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  1. And that's it. All self-employed now, other than a few classes I pick up as an adjunct here and there.
  2. One week.
  3. I edited out your phone number and email. Please check the rules posted at the top of the BST about contacting sellers.
  4. I’ll see you guys there next year. I was busy not catching fish with the Scouts at IBSP.
  5. Awesome, thank you. That's perfect. I just mapped it out and will have the boys decide. It looks like a good option. One year left with these knuckelheads and I'm happy to share one of my favorite places with them. I haven't been on the sand there because of the time spent with Scouts, so it's nice to return and bring them.
  6. Thanks gents, this was helpful. Somehow I was thinking it was still passable, even after the sand tubes blew out. I'm going to drop the Scouts with a few adults at the pocket and have them hike in to that breach then back again, continuing up to where we will fish a mile or so up from the inlet. They'll do a beach cleanup along the way.
  7. That's Sunday. You couldn't pay me to be in the park for that.
  8. Just hiking along the inlet into the back. No waders, no fishing gear. All our fishing will be later on the beach frontside as a separate activity.
  9. I haven't been on the sand at the park in a few years. I'm taking a group of Boyscouts there on Saturday and want to take them hiking from the pocket back along the inlet. Can anyone tell me how accessible that'll be or how far back we can get if we stay within two hours of either side of low tide? Not sure how it's looking after the winter. We'll fish frontside afterwards. If anyone is down around A19, stop by the solver ram 1500 with a rattyass cap and say hello.
  10. 30 days out as of the coming weekend. The side gig is now edging into full time, with a serious growth jump and rental of a larger secondary facility being negotiated right now. I just became an employer for two people as well. Too much adulting, definitely ready to go fishing for a few days now.
  11. Sorry I won't see you guys this year. I agreed to take my son's Boy Scout to IBSP before this solidified and need to honor that commitment. I'll be retired next year from school work though and can make my schedule work to get there much more easily. Catch one for me!
  12. I’m using one of these and like it. It’s made by Malone and sells for $239
  13. Get out of my thread you ****ing idgits! I knew I was going to get crap for the title as soon as I hit post.
  14. I’m traveling with my wife on our first trip overseas in September. Scotland, then France, maybe stopping in Icelandic for a few days on the way home. I can take time to fish in Edinburgh, Inverness, Isle of Skye, or on the coast of France around Mount St Michael. If we go to Iceland I can travel out of Reykjavik. Anyone fish any of these areas in the fall? Iceland for sea run trout would be at the top of my list if I had to luck today, but I’m not 100 percent sure we’re going there yet.
  15. I’ll take these, but will need shipping.