hold firm that we got what we ordered. Uh uh…… I’ve done 150k in business with these guys in the past 5 years, with each job getting bigger. 4 office suites, home work, and a referral to someone for a commercial job that had to be 150k on its own. Just handed them off to a major medical practice for large amounts of commercial work that will keep them working for a long time. They’ll give. I’m willing to pony up some of the difference for an honest mistake too, but he’s got to budge.
  13. Thanks for the feedback here. I called the lumberyard these were ordered through directly today and got the rep who is dealing with this with my contractor. She said she questioned the order when she saw the mock-up picture after putting in the parameters, but he said go ahead with it. Hashing it out now. 6 friggin months for new upper sashes though.
  14. All good and no offense taken. I’m actually laughing. I told my wife I was posting here and said “I bet Ben Lippen will comment.” I appreciate the feedback.
  15. Thanks Ben. We were trying to simulate as close as possible what is in the rest of the house. It’s a cute place with character that we fell in love with. Any idea if those dividing channels could have come in a narrower width?