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  1. NEVER listen to car salesman. Go online and do your own research.
  2. Agreed - his diagrams and photos were excellent. Good reminders of stuff you might forget when fishing the same old places.
  3. How about a CC (center console) in that size with a head in the console? Many who buy a cuddy cabin boat to placate the family end up back in a center console.
  4. I can't believe no one has suggested Massapequa's favorite: "Oy wannah go tuh Flariddah!"
  5. Check out a copy of Eldridge's Tide and Pilot Book – it's a little orange book that has tide charts and fascinating descriptions of tides, currents, weather and other cool nautical stuff.
  6. As a partial defense, they probably don't realize how long it takes to air down tires that are pumped up to 65 psi. It takes a lot longer to get into the lower 20s than a tire at 36 PSI. Still, to bury it that deep really takes effort.
  7. Great - we need more disposable reels from China.....
  8. That's embarassing. It's one thing to get stuck, but burying it that deep is inexcusable. Betcha an Ugly Stick they didn't air down....
  9. When I saw the topic, I thought "Less fish." I's a shame - I have barely fished the surf in the last 4-5 years because it has been so slow. Probably don't need 6 surf rods anymore, do I?
  10. Parking is tough, the fishing is marginal at best and the reef can be very dangerous. There is 8-9 feet of tide on that coast and you don't want to get caught out on the reef on a rising tide. Two guys from Westchester died out there 2-3 years ago. iIt's really only fishable from halfway through the ebb to less than halfway through the flood. Twenty years ago, the water was deeper and the place fished better. Now, its shallow on both sides and doesn't fish as well.
  11. How many EPOs in Mass? Why aren't they all at the Canal all year? It's not like the poachers are killing hundreds of fish at Nauset and Cahoon Hollow....if the State wants to stop the carnage at the Canal, pound it with EPOs from other areas.
  12. Maybe it's a beeby wheel? It's wicked happened before...
  13. My 2000 had terrible frame rot. Its catalytic converter was a giant PITA, too. They can be difficult to diagnose (search "Code P0420" on the web or ask Bob G.). Because all Toyotas of that vintage were 50 state compatible, 4Runners like Toyota cats better than aftermarket cats and the Toyota cats run $2,000 a pop.
  14. While you have the head off, check the oil seal on the main shaft. Ask me how I know - 2003 Yamaha 225 - starts every time, runs without hiccups, but I had the exhaust corrosion (done in 2015 at 400 or so hours, before it got too bad) and the leaking oil seal (done this year at 700 hours). When was the exhaust done on your 1600 hour example? I expect that all the 2002-2004/5 motors with that many hours have had it done. Some may have been done twice!
  15. As someone who has taken an older CRV (1998) and a newer CRV 2012) on the beach (Nauset), I would say "definitely not" with the 2012 and newer, and "It should work OK..." with the 1998. Our 2008 Pilot was pretty good if you aired down to 15 psi or so. Many of the vehicles that were billed as AWD in the period 1996-2005 or so had a reasonably functionable AWD system, with a minimally-intrusive TCS "nannie". By 2012, the CRV was a joke (AWD shutting off/overheating and a very intrusive TC/ABS system). I was lucky to get it back to the lot and never took it offroad again. As a subsequent poster noted: as if a weak and fussy drive train wasn't enough, the ground clearance is terrible on the 2012 - you can hear the sand forcing its way above the underside cladding as you run in the track. The clearance was much better on the '98.